Texas Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

Texas Homeschool Groups and Co-ops
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Once you’ve made the somewhat daunting decision to take your child’s education into your own hands, you’ll likely want to be assured that you’ve made the right choice. The best way to get that vote of confidence is to talk to other families who have already walked that path ahead of you. That’s exactly what you will find within a homeschool support group. Whether you find a local support system or a virtual homeschool group in Texas, you will discover many other families, just like yours, who have chosen home education and found it to be a great fit for them.

One growing type of homeschool support organization is a homeschool co-op. These educational groups usually rise out of a healthy support group atmosphere as a way to offer homeschoolers group learning options that they might not get at home. Below, you’ll find out much more about the homeschool support groups Texas has to offer and how to get involved.

Homeschool Groups in Texas

Texas is a vibrant homeschooling state, so it’s very likely that there is some form of homeschool support group within driving distance to you. Even if you aren’t a “joiner,” though, you may find that you appreciate knowing what is going on in your local homeschool community. That’s where virtual homeschool support groups, such as those found on Facebook or on homeschool forums, are a great option. To locate groups near you, ask in the children’s department of your local library, check Facebook, or explore A2ZHomeschool’s Texas homeschool support group list.

If there is more than one group to choose from in your area, it’s likely that each one has a specific emphasis. Groups are often based on worldview (faith-based or secular homeschool groups) or may be geared to a specific goal such as organizing field trips or scouting. Below is a sampling of some Texas homeschool support groups. Use this list as a starting point to find a group close to you.

  • Austin Area Homeschoolers
  • Christian Family Home Education Association of Dallas
  • El Paso Christian Homeschool Network (Facebook)
  • Family Educators Alliance of South Texas, San Antonio (Facebook)
  • Greater Houston Homeschoolers (Facebook)
  • Homewood Christian Association, The Woodlands
  • Homeschool Friends of North Texas (Facebook)
  • Houston Secular Homeschoolers
  • Texas Hill Country Homeschoolers, Burnet and Llano County (Facebook)
  • West Houston Home Educators (Facebook)

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Texas Homeschool Co-ops

While support groups tend to form for the purpose of providing networking opportunities for parents and extracurricular and social outlets for students, homeschool cooperatives (also called co-ops) have a more educational focus. Although they are often outgrowths of support groups, co-op homeschooling groups usually form for the purpose of opening up group learning experiences for students.

As an example, Austin Rising School is a homeschool co-op that operates two days a week for students in grade K-6. Parents trade off by teaching one month out of the school year, offering courses in subjects such as writing, literature, physics, mathematics, and more. Parents will often offer unique courses in areas that they are personally passionate about or have extensive knowledge in. There is usually an enrollment fee for participating in a homeschool cooperative, which is used to cover expenses such as building use and materials.

If you already have joined a homeschool support group in your area, it may be that your group already offers a co-op. If not, you can use your favorite search engine, Facebook, or one of the Texas homeschool association sites to locate one near you.

Benefits of Joining a Homeschool Group or Co-op

Is a homeschool group or homeschool cooperative the right fit for your family? Explore the benefits of each in the chart below to help you decide if seeking out this type of local network would meet your needs.

Benefits of Joining a Homeschool Group

  • homeschoolers can meet other students who are schooling the way they are

  • pre-scheduled group activities such as field trips, clubs, spelling bees, and P.E. bring variety to the homeschool week

  • parents will have opportunities to ask questions of other veteran homeschooling families

  • most groups have an online presence such as an email chain or Facebook group where you can easily search for information

Benefits of Joining a Homeschool Co-op

  • leveraging the talents of other parents means access to courses and subjects you might not have been able to teach at home

  • regular interactions with the same group of students weekly leads to friendships and camaraderie between homeschoolers

  • exposure to different teaching styles helps homeschoolers prepare for later school/college experiences

Additional Resources for Homeschooling in Texas

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