I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!  Ty absolutely loved it!  We were able to complete PreK1 and started on PreK2!  PreK1 was a good refresher for him and PreK2 has some information that is new to him!  He asks everyday if he can “play his Preschool games” and it just makes me smile!  All I have to do is log in for him and he takes it from there!  I can honestly say that we enjoyed this program so much!

I felt like Ty got a lot out of it and he showed me that he knew more than I had realized!  I love seeing my son so enthusiastic about learning! I couldn’t believe that my 4 year old was able to take charge and do the program on his own!  The program is so user friendly and I really do love it!  I can’t wait to see what it has to offer for the elementary school levels since I know PreK doesn’t offer as many options as say first grade.

A big perk is that while Ty is working on his Time4Learning program, I can be working with my other children and go back to check on him and his progress whenever he needs me.  I love that it has given him such confidence and he is very self motivated already!

Time4Learning provides a complete progress report that shows you when your child completes the lessons which I just love and helps with record keeping!  It also has an area where you can discuss any concerns, ideas, or just chit chat with other members in the Parent Forum which is so helpful and reassuring!

I hope that if any of you are considering homeschooling, are homeschooling, or want a good supplement to your child’s education, that you look into Time4Learning!