Social Studies - 5th Grade Lesson Plan

Fifth Grade Social Studies Lesson Plans

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fifth grade social studies
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Social Studies -5th Grade Lesson Plans

Time4Learning is an online student-paced learning system covering preschool through middle school. It is popular as a fifth grade homeschool curriculum, for afterschool enrichment, for remediation, and for summer study.

The lesson plans below provide a detailed list of the fifth grade social studies curriculum, with brief activity descriptions and learning activity (LA) numbers. Additional resources related to fifth grade social studies are also provided, below.

Students enrolled in fifth grade social studies will have access to both fourth and sixth grade social studies lessons as part of their membership, so they can move ahead or review at their own pace.

If you are just learning about Time4Learning, we'd suggest first looking at our interactive lesson demos. Members often use this page as a resource for more detailed planning, to choose specific activities using the activity finder or to compare our curriculum with state standards.

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5th Grade Social Studies Lesson Plans
Total Activities: 431

non-scored activity Non-Scored scored activity Scored worksheet Worksheet answer key Answer Key quiz Quiz
quiz Test
Chapter 1: "Olmec (1200-400 BC)"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Olmec Civilization: Locate the Olmec civilization on a world map, and identify it as the first civilization in North and Central America. The Olmec Civilization nonscored 5840
Locations of the Olmec Civilization nonscored 5710
Lesson Quiz: Olmec Civilization scored
Daily Olmec Life: Identify the use of rafts and canoes as the main means of travel; identify pile-dwellings and palisades as the main means of construction; and identify the importance of maize cultivation to the Olmec civilization. The learner will describe the major characteristics and contributions of the Olmec civilization (1200 - 400 BC). Locate the Olmec civilization on a world map, and identify it as the first civilization in North and Central America. Life Among the Olmecs scored 5845
What the Olmecs Saw scored 5846
Lesson Quiz: Daily Olmec Life nonscored
Art & Religion: Explain the roles of art and religion in the culture of the Olmec civilization. Olmec Art and Religion nonscored 5841
Lesson Quiz: Art & Religion scored
Writing, Counting & Calendar: Describe the Olmecs' writing system, counting system, and calendar. Rulers and Shamans nonscored 5843
Gifts of the Olmec Civilization nonscored 5844
Lesson Quiz: Writing, Counting & Calendar scored
Chapter Test: Olmec 1200-400 BC

quiz Test
Chapter 2: "Phoenicians"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Phoenician Civilization: Locate Phoenicia on a world map, and explain the role of city-states. Identify Sidon and Tyre as the cities that alternately dominated the region. (The learner will describe the major characteristics and contributions of the Phoenicians). Phoenician Cities nonscored 5801
Merchants of the Ancient World nonscored 5814
Lesson Quiz: Phoenician Civilization quiz
Influence of Egyptian Trade: Explain how trade with Egypt influenced the Phoenician culture in terms of clothing and the use of hieroglyphics. (The learner will describe the major characteristics and contributions of the Phoenicians). Locate Phoenicia on a world map, and explain the role of city-states. Identify Sidon and Tyre as the cities that alternately dominated the region. (The learner will describe the major characteristics and conributions of the Phoenicians). Clothing and Communication nonscored 5815
The Borrowers nonscored 5818
Lesson Quiz: Influence of Egyptian Trade quiz
Trade Routes: Trace the Phoenician trade routes throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East, and describe the development of Carthage, Byblos, and other major port cities. (The learner will describe the major characteristics and contributions of the Phoenicians). Explain how trade with Egypt influenced the Phoenician culture in terms of clothing and the use of hieroglyphics. (The learner will describe the major characteristics and contributions of the Phoenicians). Route to Success nonscored 5816
Sea Peoples nonscored 5868
Lesson Quiz: Trade Routes quiz
Purple Dyed Trade Items: Describe the locally manufactured glassware, embroideries, metal articles, and cloth colored with Tyrian purple dye that were traded by the Phonecians. (The learner will describe the major characteristics and contributions of the Phoenicians). What the Traveler Saw nonscored 5819
An Industrial Snail nonscored 5803
Lesson Quiz: Purple Dyed Trade Items quiz
Greatest Seagoing Traders: Identify the Phoenicians as the world's greatest seagoing traders at the time. Explain the possibility that Phoenician sailors traveled around Africa to Britain using the North Star as a means of navigation. (The learner will describe the major characteristics and contributions of the Phoenicians). Navigation and Seafaring nonscored 5817
Sea Voyagers nonscored 5871
Lesson Quiz: Greatest Seagoing Traders quiz
Phonetic Alphabet: Describe the Phoenician invention of the phonetic alphabet, and explain how it is the basis for our modern alphabet. (The learner will describe the major characteristics and contributions of the Phoenicians). Easy as ABC nonscored 5870
Phoenician Alphabet nonscored 5802
Lesson Quiz: Phonetic Alphabet quiz
Chapter Test: Phoenicians

quiz Test
Chapter 3: "Shang/Zhou Dynasty 1027-256BC"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Shang Dynasty: Define ''dynasty.'' Identify the Shang as ancient China's first dynasty, and locate the region of the dynasty on a world map. The First Dynasty nonscored 5832
Walled Cities and Rich Tombs nonscored 5821
Lesson Quiz: Shang Dynasty quiz
Shang Dynasty Innovations: Identify the Shang dynasty as a period of great innovation. Describe the use of bronze, the creation of silk textiles, and the use of a sophisticated writing system as some of these innovations. Shang Inventions nonscored 5822
Bronze, Silk, and Writing: Shang Innovation nonscored 5833
Lesson Quiz: Shang Dynasty Innovations quiz
Art & Religion: Explain the roles of art and religion in the culture of the Shang dynasty. Describe yin and yang. Oracle Bones and Bronze: Shang Religion and Art nonscored 5836
Oracle Bones and Dragons nonscored 5823
Lesson Quiz: Art & Religion quiz
Zhou Warriors: Identify the Zhou warriors as the group who took power from the Shang to become the next ruling dynasty in ancient China. The Zhou Dynasty nonscored 5825
Zhou Rulers nonscored 5835
Lesson Quiz: Zhou Warriors quiz
Zhou Feudal Society: Explain the feudal society established by the Zhou emperors. The Longest Dynasty nonscored 5837
The Feudal Zhou Dynasty nonscored 5826
Lesson Quiz: Zhou Feudal Society quiz
The Golden Age of China: Describe the period known as China's Golden Age. Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism nonscored 5831
Give Us Peace! nonscored 5824
Lesson Quiz: The Golden Age of China quiz
Confucius: Identify Confucius as the founder of Confucianism, and explain some of his teachings. Confucian Philosophy nonscored 5830
Confucius nonscored 5820
Lesson Quiz: Confucius quiz
Lao-tzu & Daoism: Identify Lao-tzu as the legendary founder of Daoism, and explain some of his teachings. Lao-tzu and Daoism nonscored 5828
Daoism and the Words of Lao-tzu nonscored 5838
Lesson Quiz: Lao-tzu & Daoism quiz
Chapter Test: Shang/Zhou Dynasty 1027-256BC

quiz Test
Chapter 4: "Nubian Kingdom (1000BC)"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Nubian Civilization: Locate the Nubian kingdom on a world map. Identify the different cities that acted as centers of the kingdom throughout its existence, including Kerma, Napata, and Meroë. Upriver in Nubia nonscored 5804
Nubian Tour nonscored 5809
Lesson Quiz: Nubian Civilization quiz
Egyptian & Nubian Conflicts: Explain the conflicts between Egypt and Nubia and the struggle for power in this region. Culture Clash nonscored 5808
Egypt's Watchful Eye nonscored 5812
Lesson Quiz: Egyptian & Nubian Conflicts quiz
Egyptian & Nubian Similarities: Compare the similarities of the culture of Nubia to the culture of Egypt, including the building of pyramids, the use of written language, and the practice of mummification. Two Peas in a Pod nonscored 5811
A Shared Culture nonscored 5806
Lesson Quiz: Egyptian & Nubian Similarities quiz
Nubian Culture: Describe the culture of Nubia once it was free from Egyptian influence, including new styles of art and architecture, development of a new language and system of writing, and worshiping of new gods. Nubian Rebirth nonscored 5807
New Traditions nonscored 5813
Nubian Art and Egyptian Architecture nonscored 5121
Lesson Quiz: Nubian Culture quiz
Natural Resources: Describe the natural resources of Nubia, including timber and iron ore, and the roles these resources played in establishing Meroë as a trade center. Glittering Treasures nonscored 5805
Nature's Gifts nonscored 5810
Lesson Quiz: Natural Resources quiz
Chapter Test: Nubian Kingdom 1000BC

quiz Test
Chapter 5: "Ancient Greece"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Greek Civilization: Locate the ancient Greek civilization on a world map, and explain the role of city-states. Identify Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and Corinth as major city-states of the region. Where In the World is Greece? nonscored 5850 alertanswerkey
Greek City-States nonscored 5867
Lesson Quiz: Greek Civilization quiz
Tyrants 7 City-States: Define ''tyrants'' and their role in running the city-states. Explain how the tyrants were driven out of power, introducing the new system of government called democracy. Tyranny in Ancient Greece nonscored 5866
The Road to Democracy nonscored 5772
Lesson Quiz: Tyrants 7 City-States quiz
Democracy: Describe the new system of democracy and the rights of the citizens. Explain how this idea would impact future governments throughout the world. What Is Democracy? nonscored 5860
Democracy nonscored 5861
Lesson Quiz: Democracy quiz
Gods & Goddesses: Locate Mount Olympus and describe the roles of the following gods and goddesses: Aphrodite, Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus, Apollo. The View from Mount Olympus nonscored 5856
Mt. Olympus nonscored 5857
Lesson Quiz: Gods & Goddesses quiz
Ares/Athena/Artemis/Demeter: Describe the roles of the following gods and goddesses: Ares, Athena, Artemis, Demeter. The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus nonscored 5858
Greek Gods and Goddesses nonscored 5859
Lesson Quiz: Ares/Athena/Artemis/Demeter quiz
Alphabet & Greek Writing: Describe the Greek alphabet and understand that it was built upon Phoenician characters. Describe the process of writing on a wax-covered tablet with a stylus. It's Greek to Me nonscored 5862
The Greek Alphabet nonscored 5963
Lesson Quiz: Alphabet & Greek Writing quiz
Pythagoras & Hippocrates: Describe the contributions of the following Greek scholars: Pythagoras, Hippocrates. Great Scientific Minds nonscored 5864
Pythagoras and Hippocrates nonscored 5865
Lesson Quiz: Pythagoras & Hippocrates quiz
Socrates, Plato & Aristotle: Describe the contributions of the following Greek scholars: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle nonscored 5851
The Great Philosophers nonscored 5770
Lesson Quiz: Socrates, Plato & Aristotle quiz
Drama, Athletics & Literature: Explain the roles of art, architecture, and music in developing the culture of the ancient Greek civilization. The Athenian Museum nonscored 5854
The Arts in Ancient Greece nonscored 5855
Lesson Quiz: Drama, Athletics & Literature quiz
Greek Culture: Explain the roles of athletics, drama, and literature in developing the culture of the ancient Greek civilization. In Honor of the Gods nonscored 5852
Festivals to Honor the Gods nonscored 5853
Lesson Quiz: Greek Culture quiz
Chapter Test: Ancient Greece

quiz Test
Chapter 6: "U.S. Politics 1801-1840"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
President Thomas Jefferson: Describe the life of Thomas Jefferson in terms of his presidency and his hobbies. Philosopher, Writer, and Politician nonscored 5771
The Life of Thomas Jefferson nonscored 5702 alertanswerkey
Lesson Quiz: President Thomas Jefferson quiz
Louisiana Purchase: Describe the importance of the Louisiana Purchase and the roles of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and Napoleon Bonaparte. The Louisiana Purchase nonscored 5703
A Deal With France nonscored 5773
Lesson Quiz: Louisiana Purchase quiz
Lewis & Clark Expedition: Describe the exploration of the new territory of Louisiana and the roles of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Sacajawea. Lewis and Clark nonscored 5774
Exploring the New Territory nonscored 5704 alertanswerkey
Lesson Quiz: Lewis & Clark Expedition quiz
Zebulon Pike Expedition: Describe the expedition of Zebulon Pike. Pike's Peak and Other Adventures nonscored 5775
Lesson Quiz: Zebulon Pike Expedition quiz
President James Madision: Describe the presidency of James Madison and the role of Dolley Madison. The Madisons of the White House nonscored 5705
James and Dolley Madison nonscored 5883
Lesson Quiz: President James Madision quiz
Before the War of 1812: Identify the events leading to the War of 1812 and the roles of William Henry Harrison and Tecumseh. Describe the importance of British impressment of American sailors and the Battle of Tippecanoe. Causes of the War of 1812 nonscored 5706
War = World Power nonscored 5780
Lesson Quiz: Before the War of 1812 quiz
The War of 1812: Describe the War of 1812 and the battles of Lake Erie and New Orleans. Know about the British burning of the White House and Capitol, and the circumstances surrounding the writing of The Star-Spangled Banner. Stars in the Sky nonscored 5784
The War Begins nonscored 5760
Lesson Quiz: The War of 1812 quiz
President James Monroe: Lesson DeDescribe the presidency of James Monroe, the Era of Good Feelings, and the Monroe Doctrine.Orleans. James Monroe nonscored 5707
Feeling Good nonscored 5781
Lesson Quiz: President James Monroe quiz
Missouri Compromise: Explain the Missouri Compromise and how the expansion of slavery into the newly acquired United States territory threatened national unity. A Question of Unity nonscored 5782
Missouri Compromise nonscored 5708
Lesson Quiz: Missouri Compromise quiz
President Andrew Jackson: Describe the presidency of Andrew Jackson and the importance of the Indian Removal Act, the Trail of Tears, and the Seminole Wars. Andrew Jackson's Presidency and Indian Actions nonscored 5709
Jackson and the Indians nonscored 5783
Lesson Quiz: President Andrew Jackson quiz
Chapter Test: U.S. Politics 1801-1840

quiz Test
Chapter 7: "U.S. History 1820-1850"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Manifest Destiny: Describe the meaning of ''Manifest Destiny'' and the role of John O'Sullivan. Polk and Manifest Destiny nonscored 5785
Manifest Destiny nonscored 5712
Lesson Quiz: Manifest Destiny quiz
Influence on Western Expansion: Describe the role of ''mountain men'' and fur traders in the expansion of the West and their relations with the Native Americans. Identify Kit Carson. Mountain Men, Fur Traders, and Kit Carson nonscored 5713
Living off the West nonscored 5786
Lesson Quiz: Influence on Western Expansion quiz
Traveling West: Describe the means of travel available to pioneers heading west, including the steamboat, wagon trains, and flatboats. Go West, Young Man nonscored 5787
Western Travel nonscored 5714
Lesson Quiz: Traveling West quiz
Santa Fe Trail: Trace the land route west opened by William Becknell that became known as the Santa Fe Trail. The Sante Fe Trail nonscored 5715
Along the Santa Fe Trail nonscored 5070
Lesson Quiz: Santa Fe Trail quiz
Texas War for Independence: Describe the people and events leading to the Texas War for Independence, including the early settlement of Texas and the roles of Stephen Austin and Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Settling Texas nonscored 5071
The Settlement of Texas nonscored 5716
Lesson Quiz: Texas War for Independence quiz
Battle of the Alamo: Describe the people and events of the Battle of the Alamo, including Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and Susanna Dickerson. Battle of the Alamo nonscored 5717
Remember the Alamo! nonscored 5072
Lesson Quiz: Battle of the Alamo quiz
Texas Independence: Describe the outcome of the Texas War for Independence and the roles of Sam Houston and Santa Anna. Identify the Lone Star Republic and explain the request for annexation. Gaining Independence for Texas nonscored 5073
Texas Independence nonscored 5718
Lesson Quiz: Texas Independence quiz
Oregon Trail: Trace the route of the Oregon Trail and describe life on the trail. The Oregon Trail nonscored 5719
The Oregon Trail nonscored 5074
Lesson Quiz: Oregon Trail quiz
Mormons Migrate West: Identify the reasons that the Mormons (Latter-day Saints) traveled west to Utah and the roles of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Mormons Migrate West nonscored 5075
Mormon Migration nonscored 5720
Lesson Quiz: Mormons Migrate West quiz
Mexican-American War: Describe the events leading to the Mexican-American War. Events Leading Up to the Mexican War nonscored 5721
Before the Mexican-American War nonscored 5076
Lesson Quiz: Mexican-American War quiz
Outcomes of the Mexican War: Describe the outcome of the Mexican-American War and the roles of General Zachary Taylor and Santa Anna. Identify the Mexican lands ceded to America, and explain the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. What Happened in the Mexican War? nonscored 5077
Outcomes of the Mexican War nonscored 5722
Lesson Quiz: Outcomes of the Mexican War quiz
The Influence of Gold: Describe how the discovery of gold changed California. The California Gold Rush nonscored 5723 alertanswerkey
Rushing to California nonscored 5078
Lesson Quiz: The Influence of Gold quiz
Chapter Test: U.S. History 1820-1850

quiz Test
Chapter 8: "U.S. Economy in the mid-1800s"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Charles Goodyear & Rubber: Describe Charles Goodyear's invention of rubber and how it helped lead to economic growth in the Northeast. Charles Goodyear and Vulcanized Rubber nonscored 5079
Charles Goodyear and the Invention of Rubber nonscored 5724
Lesson Quiz: Charles Goodyear & Rubber quiz
Elias Howe & Sewing Machines: Describe Elias Howe's invention of the sewing machine and how it helped lead to economic growth in the Northeast. Elias Howe and the Invention of the Sewing Machine nonscored 5725
Elias Howe's Sewing Machine nonscored 5080
Lesson Quiz: Elias Howe & Sewing Machines quiz
Samuel Morse & Telegraph: Describe Samuel Morse's invention of the telegraph and how it helped lead to economic growth in the Northeast. Samuel Morse Invents the Telegraph nonscored 5081 alertanswerkey
Samuel Morse and the Invention of the Telegraph nonscored 5726
Lesson Quiz: Samuel Morse & Telegraph quiz
Economic Growth of the NW: Identify the role of whaling, trade, and clipper ships in the economic growth of the Northeast. Whaling, Clipper Ships, and Trade nonscored 5740
Whalers, Clippers, and Traders nonscored 5083
Lesson Quiz: Economic Growth of the NW quiz
Industry & Factories: Identify the role of industry and factories in the economy of the Northeast. Industry and Factories in the Northeast nonscored 5729
Lesson Quiz: Industry & Factories quiz
Cyrus McCormick & Agriculture: Identify agriculture and Cyrus McCormick's invention of the reaper as major contributors to the Midwest economy. Cyrus McCormick and the Invention of the Reaper nonscored 5727
Cyrus McCormick's Reaper nonscored 5082
Lesson Quiz: Cyrus McCormick & Agriculture quiz
Importance of Railroads: Describe the importance of railroads as a link from the Midwest to the North. Riding the Rails nonscored 5085
Railroads Link the Midwest to the North nonscored 5730
Lesson Quiz: Importance of Railroads quiz
Cotton Growing: Identify cotton-growing as the major economic activity of the South and the importance of exportation, plantations, and slave labor. Cotton Growing in the South nonscored 5731
Cotton Growth in the South nonscored 5086
Lesson Quiz: Cotton Growing quiz
Enslaved African-Americans: Describe living conditions of enslaved African Americans, the importance of Nat Turner's Revolt, and slave codes. Slave Conditions nonscored 5087
The Living Conditions of Enslaved African Americans nonscored 5732
A Slave's Life nonscored 5886
Lesson Quiz: Enslaved African-Americans quiz
Problems for the Free Slaves: Identify the problems faced by free African Americans. Free Blacks in Slave Times nonscored 5733
Free from Slavery? nonscored 5088
Lesson Quiz: Problems for the Free Slaves quiz
Movement to End Slavery: Describe how the movement to end slavery gained strength in the mid-1800's. Define abolition and describe the American Anti-Slavery Society. The Anti-Slavery Movement nonscored 5089
The Anti-Slavery Movement nonscored 5734
Lesson Quiz: Movement to End Slavery quiz
Freedom Fighters: Identify Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth as abolitionists and African American leaders. Leaders for Freedom nonscored 5735
Leaders for Freedom nonscored 5090
Freedom Fighters nonscored 5887
Freedom nonscored 56011
Lesson Quiz: Freedom Fighters quiz
Harriet Tubman: Describe the role of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad in the anti-slavery movement. The Moses of Her People nonscored 5888
Riding to Freedom nonscored 5091
All Aboard the Underground Railroad nonscored 5736
Lesson Quiz: Harriet Tubman quiz
Women Struggle For Rights: Describe the struggle for women's rights in the mid-1800s and the importance of the Seneca Falls Convention. Fighting for the Vote nonscored 5737
The Fight for Women's Rights nonscored 5701
Fighting for Women's Rights nonscored 5092
Lesson Quiz: Women Struggle For Rights quiz
Contributors to Women Rights: Describe Elizabeth Cady Stanton's, Lucretia Mott's, and Amelia Bloomer's contributions to women's rights. Women Change the Rules nonscored 5093
Groundbreaking Women nonscored 5738
Lesson Quiz: Contributors to Women Rights quiz
Women Rights Leaders: Describe Elizabeth Blackwell's and Susan B. Anthony's contributions to women's rights. The Doctor and the Dollar nonscored 5739
Women Who Made a Difference nonscored 5094
Lesson Quiz: Women Rights Leaders quiz
Reformers & Movements: Describe the temperance movement and the role of reformers in the mid-1800s. Fighting for a Cause nonscored 5095
Reformers and the Temperance Movement nonscored 5741
Lesson Quiz: Reformers & Movements quiz
Horace Mann & Dorothea Day: Describe the contributions of Horace Mann and Dorothea Dix. Fighting for What Is Right nonscored 5742
Change in Schools, Prisons, and Mental Hospitals nonscored 5096
Lesson Quiz: Horace Mann & Dorothea Day quiz
Chapter Test: U.S. Economy in the mid-1800s

quiz Test
Chapter 9: "Leading to American Civil War"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Compromise of 1850: Summarize the Compromise of 1850 and the roles of Henry Clay, John Calhoun, William Seward, Daniel Webster, President Taylor, and President Fillmore. Define popular sovereignty and the Fugitive Slave Law. State for State nonscored 5097
The Compromise of 1850 nonscored 5743
Lesson Quiz: Compromise of 1850 quiz
Harriet Beecher Stowe: Describe how Harriet Beecher Stowe and ''Uncle Tom's Cabin'' affected the slavery debate. Uncle Tom's Cabin nonscored 5744
Fueling the Debate nonscored 5098
Lesson Quiz: Harriet Beecher Stowe quiz
Events Leading to Civil War: Describe how the Dred Scott decision kept the issue of slavery alive, the importance of the newly formed Republican party, and the Lincoln-Douglas debates for the Illinois senate seat. Events Leading to the Civil War nonscored 5099
The Dred Scott Decision and the Forming of the Republican Party nonscored 5745
Lesson Quiz: Events Leading to Civil War quiz
John Brown: Describe the raid at Harpers Ferry and the roles of John Brown and Robert E. Lee. Summarize the presidential election of 1860 and the roles of Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Douglass, John Breckinridge, and John Bell. The Raid at Harpers Ferry nonscored 5746
John Brown nonscored 5728
Lesson Quiz: John Brown quiz
Outbreak of Civil War: Explain the events that led to the outbreak of the Civil War, including the southern states' secession from the Union, the formation of the Confederate States of America, and the attack at Fort Sumter. Describe the roles of Jefferson Davis, President Lincoln, and Major Robert Anderson. The Outbreak of War nonscored 5747
War Breaks Out nonscored 5991
Lesson Quiz: Outbreak of Civil War quiz
Chapter Test: Leading to the American Civil War

quiz Test
Chapter 10: "The American Civil War"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
States & Territories: Identify the states and territories that made up the Union and the Confederacy. Identify the terms: Yankees, Rebels, the Blue and the Gray. The Blue and the Grey nonscored 5992
Yankees and Rebels nonscored 5748
Lesson Quiz: States & Territories quiz
Advantages & Disadvantages: Explain the advantages and disadvantages each side had as the Civil War began. Who Had the Upper Hand? nonscored 5749
Strengths of Each Side nonscored 5993
Lesson Quiz: Advantages & Disadvantages quiz
First Battle of Bull Run: Describe the first Battle of Bull Run, and identify Stonewall Jackson. The First Major Battle of the Civil War nonscored 5994
Battle of Bull Run nonscored 5750
Lesson Quiz: First Battle of Bull Run quiz
The Battle at Sea: Describe the battle at sea including the roles of ''ironclad'' warships, the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia. Battle at Sea nonscored 5751
Ships Enter the War nonscored 5995
Lesson Quiz: The Battle at Sea quiz
Shiloh & the Mississippi: Describe the fight for control of the Mississippi River and the Battle of Shiloh, including the roles of Ulysses S. Grant and Captain David Farragut. Shiloh and the Mississippi nonscored 5996
Lesson Quiz: Shiloh & the Mississippi quiz
Second Battle of Bull Run: Describe the Union's campaign to seize Richmond and the Second Battle of Bull Run, including the roles of George McClellan and Robert E. Lee. The Peninsular Campaign and Second Bull Run nonscored 5997
The Siege of Richmond and Second Battle of Bull Run nonscored 5753
Lesson Quiz: Second Battle of Bull Run quiz
Battle of Antietam: Describe the Battle of Antietam. Battle of Antietam nonscored 5754
A Bloody Battle nonscored 5885
The Bloodiest Battle of the Civil War nonscored 5998
Lesson Quiz: Battle of Antietam quiz
Emancipation Proclamation: Describe the effect of the Emancipation Proclamation. Freedom from Slavery nonscored 5999
The Emancipation Proclamation nonscored 5755
Lesson Quiz: Emancipation Proclamation quiz
The Role African Americans: Explain the role of African Americans in the Civil War. African Americans Fighting for Their Freedom nonscored 5756
Fighting for Freedom nonscored 5020
Lesson Quiz: The Role African Americans quiz
Woman & the Civil War: Explain the role of women in the Civil War. Women's Roles during the War nonscored 5025
War Women nonscored 5761
Lesson Quiz: Woman & the Civil War quiz
Turning Points: Explain why the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg were turning points in the Civil War. Turning Points of the War nonscored 5757
War Changes Course nonscored 5021
Lesson Quiz: Turning Points quiz
The Gettysburg Address: Describe the Gettysburg Address and its impact on American history. Speech over the Battlefield nonscored 5022
Lincoln's Famous Address nonscored 5758
Lesson Quiz: The Gettysburg Address quiz
General William Sherman: Describe General William Sherman's march to the sea and the burning of Atlanta. General Sherman's March to the Sea nonscored 5759
Destroying the South nonscored 5023
Lesson Quiz: General William Sherman quiz
Lees Surrender at Appomattox: Describe the events that led to Lee's surrender at Appomattox. The End is Near nonscored 5024
The End of the Civil War nonscored 5762
Lesson Quiz: Lee's Surrender at Appomattox quiz
Costs of the Civil War: Describe the costs of the Civil War. Costs of War nonscored 5800
Casualties of War nonscored 5884
Lesson Quiz: Costs of the Civil War quiz
Chapter Test: The American Civil War

quiz Test
Chapter 11: "Reconstruction 1865-1877"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
The Death of President Lincoln: Describe the death of President Abraham Lincoln and the presidency of Andrew Johnson. President Johnson's Plan for Reconstruction nonscored 5763
Andrew Johnson Becomes President nonscored 5766
After the Tragedy at Ford's Theatre nonscored 5026
Lesson Quiz: The Death of President Lincoln quiz
Johnson Reconstruction Plan: Describe President Johnson's plan for Reconstruction and the importance of the Freedmen's Bureau, Radical Republicans, and the attempted impeachment of Johnson. Aftermath of the War nonscored 5027
Lesson Quiz: Johnson Reconstruction Plan quiz
New Voters of the South: Describe the new groups of voters in the South and how Congress protected them. Define the terms: freedmen, scalawags, carpetbaggers. Scalawags and Carpetbaggers nonscored 5028
Protecting the Vote nonscored 5764
Lesson Quiz: New Voters of the South quiz
13th, 14th & 15th Amendments: Explain the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution. Amending the Constitution nonscored 5765
Laws Support Equality nonscored 5029
Lesson Quiz: 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments quiz
Racism in Reconstruction: Identify white supremacy groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, and the enactment of the Black Codes. White Supremacy nonscored 5790
Racism in Reconstruction nonscored 5880
Lesson Quiz: Racism in Reconstruction quiz
Compromise of 1877: Describe the end of the Reconstruction period and the Compromise of 1877. Reconstruction Ends nonscored 5881
The End of Reconstruction? nonscored 5767
Lesson Quiz: Compromise of 1877 quiz
Chapter Test: Reconstruction 1865-1877

quiz Test
Chapter 12: "Geography of the United States"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
States and Capitals: Locate on a United States map the 50 states and their capitals. From Sea to Shining Sea nonscored 5901
Lesson Quiz: States and Capitals quiz
Major Cities: Locate on a map the major cities of the United States. Follow the Map nonscored 5902
Keys to the City nonscored 5903
Follow the Clues nonscored 5904
Lesson Quiz: Major Cities quiz
Regions Along the East Coast: Identify the regions of New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the South, and describe their characteristics. Start Small nonscored 5905
Making History nonscored 5906
Lesson Quiz: Regions Along the East Coast quiz
Midwest & the Great Plains: Identify the regions of the Midwest and the Great Plains, and describe their characteristics. America the Beautiful nonscored 5907
The Midwest and the Great Plains nonscored 5908
Lesson Quiz: Midwest & the Great Plains quiz
Western Region: Identify the regions of the West, the Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest, and describe their characteristics. Go West, Young Explorer nonscored 5909
Western States nonscored 5910
Lesson Quiz: Western Region quiz
Eastern Rivers: Locate on a United States map the following major rivers: James, Hudson, St. Lawrence. Go With the Flow nonscored 5911
Three Rivers nonscored 5912
Lesson Quiz: Eastern Rivers quiz
Major Rivers: Locate on a United States map the following major rivers: Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio. Mighty Rivers nonscored 5913 alertanswerkey
The Big Waters nonscored 5914
Lesson Quiz: Major Rivers quiz
The Columbia & Rio Grand River: Locate on a United States map the following major rivers: Columbia, Rio Grande. One Flows South, the Other Flows West nonscored 5915
Upstream, Downstream nonscored 5916
Lesson Quiz: The Columbia & Rio Grand River quiz
The Continental Divide: Identify the Continental Divide and describe the flow of rivers: east of the Rockies, to the Arctic or Atlantic Oceans, west of the Rockies, to the Pacific Ocean. Across the Great Divide nonscored 5917
Which Way Does It Flow? nonscored 5918
Lesson Quiz: The Continental Divide quiz
The Different Time Zones: Identify the time zones of the United States. It's about Time nonscored 5919
Time and Time Again nonscored 5920
Lesson Quiz: The Different Time Zones quiz
Chapter Test: Geography of the United States

quiz Test
Chapter 13: "World Geography"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Times Zones Around the World: Know that there are different time zones throughout the world. Working in the Zone nonscored 5921
A World of Time nonscored 5922
Lesson Quiz: Times Zones Around the World quiz
Tropic of Cancer & Capricorn: Locate on a world map the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Describe the relationship of these lines to seasons and temperatures. Parallel Lines nonscored 5924
Changes in Latitude nonscored 5933
Lesson Quiz: Tropic of Cancer & Capricorn quiz
Climate Zones Around the World: Describe the following climate zones of the world: arctic, tropic, temperate. Baby It's Cold, Hot, Nice Outside nonscored 5925
In All Kinds of Weather nonscored 5926
Lesson Quiz: Climate Zones Around the World quiz
Polar Regions & Mountains: Identify the following regions of the world and describe their characteristics: polar regions, mountains. High and Low nonscored 5927
The Mountains Are High, the Temperatures Are Low nonscored 5928
Lesson Quiz: Polar Regions & Mountains quiz
Island & Rain Forests: Identify the following regions of the world and describe their characteristics: islands, rain forests. Water All Around nonscored 5929
Wet and Wild nonscored 5930
Lesson Quiz: Island & Rain Forests quiz
Forests, Deserts & Grasslands: Identify the following regions of the world and describe their characteristics: forests, deserts, grasslands. Green and Gold: Biomes nonscored 5931
Wood, Sand, and Grain nonscored 5932
Lesson Quiz: Forests, Deserts & Grasslands quiz
Archaeologists: Describe the tools and methods used by archaeologists. Detectives of the Past nonscored 5934
Quest for the Past nonscored 5935
Lesson Quiz: Archaeologists quiz
Artifacts & Ruins: Identify the kinds of information that archaeologists can acquire from artifacts and ruins. Time Travelers nonscored 5936
Think Like an Archaeologist nonscored 5939
Lesson Quiz: Artifacts & Ruins quiz
Learning from the Past: Explain how historians use archaeological information to draw conclusions about past cultures. Lessons of the Past nonscored 5937
Seeds of Civilization nonscored 5938
Lesson Quiz: Learning from the Past quiz
Chapter Test: World Geography

quiz Test
Chapter 14: "Political Science"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Purpose of Government: Describe the purpose of governments and how their powers are acquired, used, and justified. Types of Government nonscored 5971
How Power Is Acquired and Used nonscored 5972
Lesson Quiz: Purpose of Government quiz
Terms of Office: Identify the terms of office for the president, senators, representatives, and justices. Terms of Office nonscored 5973
Our Government nonscored 5974
Lesson Quiz: Terms of Office quiz
Presidential Successions: Describe how democratic laws are developed and why they are fundamental to society. Presidential Succession nonscored 5983
The Twenty-fifth Amendment nonscored 5984
Lesson Quiz: Presidential Successions quiz
Democratic Laws: Give examples of civil rights. Democratic Laws: Who Makes Them? nonscored 5977
The Longer Journey nonscored 5978
Lesson Quiz: Democratic Laws quiz
Examples of Civil Rights: Explain ways that individuals and groups influence and shape public policy. Civil Rights nonscored 5975
'Let Me Be a Free Man' nonscored 5976
Lesson Quiz: Examples of Civil Rights quiz
Shaping Public Policy: Explain ways that individuals and groups influence and shape public policy. Shaping Public Policy nonscored 5979
Working Together to Make a Difference nonscored 5980
Lesson Quiz: Shaping Public Policy quiz
Resolving Conflict: Recognize how America has resolved civil and international conflict. Resolve Conflict nonscored 5987
Peace or War? nonscored 5988
Lesson Quiz: Resolving Conflict quiz
Leadership Roles: Explain the leadership role of the United States in international settings. Leadership Role of the United States in the World nonscored 5985
Moving into Leadership nonscored 5986
Lesson Quiz: Leadership Roles quiz
Citizenship: Know that a citizen is a legally recognized member of the United States who has certain rights and privileges as well as responsibilities. Describe the effects of prejudice and discrimination. Responsibilities of Citizenship nonscored 5981
Citizenship nonscored 5982
We Are All Equal nonscored 56024
Are We All Equal? nonscored 56026
Lesson Quiz: Citizenship quiz
Chapter Test: Political Science

quiz Test
Chapter 15: "Economic System"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Law of Supply & Demand: Describe the law of supply and demand. What's It Worth nonscored 5941
You've Got It, Who Wants It? nonscored 5942
Lesson Quiz: Law of Supply & Demand quiz
Production & Distribution: Describe how economic systems produce and distribute goods and services. Follow That Lemon nonscored 5943
How the Lemon Left Home nonscored 5944
Lesson Quiz: Production & Distribution quiz
Factors Affecting Consumers: Identify factors that affect how consumers make their choices. I'll Take That One nonscored 5945
The Choice Is Yours nonscored 5946
Lesson Quiz: Factors Affecting Consumers quiz
Price & Quantity Distribution: Describe the relationship between price and quantity supplied of a good or service. The Price is Right nonscored 5947
More or Less nonscored 5948
Lesson Quiz: Price & Quantity Distribution quiz
Competition in the Economy: Identify and explain examples of competition in the economy. Have It Your Way nonscored 5949
Everybody Wants Your Business nonscored 5950
Lesson Quiz: Competition in the Economy quiz
Economic Role of Government: Explain the economic role of government in relation to health, safety, and environmental concerns. To Your Health (and Safety) nonscored 5951
Your Personal Health and Safety Net nonscored 5952
Lesson Quiz: Economic Role of Government quiz
National Defense: Explain the economic role of government to provide for national defense, to defend and protect property rights, to attempt to make markets more competitive. In Your Own Defense nonscored 5953
Protect and Defend nonscored 5954
Lesson Quiz: National Defense quiz
Producers & Consumers: Describe the relationships among specialization and division of labor on productivity of workers, and the interdependence between producers and consumers. Good Work(ers) nonscored 5955
Productivity nonscored 5956
Lesson Quiz: Producers & Consumers quiz
Exchange of Goods & Services: Explain why people and countries voluntarily exchange goods and services. I'll Trade You nonscored 5957
Fair Exchange nonscored 5958
Lesson Quiz: Exchange of Goods & Services quiz
Entrepreneurship: Explain the concept of entrepreneurship. Risky Business nonscored 5959
Mind Your Own Business nonscored 5960
Lesson Quiz: Entrepreneurship quiz
Influence of Income: Describe how income often reflects choices made about education and career. Describe unemployment. Learn More, Earn More nonscored 5961
Education Pays nonscored 5962
Lesson Quiz: Influence of Income quiz
Chapter Test: Economic System

quiz Test
Chapter 16: "19th Century Individuals"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
The Wright Brothers: Identify the accomplishments of the Wilber and Orville Wright who invented the airplane. Flying with the Wright Brothers nonscored 56015
Lesson Quiz: The Wright Brothers quiz
Samuel F. Morse: The student will be able to describe Samuel F. Morse's invention of the telegraph. Dashes and Dots nonscored 56016
Lesson Quiz: Samuel F. Morse quiz
Louis Braille: Identify the accomplishments of Louis Braille who invented the Braille system. Feel the Dots nonscored 56017
Lesson Quiz: Louis Braille quiz
Elijah McCoy: Identify the many accomplishments of Elijah Mc Coy who invented the automatic oil pump, the sprinkler system and the ironing board. Stop the Train nonscored 56018
Lesson Quiz: Elijah McCoy quiz
Madame CJ Walker: Explain the leadership role of the United States in international settings. Brains and Beauty nonscored 56019
Lesson Quiz: Madame CJ Walker quiz
Alexander Graham Bell: Know that a citizen is a legally recognized member of the United States who has certain rights and privileges as well as responsibilities. Describe the effects of prejudice and discrimination. Ahoy! nonscored 56020
Lesson Quiz: Alexander Graham Bell quiz
Chapter Test: 19th Century Individuals

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