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South Dakota Homeschool Associations

South Dakota Homeschool Associations
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As a South Dakota homeschooler, having access to comprehensive resources, programs, and activities can serve very useful to your family. South Dakota homeschool associations provide you with all that and more. Homeschool organizations can take the responsibility of lobbying on behalf of homeschoolers to advocate for home education legislation to improve and protect the right to homeschool in South Dakota. There are several advantages to being a part of your local South Dakota homeschool association.

Learn more about the three homeschool associations in South Dakota and how they can benefit your family.

South Dakota Christian Home Educators (SDCHE)

This homeschool organization is christian based and focuses on advancing and promoting private christian home education. They are an all inclusive free membership organization providing events, information, resources, support, and training to all South Dakota homeschooling families. This homeschool association also keeps you up to date on state legislator, lobbying, and homeschool law updates through their website  and forum. The SDCHE membership, which is completely free of charge, offers access to membership cards, directories, photo galleries, frequently asked questions, event calendar, and more. You can register for their membership here.

Why Join a Homeschool Association?

Families who are new to homeschooling may feel overwhelmed by the process. Homeschool associations can offer support and encouragement to homeschooling families so that they are not alone in the journey. By advocating for the advancement of home education, the leaders in each association give you validation in your decision to homeschool. For these reasons, joining a homeschool association is often in the best interest of families looking for guidance, advice, and direction.

If you are looking for an upcoming South Dakota homeschool convention, make sure to check out the Christian Homeschool Conference of South Dakota.

Additional Resources Related to Homeschooling South Dakota

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