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Alaska Homeschool Associations

Alaska Homeschool Associations
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Homeschool associations are established by homeschool families within each state in order to provide information to other homeschoolers or families who are new to homeschooling. Homeschool associations keep families informed about events, activities, and updates to laws regarding homeschooling. The homeschool organization in the Last Frontier state is called the Alaska Private and Home Educators Association (APHEA). This page aims to help you learn more about that organization and why you might want to take advantage of its services.

Alaska Private and Home Educators Association (APHEA)

The Alaska Private and Home Educators Association is a Christian organization that was formed in 1986. According to its website, the purpose of APHEA is “the furtherance of educational excellence through alternatives to the government-operated public schools.” Their homeschool convention in Alaska is a yearly event highlighted by curriculum displays, workshops and keynote speakers with experience in home education. It’s a time to gather with other homeschool families and learn more about new enrichment materials and activities.

Other ways that APHEA works to help homeschoolers in the state includes:

  • Connecting new homeschoolers with support groups in their area
  • Staying updated and involved in any political and legal changes in Alaska that might affect homeschoolers
  • Keeping APHEA members informed about pertinent legislation
  • Offering regular newsletters and updates to their website
  • Sponsoring specific events throughout the year that members can attend

Why Join a Homeschool Association?

Families choosing to homeschool—particularly those who are new to the idea—can feel justifiably overwhelmed about taking their child’s education into their own hands. A statewide homeschool organization not only brings affirmation to a family’s choice, but reminds them that they are not alone in their decision. Associations can keep you in the know about any changing laws or requirements. Associations can also provide updates on local homeschool oriented events happening in your state.

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