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Learning games – Fun and Educational

Learning games – Fun and Educational
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Learning games combine education and enjoyment for kids. Children benefit from the balance of fun multimedia activities that teach. Time4Learning’s self-paced curriculum provides a comprehensive, interactive program for preschool through high school. The program engages children through fun activities while teaching core concepts in language arts, math, science and social studies.

Time4Learning is a new approach to standards-based learning, with games, lessons, interactive exercises, printable worksheets, assessments, and a reports section integrated into one comprehensive, unique system.

What is Time4Learning? Our web-based learning materials takes advantage of today’s technology. It’s a convenient, interactive learning resource that helps children from preschool through high school. Parents can either follow Time4Learning’s automated curriculum or they can choose lessons that support the school program and which target their children’s strengths or needs. Sign up.

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Homeschool or Enrichment – Time4Learning’s Learning System is effective with both

Parents can select the grade level for each subject. Many children are performing in different subjects at different grade levels. For instance, one parent had a student who found her 2nd grade math program too easy but was still struggling to learn to read and effectively at a first grade level. Her mom put her on the first grade Time4Learning program which built her phonics foundation and developed her vocabulary and listening comprehension. After a few months, Jordan’s reading skills were visibly improved. On the math side her mom gave her some advanced math materials which revealed that while she was strong in math, she had actually missed some concepts but had been to proud to ask for help. Working privately on her own, she developed a more rounded math foundation and became more confident and active in school.

Learning Educational Games – Fun that Teaches

Educational learning games from Time4Learning give kids the opportunity to learn to read and to practice their math skills, teaching and reinforcing their lessons in a fun environment. Getting children to study at home can be difficult. With Time4Learning, the fun use of the computer works for you!

Math and reading should be a fun part of a child’s daily routine. Reading and math, concepts and skills are introduced, practiced, reinforced, and assessed. Time4Learning’s education enrichment provides teaching and games for either homeschool or supplementary use.

Learning Games to Build Language Arts Skills

Time4Learning’s Reading Enrichment teach and improve phonemic awareness (reading readiness), phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. From preschool to eighth grade, our Learn to Read Programs introduce your children to age-appropriate reading skills through lessons and educational teaching games.

Math Educational Games

Time4Learning’s Math Programs start preschoolers on features, sets and following directions. Once kids master those concepts, they move on to understanding numbers and quantity. In elementary math, kids will learn math operations, math facts, word problems, measurement, geometry and probability. We also offer Time4MathFacts which utilizes fun games to engage your younger child in learning math fundamentals.

Interactive Curriculum and Educational Games: Proven Effective

Time4Learning provides interactive curriculum with printable worksheets for reinforcement, has a low monthly price, does not require a contract, and even provides a money-back guarantee so you can make sure that it works for your kids, satisfaction guaranteed Time4Learning has helped thousands of children Start Helping My Children Now.

Father and son

My children's favorite part of the day is their time on Time4Learning. This is the easiest and most consistently productive curriculum we've used!

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My kids can work independently or with my involvement. Time4Learning has enriched their education and simplified my life!

Learning Games Online

Most children find school either boring or too difficult at times.. Of the many solutions, one of the most effective is to get the children to engage more fully with their studies. Time4Learning, as an online enrichment program, allows parents to have children follow a full self-running curriculum at home which provides reinforcement and added depth to their school studies. Alternatively, using Time4Learning’s online lesson plans, the parents can select online lessons that reinforce the unit that is being done simultaneously at school. Either way, Time4Learning has provided wonderful enrichment to thousands of children, why not yours?

Make Time4Learning your children’s enrichment resource. Sign up for Time4Learning and gain access to a variety of educational materials, which will engage and challenge your child to succeed. Registration takes minutes and there is a two week money-back guarantee.

Lessons – The Time4Learning Program Structure

Time4Learning has been refined through years of feedback from educators, parents, and students. Subjects are organized into chapters composed of interactive lessons, printable worksheets, quizzes and tests. Students are guided through the activities at their own pace by an automated system.

When students log in, they choose a subject, select a chapter, pick a lesson and complete the activities. A bright green arrow tells them where they left off, and completed work is clearly labeled with a check-mark or a gold star. Visual and auditory prompts guide third graders through the lessons making them easy for young learners to follow, and an online playground (controlled by parents) rewards and motivates them to finish their lessons.

Parents get access to printable lesson plans, teaching tools, detailed reporting and parental support through our online Parent Forum.

Does your child have different achievement levels for math and language arts? No problem. Time4Learning lets you set each individual subject at the appropriate graded level, making this program great for special needs and gifted students.

PreK - 8th

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9th - 12th

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