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Time4Learning vs Calvert®: Pricing

Time4Learning vs Calvert®: Pricing

Many homeschoolers who are on a strict budget often look at homeschool curricula cost before they research anything else. And to be honest, if a program doesn’t match your price point, there really is no reason to do further research. It’s not a good use of your time, especially if you’re serious about not blowing your budget.

If you’re considering both the Time4Learning and the Calvert® homeschool price, let’s first analyze the various ways homeschool curriculum are usually priced. We can then evaluate the cost structure of Time4Learning compared to Calvert®.

How Much Does It Cost to Homeschool with Time4Learning?

Time4Learning’s curriculum pricing is based on a no-contract subscription model. Actual monthly price depends on the level of the student. A monthly subscription for students in grades 1-7 also provides access to all instructional materials for the grade below and the grade above the student’s current level. Subscriptions can be started, stopped, and paused at any time.

PreK – 8th grade – Includes core subjects High School – Includes 4 core subjects
One child per month $24.95 $34.95
Each additional child per month $19.95 $34.95

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How Much Does Calvert® Homeschool Cost?

Calvert® homeschool cost varies depending on whether you are purchasing resources individually, as complete packages, or complete packages with the “advisory teaching services.”  Because Calvert® is an accredited school, rather than a curriculum, costs will be more in line with those of a private school. Instead of a month-to-month subscription, Calvert® homeschool is tuition-based.

For example, the fourth grade complete homeschool curriculum is $1,575. The complete curriculum with the extra teaching services costs $2,155. Individual courses are priced anywhere between $299-$647 per course depending on the course format. You’ll want to explore Calvert’s® website for a full list of prices, as they vary from grade to grade.

PreK K-8th High School
Complete Homeschool Curriculum – Traditional Format or Traditional Format With Advisory Teaching Service $450 $1,575 / $2,155 N/A
Complete Homeschool Curriculum – Digital or Digital With Advisory Teaching Service N/A $975 / $1,555 N/A
Individual Courses – Traditional Format or Traditional Format With Advisory Teaching Service N/A $528 / $647 N/A
Individual Courses – Digital or Digital With Advisory Teaching Service N/A $299 / $498 N/A
Bundled Courses – Independent Study / Teacher Led N/A N/A $3,700 / $6,000
Individual Courses – Independent Study / Teacher Led N/A N/A $379 / $599

Breaking Down Homeschooling Curriculum Costs

There are various pricing structures used by homeschooling programs. And the structure usually matches the intended use of the program. For example, single-subject curricula, used for supplemental purposes or summer school, are mostly priced individually. All-inclusive programs, usually used on a yearly basis, are often priced as a bundled package.

Most homeschool curricula programs use one of five structures. These include:

  • monthly subscription fee (usually online programs)
  • individual element purchase (for example, manuals, textbooks, videos, etc.)
  • individual course purchase (this should include the required materials for one course)
  • packaged purchases (this should include the required materials for one or multiple courses)
  • all-inclusive programs.

Comprehending these customary pricing structures will help you understand the differences between Time4Learning’s homeschooling fees and Calvert®.

What other expenses should I expect?

Some curriculum, like Time4Learning and Calvert®, come complete with standard subjects, such as math, science, language arts, and history. This curriculum may also provide a foreign language course, but this is often considered extra education and may have a cost.

Time4Learning offers foreign language learning at an additional cost.

  • Time4Languages –  offers a 6-month language course in ten different languages for $59.95 per course.

While Calvert’s® curricula pricing includes the core subjects, you are able to add individual courses if you need to. Calvert® offers services that can be purchased at an additional price with their curricula.

  • Advisory Teaching Services (ATS) – this service will assist with pairing your child to the right curricula, provide feedback on assignments, and reinforce instructional priorities.
  • K-8 online resource extension – if your student does not finish the course work within the allotted 13 month time frame, you have the option to extend.
    • 3-months extension for $49
    • 6-months extension for $99
  • Kurzweil – depending on which curriculum plan you enroll your student in, you may be eligible to purchase Kurzweil, an optional text-to-speech and study skill software for $550.

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*Time4Learning is not affiliated with Calvert®. Time4Learning’s purpose with this article is to provide information to families who are considering an eclectic approach to homeschooling or who wish to compare the benefits of using both curricula. Time4Learning’s products and services are not endorsed or sponsored by Calvert®.

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