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Time4Learning vs Power Homeschool®: Pros and Cons

Time4Learning vs Power Homeschool<sup>®</sup>: Pros and Cons
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When searching for the best homeschool curriculum for your family, you need to know both the positives and negatives of any program you are considering. Let’s take Power Homeschool® (formerly known as Acellus), for example. You may want to know what Power Homeschool® customer service is like. What is Power Homeschool® curriculum known for doing well? How does Power Homeschool® work? Is Power Homeschool® accredited? In other words, before deciding if the curriculum is right for you, you need to know the pros and cons of Power Homeschool®.

The Tricky Business of Homeschool Pros and Cons

It would certainly be nice if we could line up the pros and cons of any homeschool curriculum and make a quick decision based on which list is longest. The truth is that the pros and cons of homeschooling curricula aren’t always cut and dried. Why? Because every family is homeschooling for different reasons, uses a unique homeschool approach, and has very different goals for their students. Therefore, when viewing the pluses and minuses of a curriculum, you’ll want to figure out how to personalize that info for your specific student. Curriculum features that are a disadvantage to one family may actually be an advantage for your family.

Teaching with Power Homeschool® vs Time4Learning

To make your homeschool curriculum research easier, we’ve laid out some of the pros and cons of using either Time4Learning or Power Homeschool®. Browse the chart below to discover any problems with Power Homeschool® curriculum vs Time4Learning, the positive sides of the two curricula, and which one meets the majority of your student’s and your family’s needs.

Homeschool Use

Time4Learning Access to multiple additional homeschool tools for single subscription price, including Time4MathFacts. Fewer overall course offerings.
Power Homeschool® 250 courses to choose from across all grade levels with students having access of up to 6 courses at a time. Fewer downloadable resources and supplemental homeschool tools.

Pricing Structure

Time4Learning Lower monthly price point for subscription. None
Power Homeschool® None Higher monthly price point for subscription

Lesson Style

Time4Learning Interactive lesson approach is helpful for visual learners and those who prefer an edutainment style. Some students may find material too “busy” if they are used to a lecture approach.
Power Homeschool® Video lessons replicate school environment which can be familiar to students from school backgrounds. Some students may find material dry and not engaging enough. Cannot pause or rewind video lessons.


Time4Learning Customizable planner that lets parents schedule lessons based on their preferred school year. Parents must go into reports to view student’s progress; no automated notifications.
Power Homeschool® Parents can monitor their student’s progress live. Must download an app to view, even on a desktop. No answer keys for quizzes and tests.


Time4Learning Secular curriculum can be used by any homeschooling family. Parents have the option to skip any content they find objectionable. Lack of religious content may mean that some families would want to supplement with outside material.
Power Homeschool® Can be used by any homeschooling family regardless of worldview. Families wishing to teach faith-based topics may have to supplement with other programs.

Finding it Hard to Choose?

While the pros and cons listed above give you a clearer understanding of both homeschool curricula, you might not have come to a conclusion about which program is right for you. Worry not! Lots of families prefer the eclectic homeschooling approach and mix and match two or more curricula to create the best homeschool environment for each student.

You know your family best, and what makes homeschooling so great is that the choice is ultimately up to you.

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*Time4Learning is not affiliated with Power Homeschool®. Time4Learning’s purpose with this article is to provide information to families who are considering an eclectic approach to homeschooling or who wish to compare the benefits of using both curricula. Time4Learning’s products and services are not endorsed or sponsored by Power Homeschool®

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