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North Carolina Homeschool Associations

North Carolina Homeschool Associations
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As one of the most active states for homeschooling in the United States, it makes sense that North Carolina would have an organized presence for families. Most states have a home school association, and NC is no exception. On this page, you’ll learn about the North Carolina homeschool association and discover some reasons why you might want to join a statewide organization for homeschool families.

North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE)

According to the NCHE website, the mission of the North Carolinians for Home Education organization is threefold:

  • to PROTECT the freedom of educating at home
  • to PROVIDE encouragement & support to families who choose home education for their children
  • to PROMOTE home education as an excellent means of education

The NCHE offers a multitude of information for both new homeschoolers and experienced homeschoolers as well as a thrice-yearly magazine, a statewide sports league for homeschooled students, an annual graduation ceremony, and a NC homeschool conference. Membership, called “Thrive.” Membership in the NCHE can be obtained by a donation of any amount, and the funds go to support the website and various activities sponsored by the organization.

Benefits of a Homeschool Association

In general, the purpose of most any statewide homeschool organization is to support and promote every family’s right to homeschool in that state. Many homeschool organization’s offer legal support to homeschoolers who come up against specific issues related to homeschooling, but even when they don’t, they are often a good source of information on what to do or who to contact if you need legal assistance. Beyond that, though, having a statewide organization means that homeschool families have a centralized place to get the latest information regarding homeschool laws in NC, discover upcoming homeschool-related events, and get answers to frequently asked questions NC homeschoolers have.

Additional Resources Related to Homeschooling in North Carolina

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