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Online Secular Homeschool Curriculum

Online Secular Homeschool Curriculum
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Are you searching for a complete secular homeschool curriculum? While the homeschool world is full of books, materials, and curriculum choices, they are not all appropriate for a secular homeschool. Even families of faith don’t always want to incorporate religious instruction into their homeschool curriculum. You will need to do your research to determine the best non-religious homeschool curriculum for your family.

Time4Learning offers a complete inclusive homeschool curriculum for grades Prek-12.  Each child or teen follows their own learning path, with animated lessons, interactive activities, unit assessments, and integrated printable worksheets for reinforcement. Math and language arts lessons correlate to state standards. Science, and social studies are provided to most grades. Students may also add foreign language learning to their subscription.

What Is a Secular Homeschool Curriculum?

A secular homeschool curriculum is a course of homeschool instruction that is not written from a religious worldview.  No matter the delivery method—textbook, literature, unit study, online, etc.—a secular curriculum will always be free of faith-based language and undertones.

Why Choose Secular Homeschooling?

A non-religious homeschool can utilize any homeschool style, any schedule, any resources, and any curriculum that works best.

Homeschool families may have different reasons for seeking secular homeschool curriculum:

  • To incorporate a secular worldview into their child’s instruction
  • Because they believe religious doctrine should be taught separately
  • Because they believe a secular homeschool science curriculum is better aligned with the instruction their child would receive in public school or college
  • To avoid any inherent bias against specific cultures, beliefs, or lifestyles
  • To incorporate their own selection of faith-based education

Is Time4Learning Secular?

Time4Learning understands that many families are looking for a non-religious homeschool curriculum. Each of the secular activities in the Time4Learning curriculum is standards-based, and correlates with the average public school curriculum. That means that Time4Learning’s math, language arts, science, and social studies lessons are free of religious undertones or biases.

Does Time4Learning Teach Evolution?

Yes, because Time4Learning is a secular curriculum, the scientific theory of evolution is presupposed in all curriculum subjects and is directly taught in the middle school science and high school science courses.

Is Time4Learning an Inclusive Curriculum?

Yes, we serve a diverse array of families. Parents have complete control over which lessons, topics, and activities to have their student(s) cover, so faith-based homeschoolers have the option to skip over material that does not align with their personal belief system.

Does Time4Learning Teach Religion?

Time4Learning’s social studies instruction includes the role of religion in the historical, cultural, literary and social development of humans throughout time. No specific faith or religious belief is advocated in the material; rather, the religion of any culture is referenced  in a neutral, objective, and factual manner.

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