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How to Homeschool Ninth Grade

How to Homeschool Ninth Grade
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If you have a 9th-grade homeschooler on your hands, welcome to the world of high school academics! High school is often the most intimidating for homeschool parents, not to mention overwhelming. The stress is understandable, though, with the apprehension of college applications looming and the pressure to ensure your teen is prepared for the real world.

Whether you are wondering how to homeschool ninth grade or you are looking for a list of what is taught in 9th grade, you’ll find a comprehensive answer here.

How to Homeschool Ninth Grade

Before you start homeschooling ninth grade, there are some steps you should take to prepare.

  • Determine your state’s homeschooling requirements
  • Select a curriculum
  • Create a schedule
  • Set learning goals
  • Plan your homeschool year
  • Designate a learning area in your home
  • Make sure to keep a homeschool portfolio
  • Assess progress

What Schedule is Best for a Ninth Grader?

How many hours should you homeschool a ninth grader? Most homeschoolers average about 4-5 hours a day, but time will truly depend on the individual student, as well as the family lifestyle.

High schoolers are often independent and may not need to begin lessons early in the morning to successfully work through their assignments for the day. Similarly, if your family is regularly engaged with co-ops, music lessons, or sports, you’ll want to plan for those appointments to help your student complete their work as needed.

Choose a schedule that works for your teen. If they need hands-on guidance, perhaps a more rigorous schedule is ideal. It is important however, to avoid overloading your student. 9th grade can come with a lot of pressure for high school coursework and electives. Regardless of your schedule preference, it’s helpful to ensure your teen has enough time to complete assignments without burning out.

Homeschooling Planner

Start planning out your homeschooling days with this free easy to use daily planner.

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What Subjects are Taught in Ninth Grade?

When you are considering how to homeschool ninth grade, you’ll need to begin by planning for the core subjects based on your state requirements. As a standard, ninth-grade students study mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, and an elective; for example, a foreign language.

While the exact courses within these subjects can vary, consider the following list if you’d like an example of what is taught in 9th grade.

Parents are always free to add studies or classes to the schedule as they see fit. Talk with your child about their interests and passion and look into college application requirements to help you select an ideal choice.

Ninth Grade Learning Objectives

Once you’ve decided to homeschool your ninth grader and selected the courses you want to take, it’s important to set some goals to ensure your child has fully understood each concept.

It is helpful to first remember that as a new high school student, your teen is transitioning into a level of greater expectations. As a rule of thumb, for language arts, ninth-graders should expand their grammar and vocabulary while devoting a heavy focus to proper composition skills. For math, geometry or Algebra skills are standard; for science, an understanding of the scientific method; and finally, social studies should encourage an awareness of the world as a whole or the United States (depending on the course you select).

Your child’s learning objectives for ninth grade should look something like this:

  • Use short stories to showcase reading, writing and listening skills.
  • Demonstrate research skills while studying a specific topic.
  • Research a given number of living creatures and write a report drawing ecological connections between each.
  • Accurately solves problems using lines, graphs, and Algebraic equations and functions.
  • Carries out and fully records science projects.
  • Can interpret scientific data and communicate results.
  • Demonstrates awareness of cultures other than their own.
  • General maps and world globe skills.
  • Can create their own timeline with the accurate recollection of important events in U.S. history.
  • Research and write comparison reports on historical figures such as presidents.

Reading Book List for Ninth Grade

High school reading lists are famous for encouraging students to develop an appreciation for the classics. It is commonly believed that classic literature teaches character and enhances reading comprehension, unlike most modern books.

A 9th grade reading list homeschool schedule should offer a challenge for your homeschool students, while also providing literary enjoyment. Here is a list of top recommendations to get started.

  1. Perseus by Edith Hamilton
  2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  3. The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
  4. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  5. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Combined with the Time4Learning language arts program, a classic reading list can help your ninth-grader develop an expanded vocabulary, stronger grammar, and a more advanced reading level.

Ninth Grade Homeschooling Tips & Ideas

Homeschooling is rooted in individuality. Consequently, your homeschool day will look very different from another family’s day. Your overall plan for the year and method depends on your home lifestyle, your student’s learning style, the family’s preferences, and more.

Keep in mind that what works well for one family may not work for another. However, success stories of how to homeschool ninth grade, will give you an idea of where to get started.

  • Adapt the Schedule. Regardless of the early morning roll-call for traditional schools, as homeschoolers, you can adjust your schedule according to when your student learns best. Science proves that teens have naturally varying sleep cycles. They will learn best on their own schedule.
  • Track Credit Hours. College applications will require high school transcripts with credit hours starting in ninth grade. Begin tracking these credits now to save yourself a headache. A full, two-semester course is equal to one credit, while a half-semester course or elective is equal to half a credit.
  • Safeguard Technology. Cyberbullying is a real, progressively dangerous issue with technology. Your ninth grader is likely still learning how to safely research and complete their assignments online.
  • Consider Volunteer Work. Colleges love applicants with a passion for the community. Encourage your ninth-grader to volunteer, whether at the library, an animal shelter, or a soup kitchen. Volunteer work can often be included as a partial credit on high school transcripts, or at least as a special mention. However, be sure to document the work and verify the requirements with your state. Beyond college applications, volunteering builds character, offers your teen life experience, and can expand their worldview.
  • Research Group Electives. Oftentimes, for sports or band, public schools allow homeschool students to join the teams or classes. These credits can serve homeschool students well, especially if they have a serious interest in one of those career fields. Further, electives in a group setting may help teach teamwork skills.

How Time4Learning Can Help You Homeschool Your Ninth Grader

Time4Learning is an award-winning choice for ninth grade homeschooling. The full curriculum has been comprehensively designed to cover essential subjects and topics while engaging the student with interactive lessons, assignments, and activities.

Beyond the student lessons, parents will enjoy the automated grading, lesson planning, record keeping, and available tools in the parent account.

Help your homeschooler reach their goals and master ninth grade learning objectives with Time4Learning. Here’s how:

  • The language arts program teaches proper composition and essay writing skills with English 1.
  • Students will utilize a mixture of online lessons, and recommended reading lists for a well-rounded literature experience.
  • Ninth grade math covers a complete course on Algebra 1 with plenty of activities for solving problems with lines, graphs, and equations.
  • Time4Learning science teaches a foundational understanding of the scientific method with biology, including projects and proper lab reports.
  • Ninth graders will learn the history of generations past with a study of U.S. History 1. This social studies course encourages students to realize the sacrifice and events that have made the United States into the country it is now.
  • Students can begin learning a foreign language of their choice with Time4Languages, a program powered by Rosetta Stone and available only to active Time4Learning members.
  • Captivate your child’s mind with our written, spoken and visually appealing video lessons. A great choice when homeschooling children with special needs or who thrive using different learning styles.

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