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West Virginia Homeschool Associations

West Virginia Homeschool Associations
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Almost every state has at least one homeschool association. These organizations are established by homeschool families across the state in order to provide information for families who are new to home education as well as to keep families informed about events and activities applicable to them as well as changes or updates to state laws regarding homeschooling.

West Virginia families are fortunate to have access to two statewide homeschool associations. Below, you will learn about the associations available to homeschooling families in West Virginia and why you might want to take advantage of their services.

Christian Home Educators of West Virginia (CHEWV)

Christian Home Educators of West Virginia (CHEWV) is an organization which aims to protect and advance the mission of homeschooling in the Mountain State. According to their website, the goal of CHEWV is “to encourage and support West Virginia families in the exercise and defense of their God-given responsibility and Constitutional freedom to train and educate their children at home.”

While CHEWV offers plenty of informational resources for homeschoolers on their site, one of their chief areas of focus is the legislative side of home education. They actively monitor legislation regarding homeschooling and try to keep West Virginia home educators informed about current and pending issues.

West Virginia Home Educators Association (WVHEA)

The other homeschool organization in the state is the West Virginia Home Educators Association (WVHEA). It is open to everyone, regardless of religion, personal beliefs, or educational philosophy. According to their website, the mission of the WVHEA is:

  1. “To promote the development of high quality home education.
  2. To aid in the creation of local support groups for home educators throughout the state.
  3. To review and disseminate information considered vital to home educators.
  4. To plan and conduct educational programs and exchanges for parents and others involved in home education.
  5. To engage in non-partisan research and analysis of issues affecting home education.
  6. To educate the general public on homeschooling issues and accomplishments.
  7. To monitor the government with respect to home education issues.
  8. To serve as a resource for persons desiring to home educate.”

Members of WVHEA receive a toll-free information phone contact line, a list of contacts in each county that families can go to for help, standardized testing services, and a regular newsletter. Although WVHEA does not offer a homeschool convention, they offer other events for homeschoolers throughout the year.

Why Join a Homeschool Association?

Families choosing to homeschool—particularly those who are new to the idea—can feel justifiably overwhelmed about taking their child’s education into their own hands. A statewide homeschool association not only brings affirmation to a family’s choice, but reminds them that they are not alone in their decision. It also keeps them aware of any shifts to laws relating to homeschooling in a given state. If you plan on homeschooling long-term, connecting with a statewide organization can be beneficial in terms of staying up-to-date on information and events across the area.

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