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Online Curriculum for PreK-12th
Time4Learning is a standards-based grade-appropriate curriculum with thousands of interactive lessons in math, language arts, social studies, science, and more.

Thousands of Lessons

Flexible and Student-Paced
With Time4Learning, you are in the driver’s seat. Students can login anywhere and anytime. There are no fixed times or schedules. Follow the material in order or select the material yourself.

Student-Paced Curriculum

Fun and Engaging
Time4Learning makes learning fun with over 3,500 engaging lessons that children of all ages enjoy. There are activities to develop skills and apply what they’re learning to everyday life.

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  • PreK-12th Online Curriculum
  • 24/7 Access to 3,500+ Lessons and Activities
  • Automated Grading & Reporting
  • Activity Planner for Easy Scheduling
  • Start, Stop, or Pause Membership Anytime

Your Experience

Your children and you will receive access to your own dashboards. Students using Time4Learning have the flexibility to log in anytime and anywhere, accessing their student dashboard to find subjects assigned by their parents. And within each subject, they can engage in activities, quizzes, and assessments in a sequential manner or follow a parent-created activity plan.

The parent dashboard will allow you to easily monitor your child’s progress and utilize tools that make homeschooling easier. With automated grading and reporting, Time4Learning takes care of the heavy lifting. Plus, the Activity Planner provides parents with more control over the topics covered, enabling them to create a more structured schedule for their child.

The Time4Learning Features That Make Your Life Easier

Engaging Lessons

Children love our homeschool curriculum because it’s loaded with fun, interactive lessons! To keep them constantly engaged, attentive, and challenged, we use short animated lessons for younger students and a lecture format for older students. With over 5,000 lessons across PreK-12, there’s no shortage of opportunities for curiosity and learning!

Engaging Lessons

Activity Planning

Worried about lesson planning? We have you covered! Time4Learning includes a free Curriculum Calculator and Activity Planner to schedule learning that meets your child’s specific needs. Add breaks at any time during the school year, and your student’s workload will automatically adjust. With these tools at your fingertips, you can easily create a personalized educational plan for your child, ensuring a well-rounded and adaptable learning experience.

Activity Planning

Adjustable Grade Levels

Customize learning based on your child’s academic skill-level. Select different grade levels or assign courses for each subject and make changes at any time. Students have access to a grade level below or above their assigned grade, and can review topics or preview concepts whenever needed.* This flexibility ensures that your child can learn at a pace that is most suitable for their individual learning needs, fostering both confidence and academic growth.

*Not available for some middle school or high school courses.

Adjustable Grade Levels

Grading & Reporting

Automated grading and detailed reporting make tracking progress, keeping records, and compiling transcripts or portfolios easy for busy parents! You can generate customized reports based on exactly what you need, when you need it. This feature allows you to efficiently monitor your child’s academic achievements and milestones, providing valuable insights into their learning journey and facilitating a comprehensive record-keeping process.

Grading & Reporting

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