It’s back to school time and incorporating outdoor learning is a great way to kick-off the new homeschool year. Check out these family-oriented outdoor activities that can be customized to fit almost any grade level and boost your children’s knowledge in their core subjects.

Study the Natural Setting in Your Town

Make natural studies a part of your homeschooling program. Visit local parks and study the native flora and fauna. Bring a notebook or tablet and have your children jot down and sketch the different plants they discover. Go birdwatching, rock collecting, or if you have a pond or lake nearby, collect samples of water and study them under a microscope. Other fun ideas include:

  • Building a birdhouse
  • Going on a photography tour at your local park
  • Planting a flower or vegetable garden and studying the plants’ life cycle
  • Using a magnifying glass to study insect life
  • Going fishing and taking notes on the fish you catch
  • Visiting a local farm and learning about the animals and crops

The ideas are boundless and the great thing is they supplement skills in science, math, writing, technology, critical and creative thinking, and more! With just your imagination, you and your children will have a wonderful experience together enjoying the natural diversity in your area, while boosting their academic skills.

Cultural and Historical Studies

Every town and community has a unique story to tell through its culture and history. Visit local historical societies, cultural museums, or the local town hall where they may house interesting artifacts regarding your town’s history. Perhaps Native Americans once lived near your community, or immigrants from other countries settled in your area long ago and influenced its architecture, food, or art.

Improve your children’s research, writing and technical prowess by having them prepare a report or a Google Slides, Keynote, or PowerPoint presentation on your town’s history.

Rejoin Your Homeschool Group or Enjoy Activities with Friends

If you’re a part of a homeschool group or co-op, or have friends that homeschool, connect with them and plan fun outdoor group activities. Hold classes outside at a park or enjoy a field trip to a local destination, such as an aquarium, museum, nature center, zoo, or a community organization such as a fire station.

Bringing kids of all ages together builds their social skills, which is an important aspect of a well-rounded education. Depending on their age group, kids can make crafts, build model rockets, play hide and seek, take a camping trip, visit an outdoor market, or do almost anything that includes social interaction.

Consider Roadschooling

Roadschooling is a growing trend in which families take their homeschooling on the road. Families visit different places and have their children immerse themselves in the culture, environment, and history. Children absorb information, ask pertinent questions, and use their critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate what they are learning.

Because the places they visit are usually new, this learning experience is always exciting and fresh. It’s also incredibly flexible: some families have their children work on their core subjects using an online curriculum program in the morning and then explore and learn new things throughout the afternoon. It’s an effective technique for incorporating outdoor learning into your child’s education.

Combine Interactive Lessons with Outdoor Learning

Optimize your learning opportunities by combining outdoor learning fun with an interactive program such as Time4Learning. This is especially helpful for students who require extra help in certain subjects, or just benefit from a program that reinforces their skill set and builds new skills through motivational exercises.

By integrating various educational resources and activities, you will keep your child’s interest in their studies at a high level in preparation for a successful school year. Plus, with Time4Learning, you’ll be able to take the learning anywhere.

Now that you have some fun ideas for incorporating the outdoor world into your homeschooling program, head out and enjoy the endless opportunities that await.

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