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Time4Learning’s 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Many parents start their homeschooling journey looking for different homeschool curriculum free trials before they fully commit to one program. This is a great approach that saves families time, money, and frustration down the road. We receive a lot of questions about whether or not Time4Learning offers a free trial. Although we don’t offer a […]

5 Steps to Build Your Best Homeschool Curriculum

1. Understand what homeschooling is and is not; then check your state’s homeschooling laws! Homeschooling refers to education that occurs outside of the public or private school system. While the term includes the term “home,” learning can actually take place anywhere and at any time. However, homeschooling is not the same as “remote learning” or […]

Homeschool Social Studies Curriculum

Why Is Social Studies Important? A homeschool curriculum would not be complete without a well-rounded social studies program. Social studies teaches students fundamental concepts in economics, politics, and culture that help them understand how the world around them works. History is also an essential focus of any social studies program. Becoming familiar with how communities […]

10th Grade Online Curriculum

What do Tenth Graders Learn? 10th grade students should not only focus on their core subjects such as language arts, chemistry, world history, and geometry, they should also branch off into electives and other topics of interest that will keep them motivated and learning. The following are some of the concepts and skills a 10th […]

High School Survey of World History Curriculum

What Do You Teach in Survey of World History? Survey of World history encourages students to think historically by making connections and comparisons between events and people across periods of time and geography. Basically, students learn to think about the past from a cross-cultural and comparative perspective. A comprehensive high school world history curriculum should […]

High School US History II Curriculum

How to Teach US History II While teaching US History can be rewarding, particularly when your child is interested in social studies, it can also be challenging because students need to understand why the material is relevant to their own lives. There are often a lot of dates and names, and some of the topics […]

How to Homeschool a 14 Year Old

What Should a 14 Year Old Be Learning? Subject matter is crucial when you start thinking about how to homeschool a 14 year old. The ideal curriculum begins with language arts and usually algebra I. Topics for science and social studies vary, they include biology, chemistry and physics for science and US history I and […]

How to Start Homeschooling in Miami

How to Homeschool in Miami Homeschooling in Florida is surging. A recent study by the Florida Department of Education found that 143,431 students in Florida were already being homeschooled in 2021. That number continues to grow in 2022 along with the number of Miami homeschool groups, where new and veteran homeschoolers meet. Once you start […]

How to Start Homeschooling in Jacksonville

How to Homeschool in Jacksonville One of the main reasons parents in Jacksonville choose homeschooling is the flexibility it offers. More and more families are choosing homeschooling each year in Florida, and why not? There are thousands of programs you can choose from, transitioning is easy for Jacksonville homeschoolers, and you can create your own […]

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