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Oregon Homeschool Groups & Co-ops

Oregon Homeschool Groups & Co-ops
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Oregon homeschool groups can be found throughout the Beaver State. Whether you’re looking for other parents to talk to, getting your children out for some fun, educational activities, or searching for homeschooling resources, you can find all this and more in a homeschool support group. Families who are new to homeschooling, and even those who’ve been at it for years, have so much to learn and gain from homeschool groups in Oregon. No matter where you live in the state, your religious beliefs, or your homeschool approach, there is a homeschool group or co-op out there for every family.

Keep reading to learn more about the homeschool support groups and co-ops in Oregon, and how they can benefit your family.

Oregon Homeschool Support Groups

Oregon has numerous homeschool support groups throughout the state that provide families with so many opportunities to learn and socialize. Some exist as virtual homeschool groups, while others hold monthly meetings, curriculum sales and fun events throughout the year. Through field trips, workshops, clubs and more, families are able to create bonds and friendships with others that they may have otherwise missed out on. Finding a homeschool support group in your area is the first step in gaining access to tons of resources and opportunities that will enhance both your and your child’s homeschool experience.

Below are a few of the homeschool support groups in Oregon.

Be sure to visit Time4Learning’s Oregon parent forum where you’ll be able to connect with other families in the Beaver State and discover additional resources.

Oregon Homeschool Co-ops

A homeschool cooperative, or co-op, is designed to provide support to families in the form of resources, group learning opportunities and more. Although co-ops are not as prevalent as homeschool groups, seeking one out in your area will only benefit your family.

Much like a homeschool group, a co-op is usually run by parents who volunteer their time. Co-ops are known to offer classes taught by parents, host family events, and more. Students are given the opportunity to supplement their at-home curriculum with classes and clubs on topics such as math, history, writing, science, and more. This allows families to benefit from the expertise of others. For example, a professional photographer might donate her time to teach a class or a parent fluent in Spanish may use his knowledge to teach students a new language. In addition, being taught by someone other than ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ allows students to experience a different teaching style.

Oregon has several co-ops available for homeschooling families. One of them is the Cascadia Learning Cooperative in the Eugene/Springfield area. In addition to offering classes in a group setting, this secular homeschool co-op also offers a summer program and a calendar of events designed to bring families together. Another option is the First Choice Central Portland. This Christian co-op offers enrichment classes for several weeks in the fall and spring, group field trips, and more.

It’s important to note that most co-ops do have costs associated with joining, but members receive numerous benefits and discounts in addition to the perks that are already included.

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Benefits of Joining a Homeschool Group or Co-op

Joining a homeschool group or co-op in Oregon can bring your family a wealth of exciting opportunities. Families new to homeschooling can benefit from the support and guidance of those who’ve been there, and those who have years of experience under their belt can still continue to learn and share their knowledge with others. What’s more, children of all ages can befriend other homeschoolers just like them and take part in group activities that further enrich their home education. Other benefits include:

  • Discounted group field trips
  • Encouragement and support for parents
  • Enrichment classes and special events
  • Socialization opportunities for students
  • Organized academic clubs and sports

Additional Resources for Homeschooling in Oregon

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