Time4Learning Troubleshooting Information

The most frequent technical problem in running Time4Learning is security software settings on your computer which do not accept the two-window Time4Learning System.  This appears to users as a Time4Learning shut-down immediately after the login and initial animation of Ed Mouse.  To test whether this is a problem on your system (ie if your security software classifies Time4Learning as a pop-up) click here.

If you have not succeeded in opening a window, you can run Time4Learning, by either:

  1. Setting your software to trust the Time4Learning domain (www.time4learning.com), click here  for instructions or
  2. Checking the "Check here to run in trouble-shooting mode" box on the Member Login page.  This will run Time4Learning in windows which have not been optimized to run Time4Learning.  Your screen will look a little different:

Troubleshooting Mode Normal Mode

Additional issues may be diagnosed by using our System Check page.