Math - 3rd Grade Lesson Plans

Third Grade Math Lesson Plans

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3rd grade math
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Math -3rd Grade Lesson Plans

Time4Learning is an online student-paced learning system covering preschool through middle school. It is popular as a third grade homeschool curriculum, for afterschool enrichment, for remediation, and for summer study.

The lesson plans below provide a detailed list of the third grade math curriculum, with brief activity descriptions and learning activity (LA) numbers. Additional resources related to third grade math are also provided, below.

Students enrolled in third grade math will have access to second grade math lessons. Fourth grade math lessons are also available by request as part of membership, so students can move ahead or review at their own pace.

If you are just learning about Time4Learning, we'd suggest first looking at our interactive lesson demos. Members often use this page as a resource for more detailed planning, to choose specific activities using the activity finder or to compare our curriculum with state standards.

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3rd Grade Math Lesson Plans
Total Activities: 254

non-scored activity Non-Scored scored activity Scored worksheet Worksheet answer key Answer Key quiz Quiz
quiz Test
Chapter 1: "Number Theory and Systems"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Expanded Form: Convert numbers containing two to six digits from standard form to expanded form and vice versa. Ticket Exchange scored 34130 alertanswerkey
Expanded Form Exploratory nonscored 34131
Expanded Form Handbook nonscored 34066
Lesson Quiz: Expanded Form quiz
Writing Numbers: Write numbers up to six digits using oral and written cues. Safe Deposit scored 34132 alertanswerkey
Writing Numbers Exploratory scored 34133
Writing Numbers Handbook nonscored 34134
Lesson Quiz: Writing Numbers quiz
Comparing and Ordering Numbers: Order numbers up to six digits and compare numbers using the symbols <, >, and =. Fortune Teller scored 34135 alertanswerkey
Compare and Order Numbers Exploratory nonscored 34136
Order and Compare Numbers Handbook nonscored 34137
Lesson Quiz: Comparing and Ordering Numbers quiz
Rounding Numbers: Round numbers to the nearest ten, to the nearest hundred, and to the nearest thousand. Well-Rounded Decision scored 34138 alertanswerkey
Rounding Numbers Exploratory nonscored 34139
Rounding Numbers Handbook nonscored 34140
Rounding to the Nearest 10 nonscored NBT009
Activity Quiz: Rounding to the Nearest 10 scored AQNBT009
Rounding to the Nearest 100 nonscored NBT010
Activity Quiz: Rounding to the Nearest 100 scored AQNBT010
Lesson Quiz: Rounding Numbers quiz
Chapter Test: Number Theory and Systems

quiz Test
Chapter 2: "Addition and Subtraction"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Addition: Add three or more single digit addends. (grouping property) Add 2- and 3-digit numbers. (with and without regrouping) Sum Fun Points scored 34185 alertanswerkey
Points for Prizes scored 34186 alertanswerkey
Addition Exploratory nonscored 34193
Addition and Subtraction Handbook nonscored 34205
Lesson Quiz: Addition quiz
Subtraction: Subtract 2-and 3-digit numbers. (with regrouping) Subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers when minuend has multiple zeros. (with regrouping) Minuend Mountain scored 34198 alertanswerkey
Mountain Maniacs scored 34199 alertanswerkey
Subtraction Exploratory nonscored 34200
Lesson Quiz: Subtraction quiz
Estimate Sums and Differences: Estimate sums and differences using rounding. Fishy Estimations scored 34203 alertanswerkey
Estimation Exploratory nonscored 34204
Lesson Quiz: Estimate Sums and Differences quiz
Chapter Test: Addition and Subtraction

quiz Test
Chapter 3: "Multiplication and Division"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Introduction to Multiplication: An introduction to multiplication (0-12 x 0-12) including multiplication by 0 and 1, using arrays and tables. When Do We Use Multiplication? nonscored OA014
Activity Quiz: When Do We Use Multiplication? scored AQOA014
Multiplication in My Life nonscored OA015
Activity Quiz: Multiplication in My Life scored AQOA015
Multiplication Word Problems nonscored OA018
Activity Quiz: Multiplication Word Problems scored OA018
Lesson Quiz: Introduction to Multiplication quiz
Multiples and Arrays: Define and list multiples of a given number (1-10). Explore multiplication as repeated addition and arrays. Multiple Keys scored 34088 alertanswerkey
Multiples and Arrays Exploratory nonscored 34089
Multiples Handbook nonscored 34070
Lesson Quiz: Multiples and Arrays quiz
Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit: Multiply two whole numbers with and without regrouping in which one factor is a one-digit number and the other is a 2-digit number. Multiply mentally by 10, 100, and 1000. Tabletop Product scored 34096 alertanswerkey
Multiply Two Digits by One Digit Exploratory nonscored 34097
Multiply by 10, 100, and 1,000 Handbook nonscored 34072
Multiplying by a Multiple of 10 nonscored NBT012
Activity Quiz: Multiplying by a Multiple of 10 scored AQNBT012
Why Do We Add a Zero to the End? nonscored NBT013
Activity Quiz: Why Do We Add a Zero to the End? scored AQNBT013
Lesson Quiz: Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit quiz
Division Facts: Recognize and use basic division facts to 100 ÷ 10, and identify dividend, divisor, and quotient. Describe these division properties: you cannot divide by 0, and any number divided by 1 equals that number. LessonPlan Title for 1 scored 34098 alertanswerkey
Division Facts Exploratory nonscored 34099
Division Facts Handbook nonscored 34074
Lesson Quiz: Division Facts quiz
Divide 2-digits by 1-digit: Divide two-digit dividends by one-digit divisors, with and without remainders. What is Division? nonscored OA016
Activity Quiz: What is Division? scored AQOA016
Equal Shares nonscored OA017
Activity Quiz: Equal Shares scored AQOA017
Tutorial: Introduction to Long Division nonscored 3B034 alertanswerkey
The S.P.A.C.E. Division scored 34107 alertanswerkey
Divide Two Digits by One Digit Exploratory nonscored 34108
Two-Digit Dividends Handbook nonscored 34106
Division Word Problems nonscored OA019
Activity Quiz: Division Word Problems scored AQOA019
Lesson Quiz: Divide 2-digits by 1-digit quiz
Chapter Test: Multiplication and Division

quiz Test
Chapter 4: "Fractions and Decimals"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Parts of a Set or Whole: Identify parts of a set and parts of a whole with equivalent fractions with denominators up to 10. Frank's Fraction Pizzeria scored 34162 alertanswerkey
Parts of a Set or Whole Exploratory nonscored 34163
Fraction Handbook nonscored 34164
Lesson Quiz: Parts of a Set or Whole quiz
Equivalent Fractions: Identify equivalent fractions. (1/2 = 2/4) Tutorial: Equivalent Fractions nonscored 3B045 alertanswerkey
Fractional Codes scored 34165 alertanswerkey
Equivalent Fractions Exploratory nonscored 34166
Equivalent Fractions Handbook nonscored 34167
Lesson Quiz: Equivalent Fractions quiz
Compare and Order Fractions: Order fractions with like denominators and compare fractions using the symbols <, >, and =. Smooth Sailing scored 34171 alertanswerkey
Compare and Order Fractions Exploratory nonscored 34172
Lesson Quiz: Compare and Order Fractions quiz
Relate Fractions and Decimals: Explore the relationship between fractions and decimals. (tenths and hundredths) Stuck on Decimals scored 34174 alertanswerkey
Relate Fractions and Decimals Exploratory nonscored 34175
Lesson Quiz: Relate Fractions and Decimals quiz
Write Decimals to Hundredths: Identify decimals to the hundredths place. Read and write decimals to the hundredths. LessonPlan Title for 1 scored 34187 alertanswerkey
Write Decimals to Hundredths Exploratory nonscored 34188
Read and Write Decimals Handbook nonscored 34189
Lesson Quiz: Write Decimals to Hundredths quiz
Compare and Order Decimals: Order decimals to the hundredths place, and compare decimals using the symbols <, >, and =. Shipping Orders scored 34190 alertanswerkey
Compare and Order Decimals Exploratory scored 34191
Compare and Order Decimals Handbook nonscored 34192
Lesson Quiz: Compare and Order Decimals quiz
Chapter Test: Fractions and Decimals

quiz Test
Chapter 5: "Money"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Bills and Coins: Count collection of coins and bills up to $50. Add and subtract dollar amounts. (dollar and cents) Money Counts scored 34148 alertanswerkey
Money Counts Exploratory nonscored 34149
Bills and Coins Handbook nonscored 34150
Lesson Quiz: Bills and Coins quiz
Word Problems: Solve word problems that involve the value of coins, bills, and making change. Money Kwik scored 34151 alertanswerkey
Word Problems Exploratory nonscored 34152
Word Problems Handbook nonscored 34153
Lesson Quiz: Word Problems quiz
Unit Price: Solve problems involving unit price of items. The Price of One scored 34160 alertanswerkey
Unit Price Exploratory nonscored 34161
Unit Price Handbook nonscored 34212
Lesson Quiz: Unit Price quiz
Chapter Test: Money

quiz Test
Chapter 6: "Patterns"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Repeating Patterns: Identify and extend repeating patterns and apply pattern rules using shapes, colors and numbers. Pattern Power scored 34112 alertanswerkey
Repeating Patterns Exploratory nonscored 34113
Repeating Pattern Rules Handbook nonscored 34114
Lesson Quiz: Repeating Patterns quiz
Numeric Patterns: Identify and extend patterns and apply pattern rules using a sequence of related numbers. Codebreaker scored 34115 alertanswerkey
Numeric Patterns Exploratory nonscored 34116
Numeric Patterns Handbook nonscored 34117
Lesson Quiz: Numeric Patterns quiz
Apply Pattern Rules: Apply the appropriate rule to complete a chart including input/output tables. N.E.R.D. scored 34118 alertanswerkey
Pattern Rules Exploratory nonscored 34119
Input/Output Tables Handbook nonscored 34120
Lesson Quiz: Apply Pattern Rules quiz
Chapter Test: Patterns

quiz Test
Chapter 7: "Algebra"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Numeric Expressions: Represent and evaluate written relationships as numeric expressions. Showtime scored 34145 alertanswerkey
Numeric Expressions Handbook nonscored 34147
Lesson Quiz: Numeric Expressions quiz
Equations: Solve for an unknown quantity in an equation. Example: 3 + __ = 7.(Example: missing addend or missing factor) Ahoy Matey scored 34154 alertanswerkey
Equations Exploratory nonscored 34155
Equations Handbook nonscored 34156
What's Missing? - Multiplication nonscored OA020
Activity Quiz: What's Missing? - Multiplication scored AQOA020
What's Missing? - Division nonscored OA021
Activity Quiz: What's Missing? - Division scored AQOA021
Lesson Quiz: Equations quiz
Properties: Use the Order (Commutative) and Grouping (Associative) Properties of Addition and Multiplication to find equivalent expressions or equations containing an unknown quantity. The Property of N.E.R.D. scored 34157 alertanswerkey
Properties Exploratory nonscored 34158
Properties Handbook nonscored 34159
Properties of Multiplication nonscored OA022
Activity Quiz: Properties of Multiplication scored AQOA022
Properties of Division nonscored OA023
Activity Quiz: Properties of Division scored AQOA023
Lesson Quiz: Properties quiz
Chapter Test: Algebra

quiz Test
Chapter 8: "Properties of Shapes"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Segments, Lines and Line Pairs: Describe line segments, lines and line pairs. Paint a Lot scored 34049 alertanswerkey
Segments, Lines and Line Pairs Exploratory nonscored 34050
Segments, Lines and Line Pairs Handbook nonscored 34045
Lesson Quiz: Segments, Lines and Line Pairs quiz
Classifying Angles: Identify and classify angles as right, acute, or obtuse. Right Back at You scored 34051 alertanswerkey
Classifying Angles Exploratory nonscored 34052
Classifying Angles Handbook nonscored 34046
Lesson Quiz: Classifying Angles quiz
Attributes of Polygons: Identify the attributes of polygons (sides and angles) and sort by particular characteristics of the plane figure. Binky's Button Bonanza scored 34076 alertanswerkey
Attributes of Polygons Exploratory nonscored 34077
Attributes of Polygons Handbook nonscored 34062
Lesson Quiz: Attributes of Polygons quiz
Attributes of Solid Figures: Identify the attributes of solid figures (edges, vertices, and faces) such as cubes, rectangular prisms, rectangular pyramids, cones, cylinders, and spheres and sort by particular characteristics. Pete's Packing Co. scored 34078 alertanswerkey
Attributes of Solid Figures Exploratory nonscored 34079
Attributes of Solid Figures Handbook nonscored 34065
Lesson Quiz: Attributes of Solid Figures quiz
Nets: Identify and create a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional figure. Package Company scored 34080 alertanswerkey
Nets Exploratory nonscored 34081
Nets Handbook nonscored 34069
Lesson Quiz: Nets quiz
Chapter Test: Properties of Shapes

quiz Test
Chapter 9: "Coordinate Geometry"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Distance Between Two Points: Find the horizontal or vertical distance between two points on a coordinate grid. Touring Points scored 34053 alertanswerkey
Distance Between Two Points Exploratory nonscored 34054
Lesson Quiz: Distance Between Two Points quiz
Ordered Pairs: Plot a point on a coordinate grid given an ordered pair and write the ordered pair of a point shown on a coordinate grid. Point of Delivery scored 34055 alertanswerkey
(Pizza, Pizza) scored 34056 alertanswerkey
Ordered Pairs Exploratory nonscored 34057
Ordered Pairs Handbook nonscored 34042
Lesson Quiz: Ordered Pairs quiz
Follow Directions on a Grid: After being given navigational directions from the initial point, identify the ordered pair of the final point. Ordered Rescue scored 34082 alertanswerkey
Directions Exploratory nonscored 34083
Lesson Quiz: Follow Directions on a Grid quiz
Chapter Test: Coordinate Geometry

quiz Test
Chapter 10: "Transformations and Symmetry"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Congruent Shapes: Given a plane figure, identify the congruent shape and create a congruent shape using other plane figures. Plumb Congruent scored 34058 alertanswerkey
Congruent Shapes Exploratory nonscored 34059
Congruent Shapes Handbook nonscored 34044
Lesson Quiz: Congruent Shapes quiz
Slides, Flips, Turns: Apply a slide, flip, or turn to a plane figure and predict the result. Identify the image of a plane figure as a slide, flip, or turn. If the Key Fits... scored 34060 alertanswerkey
Slides, Flips, and Turns Exploratory nonscored 34061
Slides, Flips, and Turns Handbook nonscored 34048
Lesson Quiz: Slides, Flips, Turns quiz
Line and Point Symmetry: Use line and point symmetry to identify and create symmetrical figures. Herb's Hobbies scored 34084 alertanswerkey
Line and Point Symmetry Exploratory nonscored 34085
Line Symmetry Handbook nonscored 34047
Lesson Quiz: Line and Point Symmetry quiz
Chapter Test: Transformations and Symmetry

quiz Test
Chapter 11: "Time"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Telling Time: Define, tell, and show time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour. Define, tell, and show time to the 5 and 1 minute intervals. Clock Stop scored 34090 alertanswerkey
Telling Time Exploratory nonscored 34091
Telling Time Handbook nonscored 34064
Lesson Quiz: Telling Time quiz
Elapsed Time: Find elapsed time using minutes, hours, days, and weeks. Develop measuring skills and demonstrate understanding of concepts related measuring time. Pick a Time scored 34100 alertanswerkey
Vacation Time scored 34109 alertanswerkey
Elapsed Time Exploratory nonscored 34101
Elapsed Time Handbook nonscored 34067
Lesson Quiz: Elapsed Time quiz
Time Schedules: Interpret time schedules using minutes, hours, days, and weeks. On Schedule scored 34111 alertanswerkey
Time Schedules Exploratory nonscored 34144
Time Schedules Handbook nonscored 34214
Lesson Quiz: Time Schedules quiz
Chapter Test: Time

quiz Test
Chapter 12: "Customary System"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Length: Define units of length. (inch, foot, yard, mile) Estimate and compare length. Measure to the nearest half-inch. Top Secret Measurements scored 34121 alertanswerkey
Length Exploratory nonscored 34122
Length Handbook nonscored 34123
Lesson Quiz: Length quiz
Capacity: Define units of capacity. (cup, pint, quart, gallon) Estimate and compare capacity. Lunchroom Lady scored 34124 alertanswerkey
Capacity Exploratory nonscored 34125
Capacity Handbook nonscored 34126
Lesson Quiz: Capacity quiz
Weight: Define units of weight. (ounce, pound) Estimate and compare weight. Cray's Crate Company scored 34127 alertanswerkey
Weight Exploratory nonscored 34128
Weight Handbook nonscored 34129
Lesson Quiz: Weight
Temperature: Read thermometer to nearest 5-degree interval. Weather It Out scored 34141 alertanswerkey
Temperature Exploratory nonscored 34142
Temperature Handbook nonscored 34143
Lesson Quiz: Temperature quiz
Chapter Test: Customary System

quiz Test
Chapter 13: "Metric System"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Length: Define units of length. (centimeter, decimeter, meter) Estimate and compare length. Measure to the nearest centimeter. The Metric Motor Company scored 34168 alertanswerkey
Length Exploratory nonscored 34169
Length Handbook nonscored 34170
Lesson Quiz: Length quiz
Capacity: Define units of capacity. (milliliters, liters) Estimate and compare capacity. Mad Scientist scored 34194 alertanswerkey
Capacity Exploratory nonscored 34195
Lesson Quiz: Capacity quiz
Mass: Define units of mass. (grams, kilograms) Estimate and compare mass. Anna Ant scored 34196 alertanswerkey
Mass Exploratory nonscored 34197
Lesson Quiz: Mass quiz
Temperature: Read thermometer to nearest 5-degree interval. Mr. Mercury scored 34201 alertanswerkey
Temperature Exploratory nonscored 34202
Lesson Quiz: Temperature quiz
Chapter Test: Metric System

quiz Test
Chapter 14: "Perimeter and Area"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Perimeter: Find perimeter by counting units and by adding lengths. Measure to find the perimeter. Select appropriate label for measurement. All Around the Board scored 34177 alertanswerkey
Perimeter Exploratory nonscored 34178
Perimeter Handbook nonscored 34179
Lesson Quiz: Perimeter quiz
Area: Find area by counting units. Multiply to find area. Select appropriate labels of measurement. Construction Area scored 34180 alertanswerkey
Area Exploratory nonscored 34181
Area Handbook nonscored 34182
Lesson Quiz: Area quiz
Comparing Perimeter and Area: Compare perimeter and area. Designer Gardens scored 34183 alertanswerkey
Comparing Perimeter and Area Exploratory nonscored 34184
Lesson Quiz: Comparing Perimeter and Area quiz
Chapter Test: Perimeter and Area

quiz Test
Chapter 15: "Display and Interpret Data"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Pictographs: Display and interpret data in pictographs. Attention Please scored 34086 alertanswerkey
Pictograph Exploratory nonscored 34087
Pictographs Handbook nonscored 34071
Lesson Quiz: Pictographs quiz
Bar Graphs: Display and interpret data in vertical and horizontal bar graphs. Splish Splash scored 34102 alertanswerkey
Bar Graph Exploratory nonscored 34103
Bar Graph Handbook nonscored 34073
Lesson Quiz: Bar Graphs quiz
Tables: Display and interpret data in tables including tally, data, and frequency tables. Play Ball scored 34104 alertanswerkey
Tables Handbook nonscored 34075
Lesson Quiz: Tables quiz
Frequency Tables: Display and interpret data in frequency tables using two attributes. Got Game scored 34110 alertanswerkey
Frequency Tables Handbook nonscored 34105
Lesson Quiz: Frequency Tables quiz
Chapter Test: Display and Interpret Data

quiz Test
Chapter 16: "Probability"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Certain, Possible, Impossible: Determine the certainty, likelihood, and fairness of events. Certainly a Winner scored 34092 alertanswerkey
Events Exploratory nonscored 34093
Probability Handbook nonscored 34063
Lesson Quiz: Certain, Possible, Impossible quiz
Possible Outcomes: Determine and list all the possible outcomes of an event. Possibly a Winner scored 34094 alertanswerkey
Possible Outcomes Exploratory nonscored 34095
Possible Outcomes Handbook nonscored 34211
Lesson Quiz: Possible Outcomes quiz
Chapter Test: Probability

quiz Test
Chapter 17: "Problem-Solving"
Lesson Activity Name
LA# Worksheet
Basic Problem Solving: Use basic problem solving methods to solve problems, including an introduction to using models, Polya's four-step method, identifying whether enough information has been given, and constructing word problems that represent addition and subtraction of whole numbers. Solving 2-Step Problems nonscored OA024
Activity Quiz: Solving 2-Step Problems scored AQOA024
Is it Reasonable? nonscored OA025
Activity Quiz: Is it Reasonable? scored AQOA025
Chapter Test: Problem-Solving

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