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Connecticut Homeschool Associations

Connecticut Homeschool Associations
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To help homeschoolers in the state of the Connecticut, several associations have been created to aid families with all aspects of home education. These homeschool organizations support and empower homeschoolers by helping them understand the laws, their rights, and by providing resources and information.

Below you’ll find information on the homeschool associations in Connecticut, what each offers and how they can benefit your family.

*This should by no means be interpreted as legal advice. It is your responsibility to interpret and understand the laws and rules that you will be homeschooling under.

Connecticut Homeschool Network (CHN)

Founded in 1995, CHN is the largest statewide homeschool organization in Connecticut. The network aims at helping homeschoolers in the state become familiar with and understand all aspects of home education, whether they are new or experienced homeschoolers.

According to their mission statement, “We are an independent, online-based homeschooling organization, which serves to inform, empower, and foster community among home educators in the state of Connecticut.” In addition, the network welcomes “everyone of all races, religions, lifestyles, abilities and disabilities, and learning methodologies.

CHN is served by a Board of Directors and run by support group leaders who are homeschoolers themselves and volunteer their time to help other families. Membership to CHN is free for Connecticut homeschoolers and includes a number of benefits such as educational discounts, as well as access to special events and services.

The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers of Connecticut (TEACH)

Run by a board of homeschooling couples, TEACH is dedicated to building a strong, Christian, homeschooling community in the state. Their focus is to provide information and services to homeschooling families through various services, publications and activities.

According to their website, “We envision a Connecticut where generations of families in freedom embrace their God-given responsibility to disciple their children through Christ-centered, parent-directed, home education.”

Membership to TEACH is fee-based and includes benefits such as:

  • TEACHer ID card
  • Free use of TEACH’s classified ad service to either buy or sell items or services
  • Discounts to sponsored events

Families can find information on getting started, local support groups, forms and documents, events and homeschool conventions, as well as tons of other resources on the TEACH website.

Why Join a Homeschool Association?

Joining a homeschool association has tons of benefits for both parents and students alike. Whether families are new to homeschooling or experienced, homeschool associations provide the resources and information that many families seek.

Homeschool associations also keep members up to date when it comes to changes in homeschooling laws and guidelines, which takes a lot of the stress away from parents. These associations also offer advocacy services so that families can continue to exercise their right to educate their children at home.

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