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Fifth Grade Math Lesson Plans

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Math -5th Grade Lesson Plans

Time4Learning is an online student-paced learning system covering preschool through middle school. It is popular as a fifth grade homeschool curriculum, for afterschool enrichment, for remediation, and for summer study.

The lesson plans below provide a detailed list of the fifth grade math curriculum, with brief activity descriptions and learning activity (LA) numbers. Additional resources related to fifth grade math are also provided, below.

Students enrolled in fifth grade math will have access to both fourth and sixth grade math lessons as part of their membership, so they can move ahead or review at their own pace.

If you are just learning about Time4Learning, we'd suggest first looking at our interactive lesson demos. Members often use this page as a resource for more detailed planning, to choose specific activities using the activity finder or to compare our curriculum with state standards.

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5th Grade Math Lesson Plans
Total Activities: 359

non-scored activity Non-Scored scored activity Scored worksheet Worksheet answer key Answer Key quiz Quiz
Chapter 1: "Whole Numbers"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Whole Numbers without Place Value: Students will use Roman and Greek numerals. Roman and Greek Numerals nonscored MA5111 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Roman and Greek Numerals scored MA5112
Whole Numbers with Place Value: Students will use place value. The Write Stuff scored 56279 alertanswerkey
Quiz: The Write Stuff scored MA5122
Expanding Up to Billions nonscored MA5123 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Expanding Up to Billions scored MA5124
Comparing and Ordering nonscored MA5125 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Comparing and Ordering scored MA5126
Estimation: Students will round and estimate whole numbers. Up to 1,000,000,000 nonscored MA5131 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Up to 1,000,000,000 scored MA5132
Sums and Differences nonscored MA5133 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Sums and Differences scored MA5134
Evaluating for Reasonableness nonscored MA5135 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Evaluating for Reasonableness scored MA5136

Chapter 2: "Operations with Whole Numbers"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Addition and Subtraction: Students will add and subtract whole numbers. Addition and Subtraction nonscored MA5211 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Addition and Subtraction scored MA5212
Multiplication: Students will multiply whole numbers. Theory of Multiplication nonscored MA5221 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Theory of Multiplication scored MA5222
3 by 2 nonscored MA5223 alertanswerkey
Quiz: 3 by 2 scored MA5224
Problem Solving with Multiplication nonscored MA5225 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Problem Solving with Multiplication scored MA5226
Now That's a Great Factor scored 56282 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Now That's a Great Factor scored MA5228
The Cookout scored 56284 alertanswerkey
Quiz: The Cookout scored MA52210
Exponents: Students will use exponents to solve problem. The Box Stop scored 56183 alertanswerkey
Quiz: The Box Stop scored MA5232
All Powered Up scored 56280 alertanswerkey
Quiz: All Powered Up scored MA5234
The Great Growth scored 56281 alertanswerkey
Quiz: The Great Growth scored MA5236
Division: Students will divide to solve problems. 2 Digit Divisors with 3 Digit Dividends nonscored MA5241 alertanswerkey
Quiz: 2 Digit Divisors with 3 Digit Dividends scored MA5242
Party Planning scored 56287 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Party Planning scored MA5244
Waste Not scored 56285 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Waste Not scored MA5246
Applying Division: Interpreting Remainders nonscored MA5247 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Applying Division: Interpreting Remainders scored MA5248
Order of Operations: Students will use order of operations to solve problems. The Rockin' Locksmith scored 56184 alertanswerkey
Quiz: The Rockin' Locksmith scored MA5252
Prime Numbers: Students will identify prime & factorization. Prime Time scored 56283 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Prime Time scored MA5262
Prime Factorization nonscored MA5263 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Prime Factorization scored MA5264
Problem Solving: Students will solve real-life problems. Story Problems nonscored MA5271 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Story Problems scored MA5272

Chapter 3: "Decimals"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Place Value with Decimals: Students will place value of decimals. Read and Write to Thousandths nonscored MA5311 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Read and Write to Thousandths scored MA5312
Decimals on Number Lines nonscored MA5313 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Decimals on Number Lines scored MA5314
The Great Exchange scored 56294 alertanswerkey
Quiz: The Great Exchange scored MA5316
Rounding Decimals nonscored MA5317 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Rounding Decimals scored MA5318
Adding and Subtracting Decimals: Students will add and subtract decimals. Sharks and Minnows scored 56295 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Sharks and Minnows scored MA5322
Estimating Sums and Differences with Decimals nonscored MA5323 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Estimating Sums and Differences with Decimals scored MA5324
Multiplying and Dividing Decimals: Students will multiply and divide decimals. By the Pound scored 56297 alertanswerkey
Quiz: By the Pound scored MA5332
Dividing Decimals nonscored MA5333 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Dividing Decimals scored MA5334
Estimating Products and Quotients with Decimals nonscored MA5335 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Estimating Products and Quotients with Decimals scored MA5336
Percents: Students will convert decimals to percents. Identifying Percents nonscored MA5341 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Identifying Percents scored MA5342
Working with Percents nonscored MA5343 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Working with Percents scored MA5344

Chapter 4: "Fractions"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Working with Fractions: Students will compare estimate and simplify fractions as well as find equivalent fractions. Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers nonscored MA5411 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers scored MA5412
Alarming News scored 56289 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Alarming News scored MA5414
Simplifying Fractions nonscored MA5415 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Simplifying Fractions scored MA5416
Equivalent Fractions nonscored MA5417 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Equivalent Fractions scored MA5418
Comparing Fractions nonscored MA5419 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Comparing Fractions scored MA54110
Rounding Fractions nonscored MA54111 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Rounding Fractions scored MA54112
Operations: Students will add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. Add Fractions nonscored MA5421 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Add Fractions scored MA5422
Subtract Fractions nonscored MA5423 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Subtract Fractions scored MA5424
Adding Mixed Numbers nonscored MA5425 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Adding Mixed Numbers scored MA5426
Subtracting Mixed Numbers nonscored MA5427 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Subtracting Mixed Numbers scored MA5428
Multiply Fractions (Not Mixed Numbers) nonscored MA5429 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Multiply Fractions (Not Mixed Numbers) scored MA54210
Dividing Fractions (Not Mixed Numbers) nonscored MA54211 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Dividing Fractions (Not Mixed Numbers) scored MA54212
Estimating Fractions nonscored MA54213 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Estimating Fractions with Products and Quotients scored MA54214
Relationships: Students will use fractions, decimals and percents. Match Game scored 56292 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Match Game scored MA5432
Equivalent to Percents nonscored MA5433 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Equivalent to Percents scored MA5434
Ratios: Students will learn fractions as ratios. Introduction to Ratios nonscored MA5927
Activity Quiz: Introduction to Ratios scored AQMA5927
Keep It in the Family nonscored 56298 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Keep It in the Family scored MA5442
Still Counting nonscored 56299 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Still Counting scored MA5444

Chapter 5: "Algebra"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Patterns: Students will identify algebraic patterns. Integers nonscored MA5511 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Integers scored MA5512
Generalization nonscored MA5513 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Generalization scored MA5514
Algebraic Expressions: Students will solve problems using algebra. Using Variables nonscored MA5521 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Using Variables scored MA5522
Patterns in Algebra nonscored MA5523 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Patterns in Algebra scored MA5524
Solving Equations with Addition nonscored MA5525 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Solving Equations with Addition scored MA5526
Solving Equations with Subtraction nonscored MA5527 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Solving Equations with Subtraction scored MA5528
Solving Equations with Multiplication nonscored MA5529 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Solving Equations with Multiplication scored MA55210
Solving Equations with Division nonscored MA55211 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Solving Equations with Division scored MA55212

Chapter 6: "Measurement"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Customary Measurement: Students will apply formulas to customary measurement problems. Customary Length/Tool nonscored MA5611 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Customary Length/Tool scored MA5612
Customary Weight/Tool nonscored MA5613 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Customary Weight/Tool scored MA5614
Customary Capacity/Tool nonscored MA5615 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Customary Capacity/Tool scored MA5616
Customary Temperature/Tool nonscored MA5617 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Customary Temperature/Tool scored MA5618
Metric Measurement: Students will learn how to solve metric measurement problems. KHDBdcm nonscored MA5621 alertanswerkey
Quiz: KHDBdcm scored MA5622
Length/Tool (Metric) nonscored MA5623 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Length/Tool (Metric) scored MA5624
Weight/Tool (Metric) nonscored MA5625 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Weight/Tool (Metric) scored MA5626
Capacity/Tool (Metric) nonscored MA5627 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Capacity/Tool (Metric) scored MA5628
Temperature/Tool (Metric) nonscored MA5629 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Temperature/Tool (Metric) scored MA56210
Time: Students will solve problems about elapsed time. Time Flies scored 56305 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Time Flies scored MA5632
Elapsed Time on Calendars nonscored MA5633 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Elapsed Time on Calendars scored MA5634
Calculating Measurements: Students will learn to calculate measurement. Perimeter of Polygons nonscored MA5641 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Perimeter of Polygons scored MA5642
Area of 4-sided Shapes nonscored MA5643 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Area of 4-sided Shapes scored MA5644
Area of Triangles nonscored MA5645 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Area of Triangles scored MA5646
Volume of Solids nonscored MA5647 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Volume of Solids scored MA5648

Chapter 7: "Geometry"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Geometric Terms: Students will explore terms in geometry Coincidentally Close scored 56273 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Coincidentally Close scored MA5712
Lines nonscored MA5713 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Lines scored MA5714
Radical Ramps scored 56263 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Radical Ramps scored MA5716
Triangles nonscored MA5717 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Triangles scored MA5718
Flying High scored 56260 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Flying High scored MA57110
On the Q nonscored 56000
Quiz: On the Q scored MA57112
Solid Figures: Three-dimensional figures 3-D Terms nonscored MA5721 alertanswerkey
Quiz: 3-D Terms scored MA5722
Sort it Out scored 56262 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Sort it Out scored MA5724
Medallion Meltdown scored 56261 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Medallion Meltdown scored MA5726
Spatial Reasoning: Students will learn about surface net and scale drawing. Well Built scored 56303 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Well Built scored MA5732
Nothing but Net scored 56302 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Nothing but Net scored MA5734
Measuring Angles: Students will find measurement of angles Identify Measurement of Angles nonscored MA5741 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Identify Measurement of Angles scored MA5742
Coordinate Geometry: Students will learn about ordered pairs. Ordered Pairs nonscored MA5751 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Ordered Pairs scored MA5752
Transformations and Symmetry: Students will learn about symmetry and transformations Chic Boutique scored 56275 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Chic Boutique scored MA5762
Mystifying Moves scored 56301 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Mystifying Moves scored MA5764
It's All Relative scored 56304 alertanswerkey
Quiz: It's All Relative scored MA5766
Striking Similarities scored 56274 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Striking Similarities scored MA5768

Chapter 8: "Probability"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Introduction to Probability: Students will predict using probabililty. Fashion Afoot scored 56266 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Fashion Afoot scored MA5812
Fair Play scored 56267 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Fair Play scored MA5814
Making Predictions nonscored MA5815 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Making Predictions scored MA5816

Chapter 9: "Data Analysis"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Graphs: Students will learn about different kinds of graphs. Bar Graph nonscored MA5911 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Bar Graph scored MA5912
Follow the Line nonscored 56277 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Follow the Line scored MA5914
The Star Report nonscored 56312 alertanswerkey
Quiz: The Star Report scored MA5916
Histogram nonscored MA5917 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Histogram scored MA5918
Venn Diagrams nonscored MA5919 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Venn Diagrams scored MA59110
Which Type of Graph to Use? nonscored MA59111 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Which Type of Graph to Use? scored MA59112
Compare and Translate Data nonscored MA59113 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Compare and Translate Data scored MA59114
Statistics: Students will learn about mean, median, mode and range. Crazy Corners nonscored 56314 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Crazy Corners scored MA5922
Mean nonscored MA5923 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Mean scored MA5924
Stem and Leaf Plot nonscored MA5925 alertanswerkey
Quiz: Stem and Leaf Plot scored MA5926

Chapter 10: "Practice"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Read and Write Numbers: Students will use numeric digits and words to read and write numbers up to the hundred billions. Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, and More nonscored 5302
Create a Number! nonscored 5303
Writing Numbers Way Up There! nonscored 5400
How Much Is That? nonscored 5403
Numbers in Expanded Form: Students will write numbers in expanded form. Writing Numbers in Expanded Form nonscored 5325
Big Numbers! nonscored 5326
Round to 10s and 100s: Students will round to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred. Rounding Numbers Up and Down nonscored 5402
Up or Down? nonscored 5405
Greatest Common Factor: Students will determine the greatest common factor of given numbers. Determining the Greatest Common Factor nonscored 5329
Shortcuts to Finding the Greatest Common Factor nonscored 5330
Prime Numbers: Students will identify prime numbers less than 50. Building Blocks of Numbers nonscored 5333
Identifying Prime Numbers to 50 nonscored 5334
Least Common Multiple: Students will determine the least common multiple of given numbers. Finding the Lowest Common Multiple nonscored 5331
Least Common Multiples nonscored 5332
Properties: Students will describe and apply the commutative, associative and distributive properties for multiplication. (Different notations of multiplication.) A Puzzling Problem nonscored 56182 alertanswerkey
Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties nonscored 5319
Important Properties Revisited nonscored 5320
Mental Computation Strategies: Students will demonstrate mental computation strategies for multiplication. Mental Arithmetic for Multiplication and Division nonscored 5321
Do It in Your Head nonscored 5322
Estimate Products: Students will estimate products of whole numbers. Estimate Products and Quotients nonscored 5323
Estimating Products of Whole Numbers scored 5324
Four-digit Multiplication: Students will multiply using four-digit numbers. Multiply Using Partial Products nonscored 5327
Skills and Strategies: Students will analyze and solve problems using multiplication skills and strategies. Using Multiplication Skills and Strategies nonscored 5335
Analyze and Solve Problems Using Multiplication nonscored 5336
Opposite Operations: Students will show multiplication and division as opposite operations. Opposites Attract scored 5394
Opposite Operations scored 5395
Dividend, Divisor and Quotient: Students will explain the terms dividend, divisor and quotient and what it means for one number to be divisible by another number. What is Division? nonscored 5389
Division Basics nonscored 5393
Properties of Division: Students will explain rules of division. Students will learn that they cannot divide by 0. Students will learn that any number divided by 1 equals that number. The Banking Solution scored 56286 alertanswerkey
Four-digit Dividends: Students will divide dividends up to four digits by one-digit, two-digit and three-digit divisors. Tackling Division nonscored 5390
Basic Division nonscored 5391
Division Check: Students will check division by multiplying and adding remainder. Understanding Division and Rounding nonscored 5328
Division by Multiplying and Adding the Remainder nonscored 5351
Check Division by Multiplying and Adding the Remainder nonscored 5352
Comparing Fractions: Students will use the signs <, > and = to compare fractions with like and unlike denominators. The Material Girl scored 56288 alertanswerkey
Comparing Fractions by Finding the Least Common Denominator nonscored 5355
Comparing Fractions nonscored 5356
Equivalent Fractions: Students will find equivalent fractions and write fractions in simplest form. Creating Equivalent Fractions nonscored 5359
Equivalent Fractions Review nonscored 5360
Identify the Reciprocal: Students will identify the reciprocal of a given fraction and know that the product of a given number and its reciprocal = 1. Reciprocals nonscored 5361
Reciprocal Review nonscored 5362
Add and Subtract Fractions: Students will Add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators, with and without regrouping and express answers in simplest form. The Sum of All Fractions scored 56290 alertanswerkey
Adding and Subtracting Fractions nonscored 5363
Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers nonscored 5364
Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers: Students will add mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators, with and without regrouping and express answers in simplest form. A Whole Lotta Pie scored 56291 alertanswerkey
Multiply Mixed Numbers: Students will multiply mixed numbers and fractions. Multiply Mixed Numbers and Fractions nonscored 5367
Mixed Number Review nonscored 5368
Round Fractions: Students will round fractions to the nearest whole number. Rounding Fractions to the Nearest Whole Number nonscored 5369
Rounding Strategies nonscored 5370
Fractions and Decimals: Students will write fractions as decimals. Writing Fractions as Decimals nonscored 5371
How to Write Fractions as Decimals nonscored 5372
Read and Write Decimals: Students will read, write and order decimals to the nearest ten-thousandth. Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, Ten-Thousandths nonscored 5380
Decimal Numbers nonscored 5385
Decimals on the Number Line: Students will read and write decimals on a number line. What's Up, Doc? scored 56293 alertanswerkey
Comparing Numbers: Students will use <, > and = to compare decimals through thousandths. Students will order decimals through thousands. Making Comparisons nonscored 5401
A Gator to the Rescue! nonscored 5404
Round Decimals: Students will round decimals to the nearest tenth, hundredth and thousandth. Why Rounding? nonscored 5381
Rounding Decimals nonscored 5386
Estimate Decimals: Students will estimate decimal sums, differences and products by rounding. Take a Guess! nonscored 5382
Estimating Decimals nonscored 5387
Estimate Sums and Differences: Students will estimate sums and differences for whole numbers and decimals. Estimating Makes Life Easier nonscored 5304
Estimating and Guess-timating! nonscored 5406
Multiply and Divide by 10: Students will multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Students will move the decimal point. Move It On Over nonscored 56296 alertanswerkey
Multiplying Decimals nonscored 5383
Decimal Multiplication nonscored 5388
Divide Decimals: Students will divide decimals by whole numbers and other decimals. Dividing Decimals nonscored 5384
Simple Ratios: Students will determine and express simple ratios. Determine Simple Ratios nonscored 5453
Determining Equivalent Ratios nonscored 5454
Speed as a Ratio: Students will use the formula S = D/T (or D = S x T) to solve problems about speed as a ratio. Using the Formulas D = S x T and S = D/T nonscored 5460
Determining Distance, Time, and Speed nonscored 5459
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents: Students will recognize the percent sign and understand percent as per hundred. Students will express equivalences between fractions, decimals, and percentages and know common equivalencies. Percent, Fraction, and Decimal nonscored 5461
Using Percents, Decimals, and Fractions nonscored 5462
Find a Percent: Students will find a given percent of a number. Percent of a Number nonscored 5465
Algebraic Expressions: Students will write algebraic expressions from phrases or word problems and substitute given values for variable to find value of expression. A Delicious Dish scored 56315 alertanswerkey
Solve Equations with Addition and Subtraction: Students will solve one-step algebraic equations using addition or subtraction. (x – 5 = 11) Scrumptious Cakes scored 56316 alertanswerkey
Solve Equations with Multiplication and Division: Students will solve one-step algebraic equations using multiplication or division. (5x = 15) Apple-licious scored 56317 alertanswerkey
Quest Mamma Mia's Bakery scored 56376
Point, Line, Segment and Ray: Students will identify and draw points, segments, rays and lines. Geometry Basics nonscored 5413
Identify Types of Lines: Students will identify and draw horizontal, vertical, perpendicular, parallel and intersecting lines. Line Geometry nonscored 5414
All about Lines nonscored 5420
Draw a Circle: Students will use a compass, draw circles with a given diameter or radius. Learning About and Creating Circles nonscored 5421
All about Circles! nonscored 5422
Angles: Students will use a protractor to measure the degrees in right, acute, obtuse and straight angles. What's Your Angle? nonscored 5423
Measuring Angles nonscored 5430
Construct Triangles: Students will identify and construct with compass and straight edge, equilateral, right and isosceles triangles. Triangle Basics nonscored 5424
All about Triangles nonscored 5431
Triangles: Students will classify triangles as equilateral, right or isosceles and will apply properties of triangles to find missing side length or angle. Pennant Parade scored 56264 alertanswerkey
Polygons: Students will classify quadrilaterals as parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombi, rectangles and squares. Polygon Basics nonscored 5301
Polygons nonscored 5425
Quadrilateral nonscored 5305
Is It a Square? nonscored 5426
Regular Polygons: Students will know that regular polygons have sides of equal length and angles of equal measure. Follow the Signs scored 56278 alertanswerkey
Regular vs. Irregular Polygons nonscored 56001
Interior Angle Sum Theorem: Students will use triangles and quadrilaterals to draw conclusions about the sum of the interior angle measurements. Students will identify and draw diagonals of polygons. Rings of Fire scored 56265
Tiling the Kitchen scored 56002
Circles: Students will identify arc, chord, radius and diameters of circles. Students will calculate the radius or diameter of a circle. Round and Round You Go! nonscored 5415
Parts of a Circle nonscored 5427
Polyhedrons: Students will sort polyhedrons by their attributes. Quest Absconded Art scored 56375
Plotting Points: Students will plot points on a coordinate plane using ordered pairs of positive and negative whole numbers. Plotting Points nonscored 5411
Point Plotting nonscored 5416
Distance Between Lines: Students will identify the basic characteristics of the coordinate plane. Students will find the distance between a pair of horizontal or vertical lines on a coordinate grid. Parking Lot Predicament scored 56269 alertanswerkey
Translations: Students will transform a figure on a coordinate grid. (translation) Secret Transformations scored 56270 alertanswerkey
Distance and Directions: Students will use fixed and relative directions to find the coordinates of a point. Carnival Coordinates scored 56271 alertanswerkey
Transformations: Students will apply multiple transformations to a plane figure, predict the result and identify the image of a plane figure as the result of a multiple transformation. (Include 90 degree and 180 degree rotations) One Weird Gallery nonscored 56004
Use Ratios to Create Drawings: Students will use ratio to create a simple scale drawing. Simple Scale Drawing nonscored 5457
Elapsed Time: Students will solve problems about elapsed time. Problems with Elapsed Time nonscored 5435
Solving Elapsed Time Problems nonscored 5436
Linear in Standard English: Students will estimate and make linear measurements in yards and in feet and inches (to 1/16 in.) Common Measures of Lengths nonscored 5437
How Long? How Far? nonscored 5438
Metric System - Linear: Students will estimate and make linear measurements in meters, centimeters and millimeters. All Wired Up scored 56306 alertanswerkey
Weight in Standard English: Students will estimate and measure weight in pounds and ounces. Weights and Measures nonscored 5441
Problems Using Weights and Measures nonscored 5442
Weight in Metric Units: Students will estimate and measure weight in grams and kilograms. Grams, Kilograms, and More nonscored 5443
Estimating Weight nonscored 5444
Volume in Standard English: Students will estimate and measure liquid capacity in teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, quarts and gallons. Measuring Liquid Capacity nonscored 5445
Teaspoons and Tablespoons nonscored 5446
Volume in Metric Units: Students will estimate and measure liquid capacity in milliliters and liters. The Metric System for Liquid Capacity nonscored 5447
Measure Up nonscored 5448
Proportional Reasoning: Students will determine lengths, weights and capacities using proportional reasoning and indirect measurement. Just a Pinch scored 56307 alertanswerkey
Temperature in Degrees: Students will measure temperature using Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Temperature Scales and Measurement Skills nonscored 5449
Understanding Temperature Scales nonscored 5450
Skills and Strategies: Students will analyze and solve problems using measurement skills and strategies. Service with a Smile scored 56308 alertanswerkey
Area of Rectangles: Students will use the formula for the area of a rectangle and solve problems involving finding area in a variety of square units. Luscious Lawns scored 56309 alertanswerkey
Finding the Area of a Rectangle nonscored 5306
Area of a Rectangle nonscored 5428
Area of Triangles: Students will use the formula A = (1/2)(bxh) to find the area of triangles. Set Sail scored 56310 alertanswerkey
Finding the Area of a Triangle nonscored 5307
The Area of a Triangle nonscored 5429
Area of a Parallelogram: Students will use the formula A = b x h to find the area of a parallelogram. Finding the Area of a Parallelogram nonscored 5308
Area of a Parallelogram nonscored 5432
Volume of Rectangular Prisms: Students will use the formula V = L x W x H to compute the volume of rectangular prisms in cubic units. Volume and Rectangular Prisms nonscored 5309
The Volume of a Rectangular Prism nonscored 5433
Skills and Strategies: Students will analyze and solve problems using measurement skills and strategies. Dependable Designs scored 56311 alertanswerkey
Collecting Reliable Data: The student will identify methods to generate reliable data. (Samples, populations, random samples) Poll Predictions scored 56276 alertanswerkey
Data in Graphic Form: Students will collect and organize data in graphic form. Learning How to Graph nonscored 5409
All about Graphs nonscored 5417
Graph It!   5410
Scatter Plots: Students will create and interpret scatter plots. Healthy Trends scored 56313
Find the Average (mean): Students will find the average (mean) of a given set of numbers. Above Average! nonscored 5407
Finding the Average nonscored 5408
Interpret Graphs: Students will solve problems requiring interpretation and application of graphically displayed data. Making Sense of Graphs nonscored 5412
Reading and Understanding Graphs nonscored 5418
Compare Probabilities: Students will compare probabilities of separate events. Got a Winner scored 56268
Probability of Events: Students will use ratios to find the probability of events. Probability and Ratio scored 56036
Pertinent and Irrelevant Info: Students will identify pertinent and irrelevant information when solving problems. Get a Clue scored 56318 alertanswerkey
Valid and Invalid Arguments: Students will understand valid and invalid arguments. It's Debatable scored 56319 alertanswerkey
Solve Logic Problems: Students will solve logic problems. Focus on the Problem scored 56320 alertanswerkey

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