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Time4Learning vs Calvert®: Features

Time4Learning vs Calvert®: Features

When researching the different homeschool curriculum options, you’ll likely be focusing on the ones that best suit your financial circumstances and your overall goals for homeschooling.

Depending on your personal worldview, your family circumstances, your academic goals, and your child’s specific learning needs, when researching Calvert® and Time4Learning you may be wondering things like:

  • Which homeschool curriculum offers daily lesson plans?
  • Which homeschool curriculum offers payment plans?
  • Which homeschool curriculum is not common core?
  • Which homeschool curriculum is fun to use?

Homeschool Curriculum Options that Fit Your Needs

The amazing thing about homeschooling is that it offers families the flexibility to customize an education to each individual student. With that in mind, it’s important to focus on the features that are most important to your family.

For example, if your student prefers one-to-one learning, you may choose something that requires more parental involvement. If your child is an independent learner and enjoys learning visually, a program that encourages the freedom to work on their own seems more appropriate.

Of course, there are budgets and price points to consider.  If you find the absolute perfect curriculum, but it is outside of your budget range, it suddenly gets taken off the table, doesn’t it? Knowing how a program is priced can be one of the chief features to explore in the early stages of your research.

Before you jump head first into your curriculum hunt, go ahead and create a list of the features you value most. Once that’s complete, note the things that aren’t necessary but would be helpful. Once you have your lists in hand, the process of comparing and contrasting different curricula becomes so much easier.

Comparing the Features of Time4Learning and Calvert® Educational Services

If you have been considering both Time4Learning and Calvert® homeschool curriculum, we have put together a chart of helpful information about the key features of each.  Review the categories below, and then if you want to know more about how Time4Learning works, you can take a short tour.

Time4Learning Calvert®
Pricing Structure Monthly subscription with no contracts and the ability to start/stop at any time Complete grade-level curriculum package purchase or purchase of individual courses
Common Core Alignment No* No*
Lesson Style Multimedia online lessons Textbooks/manuals and/or video and online lessons
Worldview Secular Secular
Access to more than one grade level Yes No
Lesson plans available Yes Yes
Grade levels available PreK-12 PreK-12
Automated Recordkeeping Yes No
Parent input required Parents choose how often and how much they want students to use the program. Time4Learning takes care of the rest. Depends on the type of instructional materials you purchase. Parents handle all grading and recordkeeping.
Internet connection required Yes Depends on what materials are used
Live support hours By phone, email, or live chat, Monday – Friday 9:00am-6:00pm EST Available Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm EST by phone
Parent Support Forum Available Yes Yes

* While neither Time4Learning nor Calvert® is expressly aligned with Common Core standards, each of the programs has always met or exceeded recommended content standards. Calvert® homeschool curriculum is accredited. As both curricula are used by students worldwide, they are instead designed to meet the requirements and preferences of students across the U.S. and abroad.

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*Time4Learning is not affiliated with Calvert®. Time4Learning’s purpose with this article is to provide information to families who are considering an eclectic approach to homeschooling or who wish to compare the benefits of using both curricula. Time4Learning’s products and services are not endorsed or sponsored by Calvert®.

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