Time4Friends – A Social Network for High School Students

Social media has become a very large part of our lives– especially for our kids. And as today’s youth become young adults, they need a place where they can express their ideas and plans for the future within a safe, secure community of peers. In response, Time4Learning has created Time4Friends- a “Facebook-like” social network of current Time4Learning high school students, where they can communicate, share, and “hang out” with other students that are using the program.

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  • Homeschool.com Top 100 2017
  • Safe4Kids
  • Cathy Duffy Top 100 2017
  • iParenting Media Award Winner
  • BBB Award

What Is the Time4Friends Social Network?

Time4Friends is a social media network for students enrolled in our high school program. It was designed to give high school students a place to connect with each other, talk about college, compare high school experiences, or discuss any other topics they’d like. Students are able to create their own custom profile and communicate via a news feed, a forum, and/or a live chat.

Time4Friends provides teens with the unique opportunity to socialize with fellow homeschoolers and students of Time4Learning. Whether they use it to share ideas, photos, art, or tips on how to use Time4Learning, Time4Friends provides a personal experience and support system for our high school students.

How Does Time4Friends Work?

When students first access Time4Friends, they are able to create a personal profile by including a picture of themselves, a brief description of who they are and what their interests are. Students can “post” and send their thoughts out into the community as little or as often as they like. They can also view other member’s posts and make and accept friend requests. Students can upload videos, art work, and pictures at any time. In Time4Friends you are able to change and adjust your privacy settings at any time. You can choose what images or posts your friends have access to.

When high school students log into their accounts, they will see a “Time4Friends,” icon on their dashboard before clicking into their lessons. This icon will appear to the left underneath “Help” and “Game Room.” Once students select “Time4Friends” they are directed to notify their parents for authorization to access the student community. After the student has been granted access to “Time4Friends,” the student will also have to accept authorization by agreeing to abide by the rules and policies and clicking on “I Verify.” If the student does not accept the rules and conditions, then he or she will not be able to view Time4Friends.

Once parents have granted permission to students and the students have verified to follow the rules and conditions, access to Time4Friends will be provided by clicking on the Time4Friends icon on their dashboard. Students can access this anytime by logging into their Time4Learning high school account. Students can create their very own personal profile and even upload pictures of themselves or their artwork. Students will immediately be able to view all posts from all of the Time4Friends users when logging in.

How is Time4Friends Different than Other Social Media?

The biggest difference has to do with the security features. Time4Friends is much more secure than most social media networks because the public cannot access or view it. Only Time4Learning high school students and parents are able. Plus, everyone in the community already shares at least one similarity– they are all Time4Learning high school students. So Time4Friends provides a type of “online support group” that offers a unique way for students with common interests to connect with each other in a safe environment.

What Kind of Safety Precautions Are In Place with Time4Friends?

Time4Friends is only accessible by currently active Time4Learning high schoolers, their parents, and pre-screened Time4Learning monitors, in order to prevent “just anybody” from being able to access student information.

In addition, Time4Learning moderators actively screen and monitor the posts, in order to prevent misuse and inappropriate content. Moderators ensure that students are following proper etiquette when communicating with fellow students, and can rescind access to Time4Friends at any time if they feel that rules have been violated. Permission may also be granted or rescinded at any time by parents through the Parent Dashboard.

How Can Time4Friends Be Accessed?

A parent must give their student access before they’re able to use Time4Friends. To grant access:

  • Log into the Parent Dashboard.
  • Select the “Account Info & Updates” tab.
  • Choose “Update Time4Friends Settings” in the account updates box
  • Check the box that says “Access”

Permission may be granted or rescinded at any time. If a parent at some time denies access and then once again grants it, the student’s Time4Friends settings and posts will remain the same, and the student’s information will be saved.

Parents can preview or monitor the Time4Friends community using the “Time4Friends Parent View” located in the parent resources area within the Parent Dashboard. From there, parents can see all activity within the community, although they may not post or participate in any of the discussions with the students.

When high school students log into their accounts, they will see an icon on their dashboard “Time4Friends,” before clicking into their actual lessons. This icon will appear to the left underneath “Help” and “Game Room.”Time4Friends will be provided by clicking on the Time4Friends icon on their dashboard. Students can access this anytime by logging into their Time4Learning high school account. You must be logged into Time4Learning to access Time4Friends, it cannot be accessed by any other website or login.

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