Homeschooling has so many benefits. One of them is the ability to incorporate as many field trips as you like in your home instruction program. Below is a list of places you can visit in Rhode Island with your child that provide exciting learning experiences. Being in a natural environment, a museum, or zoo often lead to a better understanding of the topics being studied.

Home education is not the same in every state. Make sure you’re getting the information you need to start homeschooling in the Ocean State.

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Field Trips in Rhode Island’s Coastal Lowland

Field Trips in South Dakota's Black Hills Region
  • Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence – Zoos provide such fun opportunities to learn about a wide range of animals, and this one is no exception. Families can learn about more than 160 species of animals from all over the world including anacondas, cheetahs, African elephants, two-toed sloths, and more. A number of family programs are offered including Zoocation Day Camp, Preschool Adventures, Zoo Career Workshops, and more.
  • Frosty Drew Nature Center & Observatory, Charlestown – Gaze at the wonders of our galaxy and natural world at this field trip destination whose mission it is to “Enlighten, discover, inspire- through education and research- knowledge about science, the night sky, and the universe.” Your child will gain new perspective as they learn more about science, nature, and astronomy while taking part in field studies, nature week programs, and more.
  • South County Museum, Narragansett – Ready to learn about blacksmithing? Founded in 1933, this museum offers blacksmithing camps throughout the year that show students the principles of forging, fire management, and more. Families can also take part in group tours, check out the exhibits, and attend special events. Who knew?! Blacksmithing is just one of those things you can do in Rhode Island.
  • Audubon Nature Center & Aquarium, Bristol – Not only can you and your homeschooler explore the local habitats and wildlife of the Ocean State, but you can also participate in birding classes, lectures and family programs available throughout the year. Be sure to check out the summer camps schedule and the nature programs available.
  • Stepstone Falls, West Greenwich – Rhode Island has a very limited number of waterfalls since it lacks mountainous terrain. In fact, the state has the fifth lowest highest point in the nation, right behind Mississippi, Louisiana, Delaware, and Florida. These 100-foot-wide falls make for a fun day trip with your students where they can learn more about the Ocean State’s geography.
  • Biomes Marine Biology Center, North Kingstown – Get your kids ready for the most fun, hands-on education in Rhode Island! If your child is all about marine life, you should definitely make a stop at this center that has been open since 1989. Homeschool field trips are available and can be customized to your student’s level. Children will be able to explore the exhibits, watch a live animal demonstration, and more.
  • Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence – Founded in 1822 and the fourth oldest historical society in the U.S., this is an ideal destination to learn about Rhode Island history. Families can explore various museums, the historic Nelson W. Aldrich House, and a research center. In addition to walking tours, students can also learn with a number of lesson plans available online.
  • Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab, Providence – Founded in 1937, students learning biology can see all kinds of plant and animal specimens, a number of live animals, skeletons (perfect for anatomy studies), and more at this field trip destination that is part of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Field Trips in RI Eastern New England Upland

Field Trips in South Dakota's Black Hills Region
  • Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park, near Pawtucket – Families can learn about the natural, cultural, and historical aspects of the Blackstone River Valley at this park that was established in 2014. Pick up an itinerary that offers suggestions on where to go and what to do depending on how much time you have.
  • Blackstone Valley Visitor Center, Pawtucket – Part of the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, families can learn about the roots of the Industrial Revolution, the area’s history, and key figures on this educational trip. The visitor center features informative exhibits, educational films, and more.
  • Pulaski State Park and Recreational Area, Chepachet – If you’re looking for an energizing break from your daily routine or physical activity to relieve stress, this 100-acre area offers tons of opportunities to do just that. Families can fish, hike, swim, and even cross-country skiing in the winter.
  • Museum of Work & Culture, Woonsocket – The state’s textile manufacturing history takes center stage at this museum that tells the story of 19th and 20th century workers that helped shape the city. Families can explore a number of exhibits, hands-on activities, presentations, and more.
  • Cumberland Parks & Recreation, Cumberland – With tons of recreation activities and special events throughout the year, there are plenty of options here for fun things you can do in Rhode Island. There are movies and music in the park, fireworks every fourth of July, archery programs, summer camps, and more.
  • World War II Veterans Memorial Park, Woonsocket – Going to this park makes for a perfect day trip for homeschoolers. Families can explore the Veterans Monument, get in some P.E. with tons of activities such as basketball, baseball, walking paths, and more.
  • Lincoln Woods State Park, Lincoln – Explore the giant glacial boulders and geology at this 627-acre park that offers tons of amenities including hiking and horseback riding. Whether you want to cool off in one of two freshwater beaches in the summer or ice skate in the winter, there is plenty to do at this park named after America’s 16th president.

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