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Homeschooling enrollment in Hawaii increasing…

Originally published by KITV4.

HONOLULU (KITV4) — According to recent data, the 2020 to 2021 school year, the number of registered home schooled children in Hawaii jumped by 44%. Hawaii’s public schools experienced its third consecutive decline in enrollment in 2022.

Parents decide to take their kids out of school because of violence, bullying, too much testing, and health issues caused by the pandemic.

Most parents plan to homeschool their children tentatively, but stick to it once they realize all the benefits it has on their kids.

The Time4Learning online home schooling program allows parents to act as a coach for their child. This allows the child to be independent but lean on their parent of help when needed.

The president of this program, John Edelson, says schools can be either too slow or too fast paced for some students, and this program allows a child to learn at their own pace.

“When it’s student paced, the children aren’t in this competitive social situation where they’re self conscience and competitive. They’re in an authentic family situation where they can approach learning for its own benefits not to just appear a certain way amongst its peers.”

By Multimedia Journalist Chloe Marklay

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