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Tennessee Homeschool Associations

Tennessee Homeschool Associations
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When a state has an active homeschool population, as Tennessee does, it is not surprising to discover that there is an entire statewide organization dedicated to supporting homeschoolers in the state. This homeschool organization is called the TN Home Education Association. Read on to discover what services THEA offers, benefits they offer to subscribed members, and some reasons you might want to join a statewide . home school association

TN Home Education Association (THEA)

According to the THEA website, the goal of the TN Home Education Association was formed “for the purpose of preserving and defending the rights of parents to direct the education of their children and to provide a statewide network of support, encouragement, and assistance to home schooling families.”

THEA is a Christian-led organization that offers dual membership — membership at the statewide level and with a local chapter. The association divides the state into seven distinct chapters, with area coordinators elected for each local chapter. Although THEA does not organize a statewide Tennessee homeschool convention, there are many conferences and curriculum fairs associated with the individual chapters.

While any homeschooler can avail themself of the information on the THEA website, the association offers specific benefits to families who decide to purchase a membership. Those benefits include:

  • A Rally Day where homeschoolers can celebrate homeschooling and meet with their state legislators to share their homeschool success stories
  • Area high school proms
  • Access to members-only portions of chapter websites
  • Educational discounts with specific stores and attractions
  • Used book sales
  • Help for new and prospective homeschoolers
  • Subscriptions to newsletters and other communications of information relevant to homeschoolers in TN

Why Join a Homeschool Association?

Homeschool laws change frequently. Even small updates to the code relating to home education can have an impact on the way you approach your homeschooling and record keeping. In general, state homeschool associations track these changes (and even potential changes) and keep their members informed. They also offer information and resources to families that they might not be able to locate on their own. In Tennessee in particular, because the state association is broken into regional chapters, members also will receive the benefit of getting to know other families who are homeschooling in their own local area.

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