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How to Start Homeschooling In Houston

How to Start Homeschooling In Houston
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Are you new to homeschooling in Houston? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you have always thought about homeschooling or it has suddenly become a necessary option for you, we understand that you have plenty of questions. Let’s explore what it takes to get started homeschooling in Houston, TX as well as ways to make your experience as fulfilling as possible with the right curriculum and plenty of opportunities to explore all that Houston has to offer you.

How to Homeschool in Houston, Texas

Texas is one of the best states in America to be a homeschooler, regulations are minimal which gives you the opportunity to customize your homeschool program to your child(ren)’s specific needs and interests. When you live in a city of opportunities like Houston, TX, your homeschool possibilities are endless!

To start your Houston homeschool journey, you will want to:

  1. Review the Texas state homeschool laws and requirements.
  2. Withdraw your child from school if they are currently enrolled.
  3. Choose the best homeschool curriculum or mix of curricula that will fit your preferred homeschooling style and your child’s learning style.
  4. Connect with other homeschoolers in Houston through local or Texas homeschool groups and co-ops.
  5. Have fun learning together!

As the popularity of homeschooling grows nationwide, more and more Houston families are getting on board. Will your family be the next to embrace the adventure of homeschooling? Then it’s time to talk about curriculum!

Time4Learning Curriculum for Houston Homeschooling

Building the best homeschool program for your child(ren) is naturally a top priority once you decide to learn from home. But doing that doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Since the only legal guidelines regarding curriculum are the subjects you should cover–reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship–you have the freedom to choose a program that fits your budget, your schedule, and your homeschool goals.

Time4Learning has become the leading homeschool curriculum for families in Houston because it is completely customizable. Whether you are looking for a complete core curriculum or a supplement, we offer a convenient, online learning format that combines education with interactive fun. Student-paced multimedia lessons, standards-based instruction, ongoing assessments and detailed reporting make our learning system an effective and affordable choice for homeschoolers in Houston.

Time4Learning is ideal for families homeschooling in the Houston area because it:

Homeschool Field Trips in Houston and Beyond

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of homeschooling is the flexibility it offers you to learn by doing. Once you’ve removed the classroom mindset and realize that learning can happen anywhere and everywhere you happen to be, a whole new world opens up for you and your children. This is especially true for residents of Space City, where STEM learning is always just a stone’s throw away and historical discoveries are around every corner.

When you have the freedom as a homeschooler to jump in the car or on the METRO and head out on a learning adventure, why wouldn’t you? Some of the most popular homeschool field trips in the Houston area include:

Children’s Museum of Houston

Homeschoolers will love the interactive, hands-on exhibits at this museum, whose vision it is to spark a passion for lifelong learning in children. Exhibits include EcoStation, Invention Convention, Matter Factory, and Kidtropolis. The museum also hosts a homeschool day and other special events and programs throughout the year.

USS Texas (BB-35)

Visitors can explore the inside of this historical navy ship that is nicknamed Mighty T. Homeschoolers can take a self-guided tour and view the sleeping quarters, engine rooms, and learn what life was like for the sailors on board. Guided tours, field trips and camps are also available.

The Health Museum

Established in 1969, this museum offers guests the opportunity to learn about health and science through a number of exhibits, programs, and classes. Exhibits include the Amazing Body Pavilion, DeBakey Cell Lab, and rotating educational movies in the McGovern Theater onsite. The museum offers homeschool day camps as well as courses throughout the year.

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

This 155-acre urban nature sanctuary offers innumerable opportunities for learning about and experiencing the natural world first-hand. There are five miles of walking trails, summer discovery camps, a Discovery room full of hands-on, interactive exhibits, and even dedicated programming for homeschoolers.

Space Center

Of course, you can’t bypass one of Houston’s most notable attractions when considering field trip ideas for your homeschool. In addition to Space Center U, Explorer Camps, Overnight Experiences, and tons of web-based resources for educators, the Space Center offers focused days of programming just for homeschoolers. These events offer homeschooling families discounted entrance fees and opportunities to listen to astronauts tell about their experiences in space as well as interacting with hundreds of exhibits and outer space learning activities.

Of course, this is just a sampling of the educational field trips in Houston. For even more ideas on taking your learning on the road, visit our Homeschool Field Trips in Texas post.

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