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Minnesota Homeschool Associations

Minnesota Homeschool Associations
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One of the best sources for homeschooling support in the North Star State is the Minnesota homeschool association. And, great news! There are two: The Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance and The Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators or MACHE.
Statewide homeschool associations offer many great benefits that smaller regional support groups aren’t able to provide such as annual conventions, legislative initiatives and updates, networking opportunities across the state, and a statewide list of resources.
Let’s find out more about these awesome homeschool associations, their mission, and the unique benefits each offers.

The Minnesota Homeschooler’s Alliance (MHA)

According to the MHA website, their association offers “A place for every Minnesota homeschooler” as is evident in the MHA mission statement, “Our members are a diverse group of families with different backgrounds and different approaches to homeschooling. MHA strives to encourage and support all Minnesota families that choose to educate their children at home.”

The MHA website shows prospective homeschoolers how to get started, explains the state homeschooling law in detail and provides a downloadable PDF document for both notice of intent forms, post legislative updates, maintains an active blog, and helps families connect with other homeschoolers. Visit the MHA Yahoo or Minnesota Homeschoolers Facebook Groups or if you live in the greater metropolitan area, link up with MHA’s partner site, Homeschool Adventures and get connected. Another way to connect is through the MHA’s annual events: convention, science fair, picnic, and used book sale. Keep abreast of everything homeschooling in Minnesota by signing up for the MHA newsletter!

The Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE)

“The goal of MACHE”s ministry is to see the development of Godly families through the equipping of parents in Christ-centered home education resulting in Godly children who are well educated and equipped for life and service.”

MACHE’s extensive website offers an article library, a list of available speakers, getting started FAQ’s, a list of support groups within not only Minnesota, but also located in the surrounding states and Canada, and a section on help for struggling learners as well as information on their events. MACHE hosts an annual convention, graduation ceremony, and two amazing homeschooling workshops.

Why Join a Homeschool Association

When you join a statewide homeschool association, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Support and guidance
  • A comprehensive guide to homeschooling in your state
  • Discounts for events
  • Member-only benefits at specific events
  • Amazing annual events that offer support and connection opportunities such as the awesome Minnesota homeschool convention, picnics, science fairs, and used book sales.
  • Help with navigating the needs of special learners
  • Discounts on HSLDA membership
  • A regularly published newsletter

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