I love that I can get progress reports

I recently had a wonderful opportunity. It was actually a blessing. A friend had told me about Time4Learning. So we looked into it but I did not want to commit without trying it. I then heard they were offering trial memberships. I still could not figure it out. During this month my friend continued to tell me all her son was learning. I just could not get my act together and sign up.

That was until the day I got an amazing phone call. I received a phone call from Time4learning asking me to do a 30 day review. I jumped on the chance. The only mistake I made was doing it in December. I did not devote enough time for it.

I want to take a minute to tell you about this wonderful program. First you pick a grade your child is in. Then it has subjects for that grade. I love that each thing builds onto the next thing. I love that I can get progress reports telling me what they did and how they did on it. It really works well for children who are mid level. For Hope it was great because if they were reading a story and she did not know a word she could click on it and it would tell her the word. My girls had no idea they were even learning. This is definitely something I would like to continue with my girls. Honestly it helped this month because even when I did not feel like I had time to do a whole school day I felt like they were getting what they needed. If you are interested in learning more about Time4learning please check it out here.