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Alabama Homeschool Associations

Alabama Homeschool Associations
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Alabama is a vibrant homeschooling state with the estimated number of homeschoolers (as of 2015) being over 25,000. As you can imagine, with that many families embracing home education, there is a need for a strong support system. As with most states, Alabama is fortunate to have not only local and regional homeschool support groups, but a statewide homeschool association, Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF).  On this page, we will take a look at the mission and services that CHEF offers as well as the benefits you may gain from joining an Alabama homeschool association.

Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF)

According to the CHEF website, the mission of the Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama is to:

  • Promote home education in Alabama from the Christian perspective, with emphasis on family values.
  • Present conventions and seminars for Alabama home educators and local home education leaders across the state.
  • Protect rights of Alabama home educators by working to keep home education legal and safe in Alabama and the United States.
  • Provide assistance in establishing home education church schools and support groups across the state.
  • Publish information on various aspects of home education in Alabama from the Christian perspective.

CHEF was founded in 1988 and offers multiple kinds of services to homeschoolers in the state including information for new homeschoolers, lists of curricula homeschoolers may be curious about, a directory of Alabama church schools, and an annual Alabama homeschool convention.

Benefits of a Homeschool Association

There are many reasons you might want to make use of the services and resources of a homeschool organization in Alabama.  If you are brand new to homeschooling in the state, you might want to browse the information they offer related to getting started — especially since the information will be tailored to the laws and specifications of homeschooling in AL. You also might be considering the use of an Alabama cover school, and your state homeschool association will likely have the most up-to-date list of these. Even seasoned homeschoolers, though, can make use of a homeschool association for getting information on the next homeschool convention, receiving updates of changes to the AL homeschool law, or getting notifications of other homeschool-related events across the state.

Additional Resources Related to Homeschooling Alabama

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