Flash Makes the Graphics & Audio Work!

What is Flash?

Flash is a free add-on (“plug-in”) to browsers (such as Internet Explorer) which is used for audio & animation.

How would I know if I need to (re) install Flash?

If some graphics, text or audio appears to be missing from the lessons…
Flash Upgrade - BeforeIf you are seeing this…
Flash Upgrade - BeforeWhen you should be seeing this.

Test Your Audio

When you click on the target, you should hear a sound! If you do not hear a sound, you might need to install/update your Flash player but first you should check your volume control and make sure your speakers are functioning.

How do I find out what version I have?

Point your cursor at the target. First, left click, then right click and hold it. It should tell you your version of Flash.

What version is required?

Version 10.2 or higher is required.

How do I install flash?

Click here & follow the directions.

Note on installation:

We recommend that you uncheck the install Yahoo Toolbar since it interferes with Time4Learning. You should not install it. To uninstall the Yahoo Toolbar, go to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.

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