When you’re thinking about math activities for kindergarten, focus on fun, interaction and hands-on. By combining these elements, your kids will become more engaged and excited about doing addition for kindergarten. As a bonus, they will also be improving their visual, logical, social, verbal and physical learning skills.

Boosting these important skills will help your children understand different math concepts and prepare them for future learning activities. After all, it’s never too early to start building a strong math foundation for your child with an eye toward elementary school. So, let’s take a look at some fun math activities for kindergarten.

1. Dominoes and snap cubes: Counting activities for kindergarten can be amazingly simple. All you need for this one is colored dominoes and snap cubes with matching colors. First, ask your children to pick a domino out of the pile. Once they see the colors on the domino, they will choose the same color snap cube for each dot on the domino and snap them together. When they have the correct number of each color, (3 red snap cubes and 5 blue snap cubes), they simply count each color then add them together. You could have your children record the addition problems and answers in their own special notebook.

2. Roll the dice: All you need for this activity is some dice, paper and a pencil. Simply shake the dice, roll them, record the numbers in an addition problem and solve the problem. For example, if your child rolls a six and a two, they will write out 6 + 2 = 8. You might begin to notice that teaching addition to kindergarten children is fun for you too!

3. Count by five with craft sticks: For this kindergarten math game, number a series of sticks by fives. Kids can practice by putting them in order first. Then, have a student draw a stick and count on by fives from that number to 100 or whatever number you choose. If they draw 60 for example, they then count 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 all the way to 100.

4. Web-based learning tools: Web-based learning tools are not only engaging and fun, they also teach your children how to use technology, something that’s a must in today’s education. For instance, Time4Learning offers fun math activities for kindergarten by using entertaining characters who teach math lessons. The program combines multimedia lessons, interactive exercises, printable worksheets for reinforcement, and assessments to teach math concepts.

5. Rubber duck race: Using dice and two or more ducks, have your children roll the dice, add the numbers that the dice reveal and then count out the paces with their duck. If your child rolls the dice and the two add up to 8, then they move the duck ahead eight paces. First duck to 50 (or whatever number is appropriate) wins the duck race.

6. Addition card game: This game can be played as a group or your child can play on their own. Using a deck of cards, each player picks up two cards, then adds the two numbers together and comes up with an answer. If they answer the problem correctly, they get to keep the cards. If they don’t, they have to put their cards back in the pot. The student with the most cards at the end wins!

7. Use stickers: Round colored stickers are inexpensive, you can probably pick up a bunch at the dollar store. Write out addition problems on a piece of paper and have your child figure out the problem by sticking the correct number of stickers next to the equals sign.

8. Build block towers: Lay out a half dozen flash cards, have your child answer the problem on the card and then build a tower using the correct number of blocks. This helps your child strengthen their visual and hands-on technique.

9. Use your children’s toys: If your child collects toy cars, dolls, stuffed animals or other collectables, use these for counting activities for kindergarten. For instance, have your child line up five cars or stuffed animals, then ask them to add the correct number of cars or animals to reach twelve. You can play these games in a variety of ways.

10. Car activities: While you’re driving through town running errands, quiz your kids on addition problems. If they have a treat in the car like Cheerios, have them add four Cheerio pieces plus five pieces and then ask for the answer. Once they provide the correct answer, they eat the Cheerios!

These are just a handful of addition activities for kindergarten. You can find a dozen more just by doing a quick Google search. These activities will start building your child’s confidence in math and begin the long process of creating a strong math foundation that they will continue to strengthen as they grow older. And the best thing is, they’re entertaining, which makes the challenging concept of learning math, fun!

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