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Indiana Homeschool Associations

Indiana Homeschool Associations
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Homeschooling, although legal in all 50 states, has always had its challenges. Thankfully, too, it has always had strong advocates. Almost every state is fortunate to have one or more statewide homeschool associations with the overall goal of promoting homeschooling and defending every parent’s right to educate their child as they see fit. Indiana, as a vibrant homeschooling state, is fortunate enough to have two such organizations. On this page, you will learn what makes each Indiana homeschool association unique, as well as some ways that you might benefit from linking up with one or both of them.

Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE)

According to the IAHE website, the primary purposes of this faith-based home school association is: “maintaining visibility as home educators with civil government leaders, influencing the legislative process to protect our freedom to home educate, publishing information of interest for home educators, and sponsoring seminars and events to encourage families.”

Some of the services that IAHE offers homeschoolers in Indiana include:

  • Information for first-time homeschoolers in the state
  • Purchasable resources such as homeschool workshop bundles
  • Free magazine and podcast
  • Annual Indiana homeschool convention

The Indiana Association of Home Educators does not require membership to take advantage of their services, but they do accept donations to support their ongoing efforts in the state.

Indiana Foundation for Home Schooling (IFHS)

According to their website, the mission of IFHS is “to advocate for the homeschooling community, to support & educate families by connecting them to resources & to inspire students to achieve their potential by providing recognition & opportunities, especially in the areas of high school, college, careers & life goals.”

One of the unique efforts of this faith-based homeschool organization in IN is providing an official graduation ceremony for homeschoolers across the state. They also provide information on scholarships and a speech contest for interested high schoolers.

Benefits of a Homeschool Association

When you are first beginning your journey into homeschooling, information is your friend. And while you can certainly learn as you go, you would be wise to weigh the advice of families who have been just where you are. The websites of state homeschool associations often have the most up-to-date insights on nuances of homeschool law, as well as news about any changes to expect. Other benefits you can often gain from these organizations include:

  • legal advice or even protection in the rare case where your homeschool rights are challenged
  • regular and frequent events designed to empower homeschool families and give them information on how to improve their education experience
  • information on where to find homeschool support near you
  • regular updates about homeschool-related news and events in your state

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