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How to Homeschool Kindergarten

How to Homeschool Kindergarten
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Homeschooling kindergarten students is a fun and exciting time for families. Children are about to set forth on their academic journey and it’s important to start off on the right foot. Doing so will help ensure that your child has a positive experience, enjoys the learning process, and develops a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

This page provides tons of helpful information for those families wondering how to homeschool kindergarten. You’ll find tips on everything from schedules to what subjects are taught in kindergarten to kindergarten learning objectives, and everything in between.

How to Homeschool Kindergarten

To start homeschooling kindergarten, we recommend following the steps below:

Time4Learning helps new homeschooling families start out with confidence. As a member, you’ll gain access to our detailed kindergarten lesson plans and scope and sequence.

What Schedule is Best for a Kindergartener?

At this young age, you should spend no more than two hours a day homeschooling kindergarten. Whether you prefer to homeschool in the morning or afternoon, the choice is yours. Feel free to try different times to determine what works best for you and your child. In addition, many families find that homeschooling four days a week, and breaking subjects up throughout the week, rather than doing them daily works best. Each child is different, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for your child’s unique needs.

Homeschooling Planner

Start planning out your homeschooling days with this free easy to use daily planner.

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What Subjects Are Taught in Kindergarten?

Although this may vary depending on what your state’s homeschooling requirements are, the subjects that are typically taught when homeschooling kindergarten are:

Homeschoolers can also add any other subjects they feel their children will benefit from such as social studies, music, foreign languages.

Does your state/district require standardized testing for kindergarten homeschoolers? You may also want to research what subjects are assessed so you can be sure to cover those in your instruction.

Kindergarten Learning Objectives

This year, students will be laying the foundation for all the learning that will be taking place for the next 12+ years. As such, it’s important that the youngest of students reach all their kindergarten learning objectives. Below are some of the objectives students are expected to achieve this year.

  • Demonstrate understanding of the parts of a book
  • Identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Demonstrate understanding of all the letters and their sounds
  • Demonstrate comprehension by recalling details, completing sentences, sequencing events, etc
  • Identify high frequency words
  • Count on from any number other than 1
  • Solve addition and subtraction number sentences
  • Fluently add and subtract within 5 and 10

Reading Book List for Kindergarten

As students learn to read this year, it’s important that parents spend 20-30 minutes reading to them each day. This will help them even further by building their vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills.

Below is a list of books to get you started.

  1. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
  2. Corduroy by Don Freeman
  3. Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion
  4. Harold and the Purple Crayon By Crockett Johnson
  5. Click, Clack, Moo by Doreen Cronin

The reading activities within the Time4Learning kindergarten language arts curriculum include short stories, fables, and nursery rhymes on a wide variety of topics.

Kindergarten Homeschooling Tips & Ideas

Homeschooling kindergarten should be a fun and enjoyable time for both you and your child. Below are some tips and ideas to help make it a memorable, and successful year.

  • Schedule plenty of playtime – Playing is such an important part of childhood and learning, in fact, learning through play is very beneficial to young children since it allows them to be creative and explore the world around them.
  • Read together – In addition to being a wonderful opportunity to snuggle and spend quality time together, reading to your child will help build their literacy, comprehension and communication skills.
  • Go on field trips – From children’s museums to science centers to local parks, there is a world of learning not too far from wherever it is you call home. Be sure to pencil in time to go on educational field trips on a regular basis. The change of scenery will be welcome by all and provide plenty of opportunity to learn new things from a different perspective.
  • Take advantage of your child’s curiosity – At this age, students are full of questions. Embrace that thirst for knowledge to learn about anything and everything your child is curious about.
  • Keep an open mind – As a homeschooler, you have tons of flexibility, so don’t feel like you have to do things by the book. Be open to change and new opportunities that present themselves to learn. Remember, learning can happen anywhere and anytime.
  • Be flexible – Don’t feel like you have to be confined to your house or follow a strict schedule. Some days may be challenging, and that’s ok. Go with the flow, and if you need to take the day off and head outside, so be it.
  • Don’t forget to take frequent breaks – At this age, children have tons of energy. If you notice your child getting antsy or becoming short-tempered and losing focus, it’s probably time for a break. Whether it’s for a snack, to go on a walk or bike ride, quiet time, or even a nap, take breaks as often as needed.

How Time4Learning Can Help You Homeschool Your Kindergartener

At Time4Learning, we understand how important it is to set the right stage for young learners. Our curriculum for kindergarten consists of engaging interactive lessons that will spark curiosity in your homeschool. Our aim is to help you have a successful homeschool kindergarten year by taking out all the administrative work off your hands so you can focus on the fun part: learning together!

As you discover your child’s preferred learning style, Time4Learning can be the right partner in ensuring your kindergartener’s learning goals are met while providing a fun learning experience for them.

Below are some additional features and benefits you’ll have access to when you sign up.

  • Fun, interactive lessons with animated characters that engage and motivate students
  • 24/7 access so students can log in and learn on their schedule, even on weekends
  • Comprehensive curriculum in math and language arts correlates to all state standards
  • Access to first-grade material allows students to get a head start on upcoming material
  • Flexible, student-paced format helps children progress at their own pace
  • Freedom to redo lessons and activities, as well as retake tests and quizzes
  • Detailed scope and sequence allows you to see what your child will be learning and when
  • Homeschool kindergarten curriculum is simple to follow and is presented in a suggested sequence that builds on itself

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