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Georgia Homeschool Associations

Georgia Homeschool Associations
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When families start contemplating the idea of homeschooling, their research usually begins at the state level. In the United States, there is no “federal homeschool law,” so homeschool laws and guidelines are decided by each specific state. For that reason, most states are home to at least one statewide homeschool organization. This page will help you find out what homeschool associations are available in Georgia, what services they can offer to you, and why you might want to join a homeschool association.

Georgia Homeschool Education Association

In the state of Georgia, there is one statewide organization for homeschoolers, the Georgia Home Education Association (GHEA). According to the GHEA website, their overall mission is:

  • To aid in the creation and growth of home education support groups throughout Georgia.
  • To provide information regarding the legal climate of home education in Georgia and in our nation.
  • To protect the freedoms of home educators in Georgia and in our nation.
  • To establish an effective grass roots network to be able to take immediate action to fight legislation harmful to the family and home education.
  • To assist home schoolers in locating supports groups in their area.
  • To publish a state newsletter and conduct periodic state home education conventions and other educational/training opportunities.
  • To direct families coming into or leaving Georgia in terms of support groups and laws governing home education.
  • To provide families new to home education with basic resources and information about home education.
  • To honor the Lord Jesus Christ and advance His kingdom.

The Georgia education association for homeschoolers is a faith-based organization offering specific services to members as well as information about homeschooling in GA to all visitors to their website. Paid members of the association receive a discount on HSLDA membership and representation on legal homeschooling issues at the state level.

In addition to member benefits, the GHEA offers information to all homeschoolers in the state including sample forms they may want to use, ideas of videos, books, and magazines that new homeschoolers might want to explore, and links to additional homeschool resources families may find helpful. They keep abreast of what’s going on with homeschooling in the state and share reports of any Georgia Department of Education homeschool changes or updates. The main event sponsored by the association each year is a Homeschool Day at the Capitol, where families can take tours of the Capitol building, meet elected officials, and learn about the inner workings of their state government.

Why Join a Homeschool Association?

Statewide homeschool associations usually have their beginnings in a group of families who band together to create a support system for some or all homeschooling families in a given state. These organizations often have widely different goals. Some are aimed at providing advocacy information and help to ensure that homeschooling stays legal, open, and accessible in their state. Some rise out of a specific worldview, such as Christian or secular viewpoints, and seek to offer support for other families in the state with similar inclinations. Other organizations are wider reaching, and simply want to offer homeschooling families of all backgrounds and ideologies a centralized support system for educating their child at home.

The benefits of joining for your particular family will depend much upon those individual goals of the organizations in your state, but they could include:

  • getting answers to questions that you may have about homeschooling
  • getting information on how to get started and how to follow all state guidelines concerning home education
  • receiving updated news and information related to homeschooling in the state
  • taking part in (or getting updates about) homeschool-related events in your state
  • networking opportunities among homeschoolers across the state
  • listings of resources such as local/regional support groups, curriculum providers, special needs materials, and other helpful information

Additional Resources Related to Homeschooling Georgia

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