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Maryland Homeschool Groups & Co-ops

Maryland Homeschool Groups & Co-ops
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Maryland homeschool groups are a great way for both new and experienced homeschoolers to come together and learn from one another. No matter where you live in the Old Line State, there is a group or co-op that your family can benefit from. In addition to receiving support, advice, and encouragement, homeschoolers can take part in group field trips, classes, special events, and more. Both parents and their children have something to gain from homeschool support groups in Maryland.

Keep reading to learn more about the homeschool support groups and co-ops available in Maryland, and how they can benefit your family.

Maryland Homeschool Support Groups

Homeschool support groups in Maryland can be found in counties throughout the state. These groups are usually started by and run by other homeschoolers who are looking for ways to meet other homeschooling families. Homeschool groups usually schedule field trips, special events, and activities on a regular basis. Although some homeschool groups are geared toward specific religions or teaching methods, you’ll find tons of groups that are inclusive and welcome families of all backgrounds. So whether you’re looking for a secular group, are homeschooling preschoolers or teens, or simply interested in meeting other like-minded individuals, below are just some of the homeschool support groups in Maryland that you can be a part of.

Be sure to visit Time4Learning’s Maryland parent forum where you’ll be able to connect with other families in The Old Line State and discover additional resources.

Maryland Homeschool Co-ops

Homeschool co-ops in Maryland are similar to homeschool groups in that they aim to bring families together. Co-ops differ in that, as the name implies, they allow families to work cooperatively toward a common goal. This is usually done through group classes, educational activities, events like dances or graduations, etc. Maryland has several co-ops available for homeschooling families. One of them is the Unitas Classical Christian Cooperative in Annapolis. This co-op hires tutors to teach students courses in grammar, government, history, writing, and more. Unitas also hosts events throughout the year including celebrations, lab classes, open houses, and more.

Another option is the Baltimore Unschooling Cooperative whose vision is to “build a community of unschooling families in which children learn and play together joyfully.” As with most co-ops, there is a cost to join, and families can choose to attend either once or twice a week.

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Benefits of Joining a Homeschool Group or Co-op

Regardless of how long you’ve been homeschooling, joining a homeschool support group or co-op in Maryland is sure to bring your family tons of exciting opportunities. Both parents and students alike can create new friendships, find encouragement, seek guidance and offer advice. Children have tons of opportunities for socialization, making this one less aspect of homeschooling to worry about. Other benefits include:

  • Discounts on group field trips and events
  • Encouragement and support for parents
  • Enrichment classes and organized sports
  • Opportunity to learn from others about unique topics/subjects

Additional Resources for Homeschooling in Maryland

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