I LOVE the fact that the kids work independently

I was a little skeptical at first.  Up until this point, we had been using workbooks (School of Tomorrow PACE’s and CLP) and we had all become extremely bored with them.  I had been looking into AOP’s Switched on Schoolhouse, but was leery of putting so much money into a curriculum that so many seemed to dislike.  As a single mom, who works full time outside of the home, it was very important to me to find a curriculum that would the kids would find engaging and one that would allow them to do a lot of the work independently AND would fit into my budget.   Time4Learning turned out to be just what we had been looking for.

Bubba is in the second grade and has been struggling with his reading.  I had found a reading program that he was able to use in conjuction with T4L and I have seen a marked improvement in this area.  I think the biggest plus has been that he is no longer bored with his schoolwork and is getting more daily practice with T4L.  As a matter of fact, he has already completed all the Science and Social Studies activities for his grade.  Now,  he gets to concentrate on Math and Language Arts, which is really good for him.

Katie is in the fourth grade and her struggles are with Math.  Trying to get her to do any kind of Math in the workbooks was very stressful for the both of us.  She just is not interested in math much at all.  With T4L, while she still doesn’t like Math, it engages her enough that it isn’t such a chore for her.   She really really enjoys the Science and Social Studies.  I was impressed with some of the subjects she was studying, like Ancient Civilizations.  She really impressed me one night at dinner, when she started discussing the Code of Hammurabi LOL  I didn’t learn about that until I was in college!

I LOVE the fact that the kids work independently, for the most part, and that they actually look forward to doing their schoolwork.  I also like that I can view their progress and see where the trouble areas are and we can go over them again if need be.  All the record keeping is done for you within the program and is easily accessible through the parent log in.  It is quite easy to print out the reports, if needed.  This program has really relieved a lot of stress from our school day and has really given me the motivation I needed for us to continue homeschooling:)

So, yes,  I definitely recommend Time4learning.  I have decided it will be well worth the monthly subscription fee and we will be continuing our studies with it.