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How to Homeschool a 16 Year Old

How to Homeschool a 16 Year Old
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Generally speaking, high school juniors usually take on a challenging course load that includes Algebra II, Physics, U.S. History II, Language Arts II and electives. This is also the year when many students take the SAT or ACT tests, begin playing a larger role in their education and start thinking about life beyond high school.

There’s no doubt, homeschooling a 16 year old is complicated. The good news is, there are curriculum products that will make your job less stressful and your student’s learning path more enjoyable. So, if you, like many other parents, need a helping hand, the following information will shed light on key topics such as:

What Should a 16 Year Old Be Learning?

Homeschooling a 16 year old should involve advanced literary theories, application methods in physics or chemistry and equations and inequalities in mathematical problems among other topics. Your students should also start expanding their appreciation for subjects such as economics, personal finance and an introduction to communications and speech.

Additional topics 16 year olds should learn, include:

  • Solving logarithmic expressions by converting between logarithmic and exponential forms.
  • Determining the roots of and factor a polynomial function.
  • Interpreting the use of rhetorical devices and slight changes in word meaning.
  • Using correct English grammar, usage, and conventions to write, edit, and revise.
  • Describing how to measure pH with indicators and meters.
  • Explaining how kinetic-molecular theory explains the properties of plasmas.
  • Assessing the impact of the transcontinental railroad on transportation and settlement.
  • Describing the economic climate of the late 1970s.

Electives also play a huge role when homeschooling a 16 year old. They allow students to discover new  subjects areas or further maximize their expertise in subjects that they find interesting. Time4Learning offers 14 electives for high school students in areas like health, science, math, art, communications and more.

How to Start Homeschooling a 16 Year Old

Before you start homeschooling your 16 year old, you should review these steps with your student. By including your child, you will ensure that they are prepared, engaged and united with you in this mission for homeschool success.

Start out with:

  • Step 1: Investigate your state laws, especially about compulsory attendance. Most states have various requirements regarding the number of days per year that you are required to homeschool your child.
  • Step 2: Investigate a few curriculum or curricula options with your child. They should match your child’s learning styles, offer flexibility and a dynamic teaching environment.
  • Step 3: Write down your temporary goals and objectives. They may change over the course of the year.
  • Step 4: Create a first draft of your schedule. Remember, you have the flexibility to craft a schedule that meets your family’s needs.
  • Step 5: Review social activities, electives, hobbies and activities that will invite social interaction. Learning outside the classroom is a valuable homeschooling perk.
  • Step 6: Make a plan for the future. If your student is going to college, plan on preparing for the SAT or ACT. If they have other plans, prepare a pathway toward their goals.

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What Should a Curriculum for a 16 Year Old Look Like?

Now that your children are nearing the end of high school, you should encourage them to play a larger role in their education. Accountability and independence are important, and the curriculum you choose should promote both. The curriculum should also combine teacher-led instruction, multimedia lessons, interactive activities and printed material in their core subjects and electives. Additional features should include:

  • An automated grading and tracking system that tracks your child’s progress and keeps reports for homeschool portfolio usage.
  • A comprehensive scope and sequence that will help you and your student plan out their junior year and meet their learning objectives.
  • Closed-captioning and language preference tools that benefit students with different learning abilities.
  • The option to add curriculum for foreign languages, writing, and other subject areas to expand learning or target skills.
  • The ability to access and re-access material and even retake quizzes until mastery is reached.
  • An affordable monthly price with the benefit of being about to cancel at any time without penalty.
  • A flexible, student-paced curriculum that allows your child to log in safely and learn independently.

How Time4Learning Helps You Homeschool Your 16 Year Old

Time4Learning provides multimedia lessons, virtual labs and teacher engagement sessions  that expand your child’s existing skill set. Activity planners and curriculum calculators also help students work independently and stay organized, which encourages them to take a more active role in their education. The following are additional Time4Learning benefits that parents and students appreciate:

  • Fully-online program allows students to take their homeschool on-the-go without the need for hard drive downloads or installations.
  • Lessons are interactive, incorporating graphic organizers, charts and graphs, diagrams, and animations that help students learn more difficult concepts.
  • A budget-friendly membership backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee, that allows you to start, stop, or pause your membership at any time without penalty.
  • Parent access to planning and record keeping tools and an online parent community that make homeschooling easier and more effective.
  • An award-winning core curriculum that helps homeschoolers meet state requirements, plus rewarding electives such as Lifetime Fitness, Strategies for Academic Success and more.
  • The flexibility that allows students to independently access their online lessons 24/7, giving them the freedom to learn during the day or evening.
  • Coursework is based on national standards and graduation requirements.

Time4Learning is one of many online curriculum products on the market for homeschooling a 16 year old.  If you’re interested in investigating other products, we’ve provided the following information, so you can compare Time4Learning to other popular online curricula.

Tips for Homeschooling a 16 Year Old

When you’re homeschooling a 16 year old, you’ll quickly notice that managing their education is just one aspect of your job. During this time period, your kids will start feeling stressed about friendships, dating, learning to drive and, perhaps, their future. There’s a lot going on in their heads, but you can help them cope and thrive by implementing the following tips.

  • Give them more control. At this age you don’t have to hover over your children. With the right online curriculum, they can take control and learn on their own — with help from you when necessary.
  • Hold weekly meetings. Even though you’ll be encouraging independence, meeting once a week will let your students know that you’re engaged and care deeply about their education.
  • Help your teen find opportunities outside the classroom. Brainstorm about volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs, recreation sports or group activities.
  • Relax your schedule. You don’t have to start at 7:30 or 8:00 AM every morning. You have the flexibility so take advantage. If your student wants to start at 10 (and it won’t interfere with your family dynamic), go for it.
  • Move the classroom. If your child prefers studying on the porch or in their bedroom, let them, as long as they’re producing satisfactory work. Also, some teens like listening to music while they’re studying. If it’s not a distraction, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Give them time to hang out with their friends. During high school, kids build strong bonds with their friends. As you may know, some bonds last a lifetime.
  • Include life skills. Have your children wash their own clothes, make their own lunches, etc. Kids should know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich or scramble eggs.

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