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9th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

9th Grade Social Studies Curriculum
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9th grade social studies includes learning about many different disciplines, such as history, economics, geography, law, sociology, humanities, and anthropology. The concepts, information, and practices in social studies helps students build an informed and balanced view of our interconnected world and its citizens.

Depending on your choice for a homeschool program, the 9th grade social studies curriculum could touch on all of these subjects or just one. For example, some social studies curricula choose to combine the subjects in a unit study approach, while others utilize a separate focus for each subject per grade level. You’ll want to evaluate how your student learns best and analyze the curriculum lesson plans when making your selection. Use the links below to learn more.

What Do You Teach in 9th Grade Social Studies?

Typically, 9th grade social studies will consist of US History I, U.S. government, geography or world history. Depending on your preference and your state requirements 9th graders can choose from any of these courses below:

The recommended option in Time4Learning’s social studies curriculum for 9th grade is U.S. History I. However, parents can choose a different course if they prefer. Make sure to check your state requirements when making your selection too.

Learn more about Time4Learning’s ninth grade social studies curriculum by checking out the 9th grade social studies scope and sequence and the 9th grade social studies lesson plans.

Social Studies Objectives for Ninth Grade

Social studies as a whole aims at educating students on citizenship by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to become responsible members of society who exhibit civic virtues and aptitudes.

For 9th grade social studies specifically, the main goal is to help students gain a deeper understanding of the historical events that have shaped our modern world. In addition, a key objective is to help them develop the ability to think critically and empathetic about social issues.

Once you choose your ideal 9th grade social studies curriculum, we recommend setting some goals that look similar to these:

  • Accurately identify and sequence historical events.
  • Draw connections between the past events and the present.
  • Display local and foreign geographical knowledge.
  • Accurately describe the different types of governments and how political power is exercised through each.
  • Describe how technological advancements have impacted society throughout time.
  • Explain how government policies and actions impact local and global economies and wealth distribution.
  • Build respect, connection and understanding of the different cultural, social, political and historical views of others.
  • Understand the impact of stereotypes, bias, privilege and power on individuals historically and today.
  • Create opportunities for collaborative work to address social situations.

Why Choose Time4Learning Ninth Grade Social Studies Homeschool Curriculum

Social studies is a subject that connects all types of people and locations. Cultures and rights need to be taken in consideration for a respectful and inclusive way of living. Time4Learning’s social studies curriculum for 9th grade helps students gain a deeper understanding of history and geography in the United States and the world.

Though many times described as boring, social studies is a fascinating subject. Our interactive lessons play a huge role in making it a fun subject to study for students. Our video lessons are led by experienced teachers who provide thorough explanations with a touch of humor, real-world connections and positive reinforcement.

Below are a few reasons why many families continue to choose Time4Learning as their main curriculum provider.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Affordable pay-by-month membership plan, with automated grading, and easily accessible reports.
  • Plenty of social studies courses for 9th graders to choose from, while also ensuring parents meet state requirements.
  • Closed-captioning is included in the video lessons to ensure students with different learning needs are supported.
  • The 9th grade social studies lesson plans are filled with interactive activities and engaging lessons to keep students motivated.
  • Parents have the ability to set minimum passing grades to have students redo lessons that didn’t meet the minimum threshold.
  • Our curriculum can be adapted to meet homeschooling parents’ preferred teaching method.
  • Reports can be easily customized by date, subject or even filtered by activity type.
  • On the go curriculum is perfect for worldschoolers and roadschoolers.
As a Supplement
  • All of our 9th grade social studies courses meet state and national standards.
  • Students can pause and repeat lessons, quizzes and tests as many times as they need to ensure they mastered those challenging concepts.
  • Tons of written and spoken materials, as well as visually appealing lessons to engage learners through their preferred learning style.
  • The interactive social studies lessons make learning enjoyable and help students focus for longer periods of time.
  • Parents can have their students skip lessons and only work on those that are challenging for them, making it a great after school resource to improve grades.
  • Parents and students can access the program 24/7 from any location, in a safe and secure, ad free environment.
  • Can work as an alternative to summer school to prevent summer slide or get a head start on subjects they will see the following year.
  • Our program structure helps parents and students eliminate learning gaps.

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