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Online German Language Course

Time4Languages makes it simple for Time4Learning K-12 students to learn German or improve their German fluency.

The online German language course features an award-winning, proven method in which students will learn to speak and think in German. There is no memorization or translation involved. An immersive environment teaches students by connecting words and phrases with images.

The German language is spoken by over 100 million people worldwide.
In addition to Germany, German is also spoken in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. German ranks third in the list of most commonly taught languages, right behind English and French. German and English are similar in nature; in fact, both languages share 60% of their vocabulary.

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How does German Language Learning work?

The Time4Languages online German course features award-winning language learning homeschool content powered by Rosetta Stone® and is made up of 5 levels, each consisting of 4 units.

Time4Languages is a self-teaching program that allows K-12 students to learn at their own pace through engaging lessons. Students will start with the fundamentals and learn basic conversation skills like greetings and introductions, as well as simple questions and answers.

Every unit includes 4 Core Lessons. Core Lessons will teach your student the German language. For students who have some understanding of the German language, they can use the Core Lesson within each unit as a method of gauging where they should begin.

Focused Activities within the Time4Languages online German course focus on speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and listening.

Parents have access to automated reporting that allows them to measure progress from the online program rather than having to learn the language and grade their child’s work.

Every activity within the course is graded and each unit ends with a conversational Milestone that will help students gain confidence by reviewing what they’ve learned through a simulated conversation in German.

Student-paced, Interactive, and Fun German Language Learning!

The engaging German language course is both fun and effective. Students are able to interact with the course by speaking into a microphone (either built-in on the computer or purchased separately) to ensure that their pronunciation is correct.

For more detailed practice, students can access the Speech Analysis screen. This tool allows students to improve their pronunciation by recording and playing back their own voice in order to compare it with a native German speaker.

The Time4Languages online German course allows students to pause a lesson, repeat activities as often as needed, as well as skip lessons. Although it is recommended that students follow the suggested sequence since the material is created to build upon itself, German language learners have the option to work in a different order.

For maximum benefits, it is recommended that students log into their German language course 3-5 times per week, for 20-30 minutes each day.

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