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Kansas Homeschool Associations

Kansas Homeschool Associations
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Having the right resources and support when getting started homeschooling can help make the experience a highly rewarding one. Homeschool organizations in Kansas help both new and experienced homeschooling families by providing access to tons of important resources and information.

In addition to keeping members up to date on legislative changes, these homeschool associations also keep sponsor numerous events throughout the year like conventions, workshops, and more. Regardless of how long you’ve been homeschooling or where you live in the Sunflower State, a Kansas homeschool association can provide tons of benefits to your family. Homeschoolers in Kansas are lucky enough to have three associations ready provide the assistance they need.

Learn more about Kansas’s homeschool association and it can benefit your family.

Christian Home Educators Confederation of Kansas (CHECK)

Founded in 1991, CHECK is a statewide homeschool organization in Kansas dedicated to advocating for and supporting homeschooling families in the state. CHECK aims to provide up to date and accurate information on homeschooling laws, encourage support groups, and protect the freedoms of homeschoolers in Kansas. Made up of support groups from around the state, CHECK provides both new and experienced homeschoolers with helpful information, resources, and events throughout the year. The CHECK website includes tons of information on the legalities of homeschooling in Kansas, local support groups, homeschooling high school, and more.

Teaching Parents Association (TPA)

Since 1983, TPA has been providing encouragement and support to homeschoolers all throughout the Sunflower State. Parents have access to numerous resources including workshops, an annual convention, and more. Run by veteran homeschoolers who volunteer their time, this Kansas homeschool association can help any family within the state who is seeing advice and guidance. TPA holds a high school graduation, used curriculum sales, and several other events that both students and parents can benefit from.

Home Educators Association (HEA)

Located in Newton, this parent-led association’s goal is to support and encourage local homeschoolers. HEA offers classes, fellowship activities, athletics, field trips, and more. Formed in the 1980s, HEA keeps members up to date with emails, meetings, and other events throughout the year. Students can take part in a number of activities like graduation, athletic banquets, and family picnics, just to name a few.

Why Join a Homeschool Association?

The benefits of joining a homeschool association are wide and varied. Homeschool organizations in Kansas aim to help families succeed in their home education endeavors as well as help them understand their rights and freedoms as homeschoolers. Being a part of a homeschool association in Kansas means having access to a wealth of information and support from other like-minded families.

If you’re new to homeschooling, it can help you feel more at ease thanks to the strong support system and resources available. Likewise, an experienced homeschooling family can find much-needed information on any changes in homeschooling laws, upcoming conferences, and guidance on any struggles and challenges along the way.

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