How We Use Time4Learning

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you how we manage a busy media career with the necessity of providing a strong and well balanced home education curriculum. Time4Learning offers our son, Pierce, the ability to augment the education he receives from his homeschool curriculum with a computer based education model. We have used Time4Learning as his primary Math curriculum for several years. We love it because it offers us the flexibility of access anytime, which fits perfectly with our traveling and filming schedule. He enjoys the self-directing environment Time4Learning offers as we are on the road filming for Scaly Adventures. ( We highly recommend this to any parent looking for an easy to use, comprehensive and inexpensive supplement to their current school curriculum.

Time4Learning’s comprehensive online curriculum for grades Pre-K through 12, is perfect for homeschool, after school, and skill building. We have helped over 400,000 families with their educational needs, and all of them use our award-winning curriculum differently.