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Homeschooling in Alabama

Homeschooling in Alabama
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How do I start homeschooling in Alabama? It’s a question that thousands of AL parents ask every year. Whether you are wanting to create a customized educational program for your child, are dealing with problems at your current school, are worried about your child’s safety, or any of the other dozens of reasons to homeschool, you aren’t alone. Homeschool programs in Alabama grow increasingly popular as families recognize that there is no better ratio for education than the one-to-one instruction of homeschooling.

Time4Learning has collected a wealth of information for you on how to homeschool in Alabama, where to go for state and local support, what to look for in a curriculum, and even how to enhance your learning with field trips throughout the state. It’s time to prepare for a successful homeschool adventure!

*This should by no means be interpreted as legal advice. It is your responsibility to interpret and understand the laws and rules that you will be homeschooling under.

How to Start Homeschooling in Alabama

If you get a twitch just thinking about how to enroll a child in homeschool in Alabama, you can take a deep breath and let those muscles relax. There are a couple important decisions you’ll need to make about your homeschool plan right up front. After that, you can simply focus on making sure your homeschool experience is as enjoyable and educational as possible. Here are the steps to homeschooling in Alabama:

  1. Research the three different ways that families can legally homeschool in Alabama.
  2. Choose which of those methods will work best for your family and follow the guidelines for getting started with your choice.
  3. Withdraw from any school you are currently enrolled in (if applicable).
  4. Choose the ideal curriculum for your family.
  5. Start enjoying learning together!

Alabama Homeschooling Laws

Families in Alabama have a few options to legally homeschool their child. Each option has different requirements, so you’ll want to think about which ones meet your family needs the best. There are 3 choices to start homeschooling in Alabama:

  1. Enroll in an Alabama Church School
  2. Set up your homeschool as a private, non-public school
  3. Hire (or become) a certified state tutor

Find out more: Alabama Homeschooling Laws

Alabama Cover Schools

One of the options that families have for homeschooling in Alabama is to use a church school (also called an church or umbrella school). For a long time, this was the only way, other than hiring a state-certified tutor, to legally homeschool one’s children in the state. Now that Alabama has opened up other legal options for homeschooling, a church school may or may not be the right option for your family. On our Alabama Cover Schools page, you’ll find an explanation of how these schools work and a list of advantages and disadvantages of using one for your homeschool experience. Learn more: Alabama Homeschool Cover Schools

Alabama Homeschool Associations

When families begin their homeschool journey, they often have many questions about the process, the laws, and the specifics of how it works. That’s when statewide homeschool associations are the most useful. These organizations also are beneficial to families throughout their time of homeschooling by keeping them abreast of any changes to homeschool regulations in the state, notifying them of homeschool-related events in the state, and sometimes even organizing a statewide homeschool convention. Find out what entities are available to you in Alabama and the benefits they offer. Learn more: Alabama Homeschool Associations

Alabama Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

While statewide support is wonderful for new homeschooling families, it is often the information and encouragement that they get at the local level that sustains them over the long term. Alabama is a vibrant homeschooling state with many local and regional homeschool support groups. Find out more here: Alabama Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

Alabama Homeschool Field Trips

One of the quotes you’ll often see in relation to the choice to school from home is “Why do they call it homeschooling if we’re never at home?” This tongue-in-cheek saying should clue you in to what a diverse educational experience you are able to create for your child when you aren’t under the constraints of a classroom. Being able to customize a curriculum for your student is a chief perk of homeschooling, but another one is the ability to head out into the world and experience learning the hands-on way. You’ll be excited to learn that Alabama is full of destinations that families can visit to enhance the lessons their homeschoolers are covering. Please make sure to contact each site before you plan your visit, as COVID-19 may have impacted their hours of operations. Learn more: Alabama Homeschool Field Trips

Alabama State Test Prep

Standardized testing is a good way to benchmark what your child has accomplished throughout the year. Parents tend to identify strengths and weaknesses in their students education when comparing progress year to year. Time4Learning offers multiple ways to help students prepare for these diagnostic exams. Our standards-based courses in math and language arts are designed to meet or exceed general state content standards. Learn more in our Alabama test prep page.

Why Time4Learning is the Leading Homeschool Curriculum in Alabama

For families homeschooling in Alabama, online curriculum is an increasingly popular option.  Whether you came to the idea of home education by choice or are an accidental homeschooler, you can benefit from a program that is easy to use. Here are just a few of the reasons why Time4Learning is so popular with homeschoolers in Alabama:

  • No need to purchase a large package of materials you may or may not use. Time4Learning’s monthly subscription model allows you to use the program exactly as much and as long as you need.
  • Your subscription gives you access to the grade below and above your registered level in grades 1-7 so you can review or even accelerate where needed.
  • Lesson planning, record-keeping and assessments are taken care of. Simply sit down with your child and enjoy the engaging, multimedia lessons together.

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