Multiple studies have shown that learning a foreign language leads to many opportunities for children in different ways throughout their lives. Additionally, there are numerous correlations with being bilingual to intelligence, memory, and verbal and spatial abilities.

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Children who learn a new language have shown improvement in reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking. It can also boost a child’s creativity and academic performance. Above all, learning a foreign language provides students with an appreciation of other people and cultures and can expand their worldview in today’s global marketplace.

How to Improve Foreign Language Skills

Learning a new language is exciting, but challenging, requiring both a good amount of patience and practice. Here are some fun and creative ways that will help your children sharpen their newfound linguistic skills as they embark on this new adventure:

  • When enjoying a movie night, choose subtitles in the language you are learning to polish up your skills. Or better yet, rent movies or tune into channels that are spoken in the language you are learning to bring your learning to an even higher level.
  • Converse with friends or family members who speak the language you are learning. Remember, the more you practice, the more fluent you will become!
  • Visit a restaurant specializing in food from the country of the language you are learning. Not only can you practice reading the menu and ordering in the language, but you’ll also get a feel for the culture.
  • Find a penpal in a country that speaks the language you are learning. You can either write letters to practice your writing or Skype to practice your conversational skills and pronunciation.
  • Join a foreign language club. It’s a great way to make friends with common interests.
  • Take a field trip that will immerse your family in the target language.

Use an Online Foreign Learning Program

Online foreign language programs are popular with children of all ages because they use technology and interactive activities to make learning a new language fun. Time4Languages is an online language learning program that many parents choose because it includes entertaining exercises that blend visual as well as reading and writing elements.

The sooner your children start learning a new language this summer, the sooner they’ll start gaining the confidence and fulfillment that comes with successfully meeting a new challenge. Enjoy your summer language learning adventure!

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