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3rd Option Homeschool Accountability Groups SC

3rd Option Homeschool Accountability Groups SC
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In lieu of operating under Option One (homeschooling through the school district) or Option Two (homeschooling through SCAIHS), South Carolina homeschool options include a third one: homeschooling under an accountability association.

Homeschooling under the third option is the most popular choice in South Carolina. It has a minimum amount of regulations and gives parents the flexibility to choose the homeschool path that best fits their student’s needs and their family’s preferences.

Requirements for Homeschool Accountability Groups in South Carolina

Using the 3rd option, South Carolina homeschool families can operate under an association for homeschools that has no fewer than 50 members. Additional requirements for homeschooling under an accountability association include:

  • Parent must hold a high school diploma or a general equivalency development (GED) certificate
  • The instructional year must last at least 180 days
  • Core curriculum should include math, science, history and reading (in 1st-6th grade) or literature (for grades 7-12) and writing (grades 1-6) or composition (grades 7-12)
  • The parent-teacher must maintain records for each homeschooled student including samples of their work, a lesson plan record of subjects and topics taught, and a semiannual progress report of student attendance and progress

Each year, by no later than January 30, the accountability associations must report the number and grade level of children homeschooled to each enrolled child’s respective school district.

Choosing an Accountability Association in South Carolina

South Carolina has approximately 40 homeschool accountability associations. Every association will have at least minor differences, so it’s important to research your options and choose the one that best fits your family’s needs and goals for homeschooling. The South Carolina Department of Education provides a list of 3rd option homeschool associations to help you get started on your research.

Some considerations to note when comparing associations include:

  • What are the membership fees?
  • Is it a statewide association or local/regional?
  • Is the association faith-based, secular, or inclusive?
  • When is the enrollment period?
  • What is the application process like?
  • What recordkeeping does it require?
  • What standardized testing does it require?
  • What additional services does it offer? (such as field trip opportunities or help with preparing high school transcripts)

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