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Homeschooling a Child with Autism

Homeschooling a Child with Autism
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One of the great things about homeschooling a child with autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is you will know he/she is getting what they need, when they need it. Educating children with autism at home will give you the flexibility to truly individualize a program that best meets their daily and weekly needs.

Some homeschool programs for autism allow you to adjust the curriculum to best suit your specific student’s learning abilities. We’ve provided information that will hopefully answer many of the beginning questions you may have about homeschooling a child with autism.

Homeschooling a Child with Asperger’s Syndrome

In terms of homeschooling, autism types matter very little; almost any child on the spectrum can benefit from the customized approach that home education offers. However, if you have a child on the Asperger’s Syndrome part of the spectrum, curriculum options can differ widely from child to child. Learn how to start homeschooling a child with aspergers.

Homeschooling a Child with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)

Has your child been diagnosed with PDD? Sometimes called “atypical autism,” PDD is often characterized by uneven skill development (strengths in some areas and delays in others). When choosing the best curriculum for autism, students with Pervasive Developmental Disorder have strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into account. Learn how to start homeschooling a child with PDD-NOS.

Autism Education: Homeschool vs Public School

When you have a child with ASD, educational choices aren’t as simple as knowing which school district you are in, and then registering. When thinking about your special needs child’s education you may be considering whether school or homeschool is the right option. Learn more about the homeschool vs public school options for students with autism.

Teaching Reading to Students with Autism

When teaching young children with autism to read, make sure you choose a homeschool program that capitalizes on their strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses. Start helping your child with autism with reading comprehension.

Teaching Writing to Students with Autism

When it comes to teaching writing to students with autism, learning tools and assistive technology can make all the difference. Knowing what resources are available to you will help you customize a homeschool plan to your specific child. Start helping your child with autism to write.

Teaching Math to Students with Autism

While every child has their own individual learning strengths and weaknesses, there are several known strategies to best aide students with autism when trying to teach them math. Learn how to best help your child on the spectrum learn math here.

Homeschooling is a great option if traditional schooling isn’t working for your ASD student. Learn about homeschooling benefits and tips to make homeschooling successful.

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Homeschooling a Child with Non Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD)

If your child has been diagnosed with NVLD, non-verbal, or developmentally delayed speech, you may have experienced difficulties in the school system where your student is expected to communicate with various teachers, therapists, and students daily. While students are taught alternative methods of communication, often the stimulation or environment in a school can become overwhelming for a student who is already struggling.

Online learning that provides a curriculum with pre-recorded lessons, can remove the pressure from having to communicate and also adds the factor of student-paced learning, where a student can review or move forward only when he or she is ready, rather than working within a group’s schedule. When students are stressed, it can amplify already difficult activities such as communication, which can distract from the lesson at hand.

How Time4Learning Curriculum Helps Students with Autism

As a homeschooler, you know that finding a quality curriculum that is affordable and convenient may be a challenge, particularly when you are trying to customize instruction for a child with ASD. Time4Learning, named a Certified Autism Resource by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards, may be the perfect solution. Families who are homeschooling a child with ASD using Time4Learning enjoy a number of benefits like these:

  • Flexibility: Time4Learning allows for access to higher and lower grade levels so that instruction can be customized. Its online format enables parents to provide instruction any time of the day or night and even on weekends. Learning can be maximized on good days and altered when behaviors or other distractions interrupt learning.
  • Platform Structure: Time4Learning’s online platform is arranged in an organized system so that parents and children know what to expect. Both sets of users become familiar with the order and formats of activities, thereby maximizing the comfort while reducing the anxiety of children with ASD.
  • Socialization Support: While the online nature of Time4Learning eliminates some of the social pressures that may exist in more traditional learning models, the animated and teacher-led videos model positive social interactions so that children with ASD can learn social skills in a safe, unintimidating way.
  • Confidence Building Features: With Time4Learning, families can reset instructional materials and quizzes and tests so that information can be reviewed, and children can repeat attempts at getting problems and questions correct. This enables children to work toward mastery in a way that is positive.

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