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11th Grade Math Curriculum

11th Grade Math Curriculum
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Students in grade 11 are expected to show clear understanding of core algebraic expressions, functions, and proficiency in collecting and analyzing data. During their junior year, most students take Algebra II, while others may take Geometry or even Pre-Calculus.

Whichever math course your junior high schooler takes, a good 11th grade math curriculum should provide comprehensive knowledge of the core math skills needed for higher education. Math lessons that are interactive, with exercises that show a variety of problems, and provide plenty of opportunities for math practice to successfully reach mastery is crucial.

Learn how Time4Learning’s math curriculum for 11th grade can help your student master important skills that will prepare them for college level mathematics.

What Math Should an 11th Grader Know?

Typically, students in grade 11 take Algebra II (if they followed the traditional course sequence: Algebra I in 9th grade, and Geometry in 10th grade). However, some students may be able to take Algebra I while still in 8th grade. In those cases, both 11th and 12th grade become open for advanced math options.

At the beginning of 11th grade, a lot of the foundations of Algebra are assumed to have already been mastered. With our 11th grade math curriculum, your junior student will learn:

  • How to solve equations using quadratics and complex numbers.
  • How to represent relationships between quantities using variables, equations, and inequalities.
  • Proper operations on polynomials, including exponents and multiple variables.
  • How to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational functions and radical functions.
  • To evaluate and graph trigonometric functions.
  • How to use statistics and probability to represent and interpret data.
  • About graphing logarithmic and trigonometric functions.
  • How to represent relationships between quantities using mathematical modeling.
  • Understand how to use a graphing calculator.

Learn more about Time4Learning’s eleventh grade math curriculum by checking out the 11th grade scope and sequence and the 11th grade math lesson plans.

Math Objectives for 11th Grade

Based on the typical course sequence involving Algebra II for 11th grade, here are some sample math goals and objectives:

  • Solve one-variable linear inequalities, including compound inequalities, and represent the solutions sets graphically and algebraically.
  • Find complex solutions to quadratic equations by completing the square.
  • Analyze polynomials to factor them completely.
  • Solve rational equations and determine extraneous solutions.
  • Simplify algebraic expressions using properties of rational exponents.
  • Identify and analyze the graphs of logarithmic functions.
  • Create probability distributions from a data set.
  • Convert between degree and radian measure.
  • Use function models to make predictions about situations.

Get more detailed information on our Algebra 2 curriculum page.

Why Choose Time4Learning 11th Grade Math Homeschool Curriculum?

Many homeschoolers choose Time4Learning’s grade 11 math curriculum as the full year’s math program. Alternatively, some families choose to use Time4Learning’s 11th grade math curriculum as an afterschool supplement to review material, improve on challenging topics, or prepare for advanced coursework or college admissions/placement.

Check out why more and more families are turning to Time4Learning to support their child’s 11th grade math skills:

As a Full Curriculum
  • High school math program targeting national/state learning standards.
  • Flexibility to choose among high school math courses to best fit the needs of your 11th grader.
  • Curriculum that builds on prior knowledge and skills through interactive lessons, exercises, and practice opportunities.
  • Custom reports and automated grading make creating homeschool portfolios fast and easy.
  • Ability to work toward mastery by revisiting lessons and retaking quizzes and tests.
  • Parent access to planning and recordkeeping materials to help parents be more efficient and effective.
  • Curriculum provides plenty of 11th grade math practice opportunities in a variety of formats to appeal to different learning styles.
As a Supplement
  • Choice in planning that allows for targeting of particular concepts or skills make it a great after school program.
  • Interactive lesson activities where information is presented in different ways than during a typical school day.
  • Student-paced learning that promotes effective learning while reducing anxiety.
  • Access to other math courses allows for remediation of skills or advancement to deepen learning.
  • Ability to login anytime (24/7) that fits your 11th grader’s busy schedule and productive times.
  • No contracts so learning can start or stop any time.
  • Tons of 11th grade math exercises to promote mastery and ensure college readiness.
  • Can be used as a summer learning tool to get ahead or prevent summer slide.

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