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Minnesota Homeschool Groups & Co-ops

Minnesota Homeschool Groups & Co-ops
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Homeschooling co-ops are a great option at any point during your homeschooling journey because they offer support, and also the added bonus of collaborative learning with other like-minded homeschooling families who share your educational philosophy. Luckily, the digital age allows you to join a Facebook support community with just the click of a mouse.
On this page, we share some of the benefits of having a membership in a support group and have compiled a great starter list of some of the many support groups throughout the state of Minnesota whose members are just waiting to say, “Welcome!”

Minnesota Homeschool Support Groups

Whether you are just beginning or are a well-seasoned veteran homeschooler, being responsible for your children’s education is no small feat—without a doubt you will have questions, concerns, and challenges along the way. The camaraderie and connection you feel as a member of a local homeschool support group in Minnesota is priceless. Sometimes you need advice on curriculum choice and teaching methods, sometimes you need to vent about your challenges, and sometimes you simply need affirmation that you’ve chosen the right educational path for your children. These are also great social groups for homeschoolers—your children will have oodles of opportunities to connect with and form long lasting friendships with fellow homeschoolers, maybe even paving the way for some new clubs a.k.a. great curriculum supplementation in disguise!

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the many homeschool support groups throughout Minnesota:

Minnesota Homeschool Co-ops

Minnesota homeschool co-ops provide a unique type of support for homeschooling families—many offer both classes and clubs which can act as class credit or as a supplement to your curriculum. Co-op classes are especially helpful to parents who may feel underqualified to teach advanced English courses and the higher level math and sciences for their college-bound high schoolers. Students especially benefit from exposure to a variety of teaching styles and participation in classroom learning and working on small-group projects.

Co-op classes are typically taught by member parents on a volunteer basis; however, sometimes co-op leaders will hire certified teachers or professionals from within the community to help out.

Minnesota has several larger homeschooling co-ops, mostly located near the bigger metropolitan areas:

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Benefits of Joining a Homeschool Group or Co-op

Regularly networking with like-minded homeschooling families offers a multitude of benefits other than the gift of fellowship. Membership also offers the following rewards:

  • Group field trip opportunities
  • Curriculum reviews and sharing
  • Academic groups, clubs, and fairs
  • Counsel from seasoned homeschoolers
  • Opportunities to mentor and encourage other newer homeschool parents
  • Play dates at local parks and exploratory dates at state parks and nature centers
  • A safe place to voice your concerns with like-minded homeschoolers
  • An awesome place to celebrate your victories

Additional Resources for Homeschooling in Minnesota

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