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Massachusetts Homeschool Associations

Massachusetts Homeschool Associations
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Most every state with a large and active homeschool population will also have at least one organization dedicated to supporting the rights of those families. Each statewide homeschool association will have a different focus and approach, but in general, will be dedicated to providing resources and information that help homeschooling families make the most of their experience.

On this page you will find information on Massachusetts dedicated homeschool organizations and discover some of the ways your family can benefit from them.

Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts (AHEM)

According to their website, AHEM is “a nonprofit, independent, grassroots, volunteer-run, educational organization that gathers and disseminates information about homeschooling in Massachusetts through education, advocacy, and events.” AHEM is a secular organization that holds various events around the state.

Membership is free, although you can request a “membership” card that could qualify you for homeschooling discounts. AHEM asks you to consider including a $5 donation for a card, but joining their email list is free.

Massachusetts Home Learning Association (MHLA)

MHLA is “an advocacy and education organization, which endorses home learning as an alternative to public or private schooling. MHLA informs and educates families, school officials, the media, elected officers, policymakers and other constituencies about the benefits, societal impacts and unique educational methods of homeschoolers.

Membership to MHLA is free, and their website has plenty of useful information about homeschooling, support, and advocacy. They are the oldest statewide homeschool organization in Massachusetts, and have no religious affiliation.

Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators (MassHOPE)

According to MassHOPE’s website, their stated purpose is “promoting and safeguarding home education to the glory of God.” This association organizes a Masschusetts Homeschool Convention and graduation ceremony yearly. They also offer a used curriculum sale every year in June, and field trips throughout the year. They are a free, Christian-based homeschool association.

Benefits of a Home School Association

In addition to information on specific aspects of homeschooling, a statewide homeschool association often has other services that families may find useful such as:

  • Updates on legal issues relating to homeschool that could impact your family
  • A list of ways to connect with other homeschoolers in your local area
  • A list of any retail or organizational discounts you may be eligible for as a homeschooler
  • Information on scholarships that your homeschooler may be eligible for

Additional Resources Related to Homeschooling Massachusetts

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