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FREE Printable Maps

FREE Printable Maps

Browse through our collection of free printable maps for all your geography studies. Enhance your study of geography by just clicking on the map you are interested in to download and print. You can use these map outlines to label capitals, cities and landmarks, play geography games, color and more. Each individual map clearly illustrates the silhouette of each location and includes a star representing its capital.

Printable Maps of the United States of America

Large Map of the United States (2′ x 3′ size)
Unlabeled US Map (letter size)  

Printable Maps of Canada

Large Map of Canada (2′ x 3′ size)
Unlabeled Canada Map (letter size)

Fun geography games you can play with these maps

  • Create a small flag using a toothpick and a piece of paper or cardboard. Write the name of a state or country on it and have your student place it on the correct location on the map.
  • Make your own jigsaw puzzle (using the large 2′ x 3′ map) by having your child cut out the shape of each state, province or country and label it. Then have them lay out each ‘puzzle’ piece to create the country or continent map. Take it a step further by having your child write the capital for each location.
  • Have your child select a map and draw the state, province or country’s flag on a piece of paper. You can have them do further research to learn what the colors and symbols on the flag represent.
  • Print a state, province or country map and have your child label the neighboring states or countries.
  • Create flash cards out of each printable map and write things like the state nickname, abbreviation, and capital on the back. Use our state unit study supplements to find these facts and more!
  • Make a board game out of several maps and give your child cardinal directions to find a particular state, province or country. For example, starting in New Mexico, move north one state, then head one state west. They should land in Utah.

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