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3rd Grade Social Studies Curriculum

3rd Grade Social Studies Curriculum
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Third grade social studies involves the study of geography, national and world history, economics, and government. This year, students will further explore how local communities are run and the roles elected officials play. As they learn about historic events and explore new concepts, they’ll also further their reading comprehension, writing, and analytical thinking skills.

Learn more about how Time4Learning’s third grade social studies curriculum can give your child the tools to succeed.

What do you Teach in 3rd Grade Social Studies?

Third grade social studies usually teaches students about different communities and governments, including locally and around the world, what it means to be a good citizen, and various economic systems.

Although the scope and sequence may vary, you’ll find that most 3rd grade social studies curriculum will generally be pretty similar and include lessons on the following:

  • How to read maps, geographic tools, terms, etc.
  • Earth’s features and locating specific places on a map
  • The similarities and differences of various cultures
  • Difference between rural, suburban, and urban regions

Learn more about Time4Learning’s third grade social studies curriculum by checking out the 3rd grade social studies scope and sequence and the 3rd grade social studies lesson plans.

Social Studies Objectives for Third Grade

By the end of third grade, students should be well versed and knowledgeable on a number of social studies topics and concepts. A comprehensive third grade social studies curriculum should help your child meet this year’s objectives as well as prepare them for next academic year.

Some of the learning targets your student should achieve include:

  • Learn the 50 states and their capitals
  • Gain an understanding of economic concepts (banks, imports/exports/production of goods)
  • U.S. history, exploration, colonial life
  • Learn about the characteristics, way of life, and beliefs of various cultures such as vikings, Native Americans, etc.

Don’t forget to look for opportunities to enhance your third grader’s social studies skills by incorporating unit studies to help you supplement your lessons. As well, making sure to include field trips into your schedule will boost your child’s learning not only in social studies but across other subjects as well.

Why Choose Time4Learning’s 3rd Grade Social Studies Curriculum

Social studies is often considered a boring subject for students. That’s why it’s important to choose a social studies curriculum that will engage your third grader and motivate them to learn more.

At Time4Learning we understand how important it is to foster a love for learning across all subjects and ensure students are retaining the knowledge we share with them. This is why our social studies lessons are presented in a fun way and let’s students progress at their own pace. One of our main goals is to ensure students gain a thorough understanding while building confidence.

Parents can focus on the “fun” part of homeschooling while Time4Learning automatically takes care of grading and recordkeeping, lesson planning, and more.

Below are some additional benefits of Time4Learning’s third grade social studies curriculum:

As a Full Curriculum
  • Almost 200 social studies activities teach topics such as exploration of the Americas, economics, geography, and more.
  • Curriculum promotes acceptance and understanding as students learn about different cultures.
  • Reading passages help students improve their reading comprehension skills.
  • Curriculum helps students understand how other societies live and meet basic needs.
  • Detailed social studies lesson plans provide information on each lesson and activity.
  • Printable worksheets accompany many lessons to help students enhance the online materials.
As a Supplement
  • Access to one level above and one below gives students the ability to review second grade social studies material or get a head start on fourth grade.
  • Flexibility to redo lessons and retake tests and quizzes.
  • Material can be used in conjunction with other social studies curricula.
  • Students can skip lessons on topics they’ve mastered and work only on those they need extra practice with.
  • Combination of scored and non-scored activities provide plenty of opportunity for practice and reinforcement.

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